PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi) £138.59 - Amazon We'rehouse (good condition)

PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi) £138.59 - Amazon We'rehouse (good condition)

Found 18th Aug 2012
Describe the Vita in your own words and explain to members why it is a good console! Please don't just say it has no games or is doomed.

Remember, this is a gaming site, hax may result in a ban! If you are connected via WiFi you can play online.

Correct price £158.39, Op somehow managed to switch around the 5 and 3. Lol.
- fluidz

OP was correct at the time, Amazon updated the price



Nice description

It has no games. It's doomed.

I cant see that price, only 158


The deal was available when OP posted it. The £158.39 model ("very good" as opposed to "good") appeared after the £138.59 sold out.

It's worth keeping a eye on Amazon warehouse if you're after a Vita as they sometimes have great deals, managed to snag a Vita for £118 last month.
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