Playstation Phat & Slim's (PS2)
Playstation Phat & Slim's (PS2)

Playstation Phat & Slim's (PS2)

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Apologies if this is a double post or if it can be found cheaper elsewhere.

However I was in the Game store at Teesside Park Yesterday and they had Phat Playstation 2's for £34.99 and slim PS2's for £49.99, these are second hand consoles but I'm pretty sure you get some warranty with Game also.


shop near me (a cash convertors type) has a slim for £29.99 - i think the life of the ps2 is finally drawing to a close!

Thought this was psp not ps2.

Have seen some in cash converter too for £30 odd (slim) so not that great a deal.


mentioning its a ps2 in the title might be a good idea

also you state in the title 'FOR LESS THEN £34.99' but then the prices are £34.99 and £49.99
So in my both neither of these are less then £34.99 let alone both. You need to change the whole title.
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