Playstation 4 Console With Little Big Planet 3 £314.99 Delivered @ Shopto Via eBay

Playstation 4 Console With Little Big Planet 3 £314.99 Delivered @ Shopto Via eBay

£314.99eBay Deals
Found 5th Dec 2014
PS4 games that can be experienced whenever, wherever and however you want, thanks to a system specially built to cater to the needs of the best developers in the world.

Play digital titles as they download from PlayStation Store, and update PS4 even when it is switched off.

Immediately pick up any saved game where you left off - the suspend mode of PS4 gets rid of loading times and lets you carry on by simply pressing the power button.

Gaikai technology will let you instantly try out sections of any game that catches your eye on PlayStation Store.

Check out what your friends are up to and see the games, TV shows, movies and music recommended especially for you on the newly designed PS4 menu screen.

Broadcast as you play via Ustream. If you get stuck, your mates can join in to help you or offer comments in real time.

You can use a variety of applications, such as a web browser, while you play a game.

Your favourite PS4 games will be playable on PlayStation Vita via Wi-Fi with Remote Play.

Meanwhile, the new PlayStation App lets you turn your smartphone into a second screen - for example, to let you view a map or see how a friend is tackling the same part of a game.

PS4 was designed from the ground up to ensure that the very best games and the most immersive experiences reach PlayStation gamers. PS4 accomplishes this by enabling the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a system that is tuned specifically to their needs.

PS4 also fluidly connects players to the larger world of experiences offered by PlayStation, across the console and mobile spaces, and PlayStation Network (PSN).
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nice find op, heat added
for anyone who wants this game id look at comments on lbp facebook page and decide if its worth it.

i got deal from argos but game became unplayable due to bugs/glitches on it.
is this a physical copy of the game?
Sorry, cold. sure this was 300 recently and still is
...With another game
do you know where it is for £300

Sorry, cold. sure this was 300 recently and still is

Link? all I see are the Black Friday deals that have ended and one with mincraft for £329 @ Tesco.
Cold, Argos had the White PS4 with LBP3 and The Last Of Us Rem for £300 a few weeks ago! The White version sells for around £50 more resale, check CEX site for confirmation...

Hopefully we will see some real price drops after Christmas. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a PS4 until then as just before Christmas there won't be any good deals :-(
Awful price, must be the people who missed out last week voting!
I doubt we will be seeing Black Friday prices again, CEX give 35 for LBP so 280 for a console is not bad at all.
Game has awful reviews 5 out of 10 sort of level. Personally I just went for the £289 console from amazon with free last of us and just bought the games I wanted (Far cry). If you really want this game wait and see if they patch the game ruining bugs, it will drop like all sony first party titles very quickly on the second hand market anyway.

Basically this game is rubbish and no reason to buy the system certainly not at this price.
Edited by: "alera" 6th Dec 2014
I got this deal earlier. The game is pretty buggy but its really good. I traded it in because I knew it wouldn't be a game I would spend a lot of time on.
These are the offers I got in store if I remember correctly:
Game - £20 cash/£20 in store credit
G.Games - £20 cash/£25 in store credit
Cex - £35 cash/ £38 in store.
Thought this was £299 on Amazon?
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