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Playstation Portal

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  • Play your PS5 console over your home Wi-Fi with console quality controls using PlayStation Portal Remote Player
  • Experience the incredible immersion of DualSense wireless controller features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games
  • Put your game collection on PS5 in the palm of your hand— PlayStation Portal Remote Player can play compatible games you have installed on your console without needing to play on a TV.

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  1. wakkaday's avatar
    Is this worth buying? Is non local play good? Or better getting a legion go and remote play etc
    MentalFloss's avatar
    I am using a ROG Ally with an app called PSPlay. Works flawlessly. The official Sony app is garbage. Only supports 720p and doesn't support third party controllers. This supports 1080p and third party controllers. Currently playing Bloodborne with an 8bitdo controller.
    It does cost £10 but well worth it.
  2. hatot's avatar
    Used mine 3 times since release;)
    billywhizz's avatar
    Same ended up selling it, needs too strong of a wifi signal. Glitchy and laggy was my experience with it. A stand alone device would be so much better
  3. No_Data's avatar
    Pointless product but best price I've seen thus far
    Connect1000's avatar
    Please elaborate
  4. Amnumnate's avatar
    I don't see point of buying it but nice deal.
  5. snowinferno's avatar
    Did go out of stock but came back and managed to get one, thanks OP! For the offer price make sure you see sold by and shipped by Amazon.
  6. heedrick's avatar
    Really tempted by this. Everytime I want to play my playstation someone wants to watch TV. My only concern is whether I'd be able to use it out and about with mobile data. Maybe getting an e SIM to hotspot it. Also the Mrs would go nuts but she'd get over it eventually
    mossmanfly's avatar
    Best thing to do is try the app on your phone and run on mobile data and test. Then if it works ok for you the Portal would work as well.
  7. heedrick's avatar
    At this price I've bought one, cheaper than they are on eBay and can always sell it if it's not for me, though can't see why it wouldn't be.

    Now just got to look into remote play with data and a SIM for it.
    Jyoosi's avatar
    Good luck with that. Even a high end WiFi connection performance is poor.

    The only streaming app that has worked near flawlessly is Moonlight/Sunshine. Both in terms of quality and latency.

    Remote Play seems to have the same trash latency of something like Steam Link, and has likely seen just as little development since either were originally released.

    It's a shame Nvidia didn't just licence their GameStream tech to others instead of just killing it.
  8. weeksy79's avatar
    These have a very specific use case, make sure you research before buying.

    Generally meant for people who have one PS5 in the house, but in a room that’s busy with other people.

    Make sure to test remote play on another device, you need VERY good wifi (mesh ideally) for minimal lag.
  9. OsamaBeenSaven's avatar
    At the very least they should have put the specs of a PSP (or even a Vita) in these so it could play PS1/2/P/Vita games without a network connection.

    I know plenty of people that would pay £250 for that.

    Stupid that sony dropped the ball.
    michael.fitzpatrick's avatar
    There's bound to be a hack that connects a Pi to it to run emulators
  10. Y2PANiC's avatar
    Don't see point of buying one, so bought 2.
  11. motosing's avatar
    I really hope this sells out before I get home. Hot!
  12. normal's avatar
    52768542-rptML.jpgAmazon price comparison
  13. snowinferno's avatar
    I don't see the offer price sadly, lowest seller I see is 240 eur with 25 eur delivery
    Jumpinbeans's avatar
    I don't see the price either
  14. X4N530's avatar
    If you have one of these and have problems you've most likely not split your 2.4 and 5ghz signals and it'll lag as it goes onto the 2.4ghz signal. It's super easy to set up.

    I have 100's of hours of gameplay and get zero stutter/lag and runs as if it's native and not streamed. It's great, I don't even bother with playing the PS5 on the TV anymore.
    Pauley-B's avatar
    Exact same for me, it has been utterly flawless, I also only play on the Portal now
    For the people who struggle, I cannot stress enough that the PS5 should be using wired Ethernet, and you need to split the WiFi to 5g, lastly if you game has an option for resolution or performance; make sure to set it to performance as the screen is only 1080p anyways!

    Only time I can even tell it’s not run natively is on static images like a load screen you sometimes get colour banding
  15. reginald88's avatar
    Sell you mine for £150 used twice PayPal only comes with case
  16. michael.fitzpatrick's avatar
    It might get cheaper saying it was announced that Sony is working on a new ps vita/psp
    Brad_Shaw's avatar
    When was this announced pal
  17. Shrinkwrap's avatar
    Great price.💣
  18. BrianButterfield's avatar
    I think the surprise smallish hit this seems to be just shows that Sony should have launched the PS5 with this as the standard controller, like the Wii U. The one thing I miss about the Wii U is having my map and inventory and everything on that screen and being able to do everything in real time.
    OsamaBeenSaven's avatar
    Can this not be used to the same effect - I.E a standard PS5 controller but with a second screen functionality?

    Major dropped ball if not.
  19. SuperHardCousin's avatar
    I was interested in this pre launch, but seeing some of the reviews I'm going to avoid.

    If you do end up buying this I'd recommend you download a WiFi signal strength checker (I use WiFiman) and check your strength around where you want to play and where the PS5 is. (edited)
  20. Android786's avatar
    Nice hardware but it would always stutter for me after 10 minutes when no other device would with remote play would 
  21. g3rm's avatar
    Bought! Great deal! Thanks OP!
  22. matman050988's avatar
    I can’t get mine to work anygood. In my house it’s terrible yet I tried it 50 miles away and it was perfect.

    PS5 is connected via Ethernet and we have really good internet via Virgin. Although on a mesh system.
    ciaranmcw92's avatar
    I find mesh creates a crazy bad lag at times. Certainly the case with my deco ones
  23. OutSpoken's avatar
    I said i wouldn’t buy one of these, as didn’t see the point , but the kids are really driving me nuts by occupying the main TV with the PS5 all the time... but £160 still feels a tad too expensive for me.. for something that is fully reliant on the PS5 being online.

    If it was closer to a bill, maybe…
    mossmanfly's avatar
    If you have a tablet or laptop just use that. Connect the dual sense to it and install the App.
  24. Amazing's avatar
    what bank cards are 'fee free?'
    callofdute1's avatar
  25. R0ck3r135's avatar
    Handy for work lunch breaks
  26. hcc27's avatar
    This would make an amazing retro console. There was some work being done to allow standalone play but it looks like that has fizzled out. Shame, this is a very good price and the design puts most of Anbernic's efforts to shame.
  27. thabiz's avatar
    Sony has been doing "remote play" since PS3/PSP. And still, it seems as though hardly anyone has ever cared.

    Just like no one cared about Xbox Smartglass.
  28. DigitalDrifta's avatar
    If only this did more than just remote play. Not worth more than £100 imho.
  29. BaelinTheFisherman's avatar
    Meh, bought one from eBay opened never used for ~143 with savemore10 code yesterday and it got delivered today. Would have probably preferred to pay a bit extra and order this but oh well, nice deal
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