Playstation 3 IR remote £7.99 - enables all-in-one remote use!!

Playstation 3 IR remote £7.99 - enables all-in-one remote use!!

Found 13th Jun 2007
This has more use than it sounds, if you find out the hard way that the PS3 has no IR and so you can't use an all-in-one remote to control the Blue Ray playback! this solves the problem. Comes with a tidy little usb dongle and your away. You dont have access to all the features of the official remote, but it has about 14 commands you can setup.

The Logic3 PS3 Blu-Ray / DVD Remote control is a multi functional remote designed to help you enhance your blue-ray DVD viewing experience on your PS3. Control your PS3 DVD viewing options from the comfort of your chair as well as all the standard DVD remote functions. Stylish and slick in design to match the PS3, simply connect the receiver to your PS3 and your ready to go. Display menus, options, skip and scan through scenes with the Blu-Ray / DVD Remote control, an ideal accessory for your PS3.


The PS3 has no IR?! God and there were all those people saying it was a bargain even at full-price because it was a blu-ray DVD player as well.
They included one in the second-generation PS2, bit crap to leave it off the PS3.

You do know the PS3 uses Bluetooth for the official PS3 remote.

and after pairing up with the system the official PS3 remote does very well, and I have to say better than IR.:thumbsup:

i would never get 3rd party controllers and remotes only official ones as they are the best so voted warm.

Voted hot simply as it means by having the IR dongle, I can use my universal remote with this too which I haven't been able to do and it annoys me!

agreed - it's quite nice if you use a universal controller
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