Playstation 3 - good deal instore

Playstation 3 - good deal instore

Found 7th Jun 2007
[warning: newbie post]

Blockbuster stores are doing a PS3 for £399.99.
You also get
(a) £5 off a game
(b) 5 free rentals (game, dvd or bluray)


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I'm interested to know why this is being voted negatively. Are there better deals out there? Costco does it for

It's probably due to the fact people have got there console cheaper elsewhere.

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Yeah, I guess so. If they'd have posted them I wouldn't have wasted my time.

Dont worry about it mate. At the end of the day your giving back to the site and thats all that counts.:thumbsup:

Bit harsh of people to vote cold without giving reasons... Saying that though, this doesn't seem like the best of deals. I think most places are offering the PS3 for about £400, and even with the £5 off any game voucher, their prices are quite high compared to what you could be paying on the internet.
But then again, this is instore so...
Good effort though, really appreciate the fact that you tried :thumbsup:

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Thanks for your support. I love this site and really want to get it right and start contributing. I'm wondering if people are starting to look for scams rather than just good deals.

I did quite a lot of searching before i posted. Kelkoo etc. I still cant find anything less than £400. There may be better deals if you want to buy a bunch of games I guess, but I still think this is the best deal around for a base unit.

Once again, thank yo both for your support.


Many places started selling the PS3 for £400 straight away which is why I am voting cold....this is hardly a hot deal at all.

I personally don't use kelkoo, froogle etc. because they don't update fast enough when a good deal is on (when a good deal is on, stocks run FAST like the £360(?)-£380(?) (i forgot) ps3 that was on a long while ago). This is why I search only a limited amount of websites personally.

Still, it was a nice try :).

Gamestation does it for £399 with Blueray of X-men 3 I think.

I haven't voted but i hate it when people just keep voting cold and they don't leave a reason behind....... how are you supposed to learn what you did wrong without it?

I think there was recently a deal with 3 ps3 games and the console for about £430 or something around that figure, which could be the reason behind the cold votes but thanks for contributing and the effort. :thumbsup:

When I see a cold post, I then click to the comments to see why, often no reason given....if people vote cold because there are better deals out there then tell us, I sometimes think it would be great if to vote you had to give a note of why you voted so (if that makes sense?).
Keep posting Ian, don't let the cold votes put you off, but damn, I also missed the PS3 for £360 deal. Voted warm - a deals a deal.

Realfriendlyman is correct - there was a post last week for 3 games, PS3 and HDMI cable for £439 delivered from - posted by In$anity. I bought it as it worked out at around the £350-360 for the console. Don't worry about getting it wrong - I've posted deals 3 times and got slated for one reason or another - there is always a deal that suits some people better than others - eventually you come across a golden nugget though - allegedly. The site is good so keep trying like myself - at the end of the day as long as the post generates interest it points people to other deals and ultimately saves peopl money - job done!!
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