PlayStation Official Magazine / EDGE / OXM / PC Gamer / GamesMaster- 3 Issues for £5 @ Myfavouritemagazines

PlayStation Official Magazine / EDGE / OXM / PC Gamer / GamesMaster- 3 Issues for £5 @ Myfavouritemagazines

Found 13th Oct 2016
Link for all Magazines…16/

Get 3 issues of Official PlayStation Magazine for just £5!

Get three issues of Official PlayStation Magazine for only £1.67 per issue and read about all the best gaming news and reviews for less.

Official PlayStation Magazine is the global authority on all things PlayStation, featuring exclusive access to all the biggest PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games.

With this offer you will:

- get exclusive subscriber-only covers

- get 13 issues during a year subscription to Official PlayStation Magazine

- Never miss an issue

- get every issue delivered direct to your door

If you like what you read then continue to subscribe and continue to save! If you choose to subscribe beyond your first three issues then you'll continue to receive every issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, delivered to your door for the low price of just £17 every three months.
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Also 12% cashback with Quidco & TCB
Use the 20% off code 'AUTUMN20' to bring it down to £4.00 (code expires 14th October at 10am according to their site)
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Hehe. I did this offer last time except it was 3 issues for £3 & when I phoned up to cancel a few weeks ago, they weren't that impressed. I asked why & was told "you've done this offer for 20 magazines in the past few years & that's not right". Put me in my place, that's for sure...
Thats why you dont phone them
Heat added
The code 'AUTUMN20' comes in handy, I'd use it to buy a Nintendo magazine but the closest to that is Edge's Zelda issue:

[image missing]

It doesn't seem worth £4.40.

People still buy magazines to keep up to date with the latest news?
Crazy; think the last Edge mag I bought had an Atari Lithograph on the cover... and they're STILL going!
No flies on Future Publishing.
Not voting though, I'd pay to be informed, not be fed more hype n propaganda.
great!! cheers!!

People still buy magazines to keep up to date with the latest news?

No, I read Gamesmaster as I enjoy the articles in there, everyone knows magazines are outdated for new sources
Go to ebook3000 and get all mags 4 free!!!!!
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Not sure if this has been mentioned on any of the other magazine deals lately, but Readly is an excellent source for all digital magazines for a decent sub price, if you don't mind reading on a tablet/laptop. 1 username login has 5 different profiles that we share (in the same way Netflix does it) and saves me taking loads of magazines whenever I'm travelling around - just take the tablet and sometimes even read a bit on my phone (surprising comfortable if you have a decent sized screen)
I used to spend about £20 pm across a range of mags and now I spend about £2-5 depending how many people chip in with the login that month. there's always offers on for it, so worth a look if u don't mind digital

As a side note, if they're available I recommend GamesTM and Play magazine which have always been decently written and well presented imo and worth checking out.
Subscribed to Edge. ta
Thanks got PS one for my son
Does anyone have a code for this deal, I can buy the 3 issues for £5 subscription online with no problem but I'm too late for EDGE issue 300!
I called so I can start with EDGE 300 and they asked for a promo code relating to this deal.
Please let me know if there is a code associated with the deal.
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