Playstation 3 + Game of choice + X Men BluRay £405 !

Playstation 3 + Game of choice + X Men BluRay £405 !

Found 28th May 2007
I was intrested in the Asda £404 deal that "beebop alula" found a few days ago, However when i went to ASDA to purchase i was told that they didnt have any in stock at Leicester Fosse park store. (in fact they had not recived any at all but had been told to put the product on display none the less!)

I tried Currys and PC world to see if they would price match, but as ASDA didnt have any in stock da da da .... you can guess the rest.

I then phoned my local Gamestaion in Rugby who would price match and also included the X-Men film as well. They allowed my kids to pick any game - they chose Spiderman 3 priced at £49.99. The X-Men film was listed as £20 on the receipt.

So the console actually cost me £335! - great deal.

The latest firmware includes upscaling of DVDs and old PS2 games to hi-def plus loads of other neat features. As the wireless lan is built in, I think the PS3 is now a better option than Xbox 360 if you can get it at this price.


Thanks & welcome to HUKD JulesA

Nice one, - glad my Asda spot at least helped you get a price match. :thumbsup:

Incidentally I did ask about stock at the time when I was in Asda and was told they had 1 left! A bit strange when there were approx a dozen display cases!! I guess like you say they've taken delivery of the display boxes but no extra actual consoles.
Stinks a bit when you think about it.

Great deal, always worth calling around, at the end of June I will be tapping my mate dave the manager of game on the shoulder and looking for a good deal!! What are the killer games on PS3??
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