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Battlefield 2042 - PS5 £9.97 @ Currys

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Experience spectacular battles with up to 128 players in Battlefield 2042 - the newest edition to the iconic franchise.

In a world where the balance of global power has been shifted by extreme weather and conflicts over vital resources, the US and Russia stand on the cusp of war. Taking place over 7 vast maps, each with multiple combat areas, you'll fight alongside teammates in the Conquest, Breakthrough and Hazard Zone game modes.

There's an arsenal of weapons and vehicles to choose from, making each battle a unique, immersive experience. Battlefield conditions change constantly though, so be prepared for unexpected events and freak weather conditions.

Make your mark on historic battles with the new Specialist system. There are the 4 classes to choose from, each with their own unique Trait and Speciality that you can bring to each fight. The rest of the loadout is fully customisable too, so you can truly personalise your gameplay.

Battlefield 2042 is an ever-evolving multiplayer game – with Seasons bringing you a whole host of new challenges every three months. This live service will come with free and paid for Battle Passes, giving you plenty of new content to enjoy.

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    Best way to play is to load up a bot match and invite a friend and let rip . Its a good way of getting use to the vehicles and controls , also its a much quicker way of unlocking the weapons and vehicle upgrades as bot kills count towards the upgrades . Spend a few days playing bot matches and you will have every weapon and vehicle maxed out ready for hitting the real PVP Online
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    I feel sick knowing I paid £80+ for Gold Digital Edition of this game, pre-order…

    I was such a huge fan of this franchise, I know they have made improvements to it since release but the disappointment remains 😔
    Could be worse...
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    Free with Game pass
    Included. Not free.
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    Tried it on gamepass tonight, can't get away with it
    I've read that back half a dozen times now. Get away with what? It doesn't make sense.
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    Been playing the last couple of nights and has massively improved. Kinda feels like battlefield again. Haven’t been killed by one sentry gun!!! Enjoying it
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    Wouldn’t play this game if they paid me
    Worth a punt at this price mate but only if playing on Ps5,i can imagine the Ps4 version is

    Worth a punt at this price mate but only if playing on Ps5,i can imagine the Ps4 version is (edited)
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    Would love to know of how many people that spew out that they wouldn't play this game even if they were paid to do so, have actually tried to play it now and make that judgement??? Are they just going based upon the dire reviews upon release or they don't like the gameplay compared to say COD???

    I played this game a month ago and only bought several months ago after a friend told me to give it a try as it has been slowly improved with patches and I really liked it and definitely feels better with the recent update where it is finally starting to feel like a Battlefield game now. I always see that servers are full of bots, which I have not seen during my gameplay time sofar. (edited)
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    After all of the colourful discussion about this game. I gave this a quick go for a few rounds on game pass.

    Honestly, it's nowhere near what it was on release, I'd advise to ignore opinions that are clearly based on the journalism around the games terrible release, and that have no personal experience playing it to form one.

    Overall I'd say it's just another middling battlefield game, if this is on PS plus extra / premium give it a spin there, to at least play it in its current build and form an opinion based on a personal experience, instead of solely relying on ones based on games journalism at release that are about a year old now.

    I can totally understand though why someone would be discouraged if they purchased it in its release state and paid near the release window price though. Completely justified and quite the burn. (edited)
    I agree.

    The current state of the game is a far cry from where it started. It's suffering the Cyberpunk fate, although with less room for error.

    Naturally, the game being better now doesn't absolve them of the absolute poo show that was the game at launch, but there has been work put in to rectify it and make it a better experience.
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    Would the previous discount code work on this?
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    Ordered thanks OP. Seems like they’ve improved it since launch so worth a shot at <£10 with delivery.
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    will this work on PS4?
    Then I would use it when I get a new PS5
    Nope. Ps5 games are not backwards compatible 
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    To try or not to try ??
    For the price, try it. It's actually very enjoyable specially if you played the old ones. BC 2 was my all time favourite and it's nostalgic replaying some of the maps with ps5 graphics
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    Damn. Gonna be hard to shift the stock I bought from Asda for a fiver on eBay with this price drop
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    Can this be local two player?
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