PlayStation Plus for June - NBA 2K16 and Gone Home

PlayStation Plus for June - NBA 2K16 and Gone Home

Found 31st May 2016
Here’s your full line-up of games for June:

NBA 2K16 (PS4)
Gone Home (PS4)
Echochrome (PS3)
Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) (PS3)
God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP/PS Vita)
Little Deviants (PS Vita)

***The Instant Game Collection updates on the first Tuesday of every month. In this case it's next Tuesday, the 7th***
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I literally just bought NBA 2k 2 days ago!!!

Well from us all, a BIG thank you!

Wheres Knack?
Damn you Buzz, thought I made it! Yay to Gone Home though, glad I held off purchasing
Edited by: "kwanzee" 31st May 2016
Damn you Buzz and Kwanzee!

Damn you Buzz and Kwanzee!

Third place is a bronze medal though lol
Edited by: "kwanzee" 31st May 2016

Damn you Buzz, thought I made it!


Damn you Buzz and Kwanzee!


No Uncharted 4 - ICE COLD!!!!! etc etc.

Good lineup.
I honestly don't know how they can get away with giving us psp games as vita games just because they run on the vita. its so bad even if GOW is great.
No FIFA 16? Scam.
what's gone home like?
Only one i have not played is Gone Home, the rest i have played at some point over the last few years.

No good reason for me to drop £30+ to renew my PS+ for one game, will just create a secondary account and use 2 week trial to play Gone Home on my primary account.
Edited by: "Lothra" 31st May 2016
Eeeeh its alright, had worse months. 6/10
ta god of war sounds good
Has this now been confirmed or is it still strong rumour? Great lineup if the former, heat added
Edited by: "skizz_b" 31st May 2016
I hope sorts games don't become a thing but Gone Home looks interesting and Sirens Curse is meant to be good.
In the last two years now I think there have been 4 games that I actually wanted.
Psn+ is just to play online now, the free games have been pants for too long now.

End of rant and my small mind feels much better now

Wheres Knack?

Next month.
YES!!!!! I so nearly bought NBA two days ago!

A recent trip to the states has me obsessed by Curry and Warriors
Nice, I wanted Gone Home but not enough to spend fifteen quid. Played it on PC and absolutely loved it, that only cost me 3 quid though.
I literally just bought NBA 2k 2 days ago!!!
I see the PS3 has some great games there....
Reddit post was right. Average month
everyone else looking forward to NBA2K17 coming to plus at some point next year? no me neither
So what is the cheapest way to get PLAYSTATION Plus???!
Poor line up for ps4 again a poor basketball game and a walking simulator
Sweet, almost bought Gone Home last night.
Think I wanted to play Gone Home.
I can't stand Sports games but at least it's the 2016 one. Not even sure if that's good or not
I've never heard of Siren but liking the look.
And A Vita game I actually want to play.

Not too shabby.
I want my Killzone dammit X)

I literally just bought NBA 2k 2 days ago!!!

Well from us all, a BIG thank you!

NBA2K16 good stuff! liked 2K15 and was tempted to purchase 16, good month from my POV.
I personally feel this is an outstanding list for PS4 on PS Plus, thanks OP. NBA 2K16 is one of the best rated basketball games (9/10 on IGN, 86 on Metacritic) and Gone Home has always seemed intriguing and gets very well reviewed (9.5/10 on IGN).
Been playing Little Deviants yesterday and today it's a fun game. Not into basketball, don't like the hack n slash games and Echochrome looks boring so that just leaves Gone Home and Siren for me, looking forward to Gone Home.
In for

NBA 2K16
Siren: Blood Curse

I want my Killzone dammit X)

I got that from the Canadian store weekend before last in a flash sale for £2.60

Wheres Knack?


Ah, glad little deviants is coming to ps plus. Not one of my friends on my friends list owns it, for trophy purposes I need to beat a friends score! Now there shall be scores to beat and trophys to pop :-)
Awful once again. NBA? Who even cares about Basketball outside of the US?
Stuff Knack, We want No Man's Sky for the September lineup, ta
NBA 2K16 and Gone Home, awesome! Want to play both
My online games still work since i didnt renew ps plus. Dont get the games though (not that im missing much)
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