Playstation 3 -Ratchet and Clank - Tools of Destruction - £29.99 delivered

Playstation 3 -Ratchet and Clank - Tools of Destruction - £29.99 delivered

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Found 29th Nov 2007
Bound to be a Christams want for many, so here's the cheapest out there kidz: £29.99 delivered!

on site reviews:
its a brillant game with fantastic graphics and story but to short i completed in less than 2 days

by sam, 21/11/2007 22:14:40
One of the greatest games on the PS3. It should be illegal to own a PS3 and not have this.

by Frank, 18/11/2007 16:24:37
Great game Good Story & Great Graphics and I think the story will into the next one Ratchet & Clank game!

by Sefton Schofield, 17/11/2007 20:26:51
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Same price as movietyme, but I guess you get some good quidco with gameplay!
Heres the link for MovieTyme :…161

[image missing]

Interesting that they use the American front cover of the game.
But hey...


Movietyme sell the American/Canadian version of games Work fine on UK PS3s though.
... Cheaper here :…648 ... ordered it yesterday for my son :thumbsup:
Yar - mods wanna delete this post or redirect to the cheaper £5 off version.

Apologies to those that paid an extra £2 -
... Its appreciated none the less shimagoza, Ive been looking for it to drop below 30 quid before buying it. :thumbsup: Checking almost daily, hence why i found it yesterday and posted the deal after you posted yours. :oops:
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