Playstation 3 with 2 year gurantee
Playstation 3 with 2 year gurantee

Playstation 3 with 2 year gurantee

Playstation 3 with Motor Storm game,I know not a great price and not everyone may want this game but for someone who wants to buy this console with this game M&S are offering a 2 year gurantee with it.Imagine spending over £425 for a games console only for it to break down after 13 mths for example,apparantly they are quite expensive to repair like a lot of other elec goods if you can't repair yourself,Sony would charge a fair bit to repair it I expect.
Just a tip,not saying this is a great deal but some people might think about buying this option for the extra years gurantee.


[SIZE=2]There is no deal with this!Voted cold, sorry![/SIZE]

£459.00 :?
I suppose an extra years warranty could be worth it though.

It has to last a reasonable length of time by law - and a £400 product failing at 13 months wouldn't be reasonable. Plus there is an EU directive stating electricals should last 2 years. Can't see it being a problem forcing Sony to repair (outside 12 months its down to manufacturer, within it is the duty of the retailer).

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Know loads of people who had Playstation 2 and not long after 1 yr warranty run out they getting problems with them blue disc games and whatever other problems, they tried cleaning lens and whatever and then eventually paid for it be repaired.
I wouldn't want to pay out over £400 for something like this and have no extra warranty.I think its too expensive anyway for us right now specially as PS2 working fine. There was only 1 way we consider buying a PS3 so soon after release and that was in a Boots store cos we got an advantage card with over £600 of points on and don't know what to spend it on.We just keep buying odd toiletries here and there but it soon builds up again easily

And even so, you can get the PS3 for £400 in a lot of places and GAME will do a 3 year warrenty for £35 so that'll still work out cheaper.
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