Playstation Network Instant £25 Wallet Topup £20.86@ShopTo

Playstation Network Instant £25 Wallet Topup £20.86@ShopTo

Found 30th Aug 2013
Posted a week ago but that deal went out of stock and expired, now back in stock for this great price.
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cheaper at when in stock for 35Ł network card
These lot don't want my money
"Sorry, we cannot supply digital products to customers who have not previously received digital products and had a card registered to their account for at least 30 days"

Another 2 sales lost, Shopto.
Yeah, I got the same.

Waste of time.
well this isn't very "instant" is it
Ahhh, they made me update my card details!! Oh well. another sale lost.
guys check they don't complicate.....

cheaper at when in stock for 35Ł network card

£29.99 for £35 is 14.3% saving on RRP
£20.86 for £25 is 16.6% saving on RRP
I've bought from ShopTo before so aside from updating my card details I've been able to get the codes easily. The £35 code/card works out at slightly better value but if you're only after £25 then you still save a little.
I take it they wont allow you to use PayPal on these transactions?
Voted Hot. I already had £5 in my psn account so got 3 of these for the 1 year plus 3 months free playstation plus deal.

It worked out to 2.5 years of free PS3, PS4 and vita games every month on PS+ for £67.58.

Yeah, I got the same.Waste of time.

It is but imagine if someone was using your card to buy a load of PSN credit, you wouldn't bee too impressed then either.

£29.99 for £35 is 14.3% saving on RRP£20.86 for £25 is 16.6% saving on RRP

did you include in 29,99 - 5% FB like code?
cdkeys £35 code was in stock again a couple of days ago but out of stock again now.

When in stock and using the 5% code, it works out 81.4p per £ of credit.
This deal 83.4p per £ of credit.

So there isn't much difference, but if you use plenty of credit then the cdkeys deal is slightly better.
The £35 cards at cdkeys are in stock again, just bought one.
it did work, I just never got any kind of confirmation
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