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PlayStation Plus EA FC24 Ultimate Team Starter Pack (PlayStation Plus Exclusive)

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Build your dream squad in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Ultimate Team™ with the PlayStation®Plus Starter Pack*♱ for PlayStation®Plus members.

The PlayStation®Plus Starter Pack contains:
- 82+ x11 Player Pack: 11 untradeable players with a rating of 82 or above to help you build your Ultimate Team™ in the most popular mode in EA SPORTS FC™.
- ICON Loan Player Pick: add one of three of football’s best ever players to your club on a seven game loan.

Prepare for the arrival of the pinnacle of European football in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 as the authentic UEFA EURO 2024™ tournament experience arrives this summer at no additional cost*.
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  1. Mojomaster1979's avatar
    A nice carrot for enticing kids into gambling. Classy.
  2. demondoguk_'s avatar
    I couldn't play it, the commentary was so bad. Delete.
    Royhid's avatar
    It's Sue Smith's commentary, sounding too much like Sporty Spice, that makes it unbearable.
  3. Eamer's avatar
    I need to quit playing at this point, I don't even enjoy the gameplay, I'm just addicted to the squad building (without spending money).

    This was a good pack, though, for those who care:
    - Mahrez 93 TOTS
    - Dias 89
    - Bernardo Silva 88
    - Modric 87 (edited)
    leeroy_tmofo's avatar
    This is why I'm liking Efootball. Your squad rolls over each season. You have to renew their contract, but easy enough to do for free. No more starting from scratch every 12 months.
  4. TaxFather's avatar
    Ps plus is on my account but my son also uses his account on the PS5 and can play the games etc. Is there a way to get this for him as he’s not the ps plus subscriber?
    amillstone's avatar
    No. Only games can be shared via PS Plus, not perks and cloud saves.
  5. leeroy_tmofo's avatar
    Finally moved over to Efootball. Night and day tbh. It's the better game now for one!
    RichieM313's avatar
    Please stop drinking
  6. Futureshark's avatar
    First ones always free...
    RichieM313's avatar
    Where can I find them people, I was never given free
  7. lockedon's avatar
    I bought this in January and it took over my life (thankfully I don't buy the packs, but I was aimlessly grinding the squad building challenges to get free packs). Pleased I've got away from it now! (edited)
    weltschmerz's avatar
    Good for you. Games are supposed to be fun.
  8. rimz790's avatar
    Never played any FIFA games till 19 and 20, and after them two I swore to never touch any FIFA games as they're not good for anyone's mental state...
    Indigorush's avatar
    Completely agree. People defend it, maybe because they are addicts in denial.

    EA know exactly what they are doing.
  9. WRafi's avatar
    Well-timed since the game will be free for PS+ members tomorrow
    GuernseyGaff's avatar
    Today even!
  10. amillstone's avatar
    Thought I might as well go for it with the game being available on PS Plus today.

    I've been sucked in again...
  11. sweeten16's avatar
    Every year I play till team of the year, fail to pack a toty player then drop the game untill next iteration
  12. JD8320's avatar
    Just got this on Plus. Thanks for the heads up on the packs. Cheers OP heat added 🔥
  13. suniledoal's avatar
    Got 91 Tots moments Tapsoba from this 🔥
  14. BaelinTheFisherman's avatar
    starter pack at pretty much the end of the game, nice
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