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Free Playstation Plus membership (1 Month) for anyone who visits Playstations Facebook Page
Found 11th Apr 2013Found 11th Apr 2013
Everyone can try PSN Plus free for a month.. Get your hands on those free games now .. Hitman Absolution is one of the free games for PS+ members in May! For a free taste of PlayS… Read more

Totally agreed! (Although I only have PS3, but want a Wii U?!... Must be mad!)




I signed up for this yesterday and got my code through this afternoon. It was a code for a 90 day trial, not the 30 as advertised! Bonus!


It says allow 7 days for the voucher to be emailed, that's a bit long imo :(



12 Deals of Christmas PS Plus Deal 6: Medal of Honor: Warfighter now £26.99
Found 11th Dec 2012Found 11th Dec 2012
One of the many deals for ps+ members at a discount price is this one any good? Deal 6: Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99 (up to 50% off). Addition… Read more

Its a good deal if you have 2 people that want it, £13 each ain't too bad


Not very good... Shame when all the other deals they've done so far have been really good!


If you don't want a disk version then maybe? Amazon currently have it for sale new £19.99 and I'd expect Grainger Games would pricematch that to £18.99 so certainly it's not the best deal if you're just after the game.

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Free Batman Arkham City Playstation Plus Members
LocalLocalFound 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
Playstation Plus have released Batman Arkham City as free download for Playstation plus members.
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just get a free membership from playstation store


Well... It's free if you buy something


Thank you for the post mate. How the f**k can this be voted cold! It's free for f**ks sake what do you people want!



PS3 Playstation Rewards - The Fight £5.95, Grand Turismo £10.95 etc
Found 16th Nov 2011Found 16th Nov 2011
I know this deal isn't for all but a periodic check on the Playstation Rewards site seems to have thrown up a few bargains again. Not seen The Fight so cheap and also GT for £10.9… Read more

If you have registered before click on your old verification email. It will let you back in.


i remember back with other deals the op gave us the access key and we can access it


I should be clear. I am not a PS + member or work for one of the affiliated companies. I signed up to the Rewards site when there was a previous deal on this site. Unfortunately, the sign up details no longer work and I am not aware of any new ones. However, as stated in the deal, I am able to get onto the site using my verification email from when I did register quite a while ago. For those that can get onto the site, there are some good deals to be had.


Wish I could access Playstation Rewards, tried six different email addresses; webmail, company mail and through domain's I own - no joy.


This is only for PSN + USers and GAP Members on a invitation basis...ARGGH!!!

Playstation Move Starter Pack - £27.95 (Using Code) @ Playstation Rewards
Found 21st Sep 2011Found 21st Sep 2011
Another Playstation Rewards Deal. Looks the cheapest to me for the Move starter bundle. Access Code - PLAY.GAMES The PlayStation Move starter pack contains The PlayStation Eye a… Read more

I used to use my regular Hotmail account before, but no longer works now :(


Don't know which employers this is specific to, but I can't get into the site either. Other people suggest using another email address, does anyone know a free email provider whose addresses are accepted? I have tried several: 2 x 1 x 4 x on different domains I own ( and .com) 1 x peugeot employee address :|


doesnt work

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Playstation 3 Black Dual Shock 3 Controller & Free Real Triggers £25.95 @ Playstation Rewards
Found 27th Aug 2011Found 27th Aug 2011
Seems to be one of the better deals around at the moment and you even get the real triggers thrown in if you prefer these. Access Code - PLAY.GAMES
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The site seems to be a bit hit and miss judging by other threads, have you tired different e-mail addresses i.e not hotmail etc. ?


The code does not work, just tried it.


My apologies, it appeared to work for me. The other code that seems to be successful for others is 'PLAY.STATION3' Does this work for others?


The code doesn't work.

PlayStation Move Heroes & Starter Pack £32.95 @ Playstation Rewards
Found 27th Aug 2011Found 27th Aug 2011
Seems like a relatively good deal for the started pack at the moment, and you get a game thrown in too. Ok, the game might not be a 'Game of the Year' must surely worth a go for a… Read more
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Access Code - PLAY.GAMES or PLAY.STATION3 It seems to be a bit hit or miss, people seem to suggest trying different types of email address too.


what's the access key?



Uncharted + Uncharted 2 Double Pack (With DLC Voucher) - Only £18.95 @ PlayStation Rewards
Found 19th Aug 2011Found 19th Aug 2011
Type in the Access Key 'PLAY.GAMES' and type in your normal email address to get in, then search 'Uncharted Double Pack'. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: A 400-year-old clue in the co… Read more
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Its specific. Some days it lets you in sometimes it doesn't.


i cant login can anyone else

Motorstorm Apocalypse (PS3) @ Playstation Rewards £13.95
Found 19th Aug 2011Found 19th Aug 2011
Thx to ag55 and His great Killzone3 deal I've got Motorstorm Apocalypse (PS3) for £13.95. 2nd best The … Read more

hot deal, i just posted it myself but then i found yours. have some heat also if you cant access the site anymore due to 404, try this link and the acess key PLAY.GAMES


Try different emil. It has to be UK e-mail for sure.


Still does not work for me


ordered thx

Black Dual Shock 3 controller & Free Real Triggers (PS3) £25.95 @ Playstation Rewards
Found 18th Aug 2011Found 18th Aug 2011
Bargain!! STEP 1 Go to deal enter your e-mail and access key: PLAY.STATION3 or PLAY.GAMES STEP 2 Check email for link to enter the store

I can tell you one thing, the next playstation will not have this circa 1995 designed pad.


I think the triggers are fine, i dont understand peoples problems with them.oO


Exactly. It's like Sony's conceded that their controller's poorly designed and are giving away free 3rd party add-ons to compensate.


because triggers can be annoying on most games. I can only use them on racing games


Why didn't they just make a decent pad with triggers then there would be no need for this s***

Found 18th Aug 2011Found 18th Aug 2011
EDIT: NEW LINK IS NEW ACCESS KEY is PLAY.GAMES STEP 1 Go to deal enter your e-mail and access key: PLAY.STATION3 or PLAY.GAMES … Read more

got a spare copy, brand new and still sealed if anyone's interested.


anyone got a new code? my dad wants this


Doesn't work for me, just says "Please ensure that all fields are filled in correctly."


tried again today and order finally went through. i am of the habit of not putting in the 'valid from' date of my card since its usually not mandatory, but i thought i'd fill in every section of the payment page and its went through. well excited, my KZ2 will finally get some rest on top of the shelf where its going :D


Doesn't work anymore for me, have no idea why. This thing can be wonky sometimes.

PSP 3000 Blue Console + Variety Pack (Invizimals including Camera & Trap + Assassins Creed II Bloodlines + Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince + Superbad UMD + Hancock UMD) @ Playstationrewards for £99.95
Found 17th Aug 2011Found 17th Aug 2011
I realise that many people (maybe even most people) won't be able to access the Playstation Rewards website, but for those that can, the PSP 3000 console + Variety pack is only £99… Read more

wow I am so behind it is time to update to 6.39 than!, thanks a lot


That information was correct in 2009. Back then the 'unhackable/pandorable motherboards could only be exploited via chickHEN and on 5.03 ofw. However, times have changed and since the PS3 keys have been found the PSP hacking scene advanced. You can get cfw on any PSP that is running firmware 6.39 or below. It will be able to play isos and eboots as well as homebrew.


I thought permament cfw can be done only up to PSP 2000 depends on original firmware it has been released with, some limited cfw is available for PSP 3000 but only if your firmware is low


Yes you'll be able to put lite cfw on it.


Can you upgrade the firmware to unlocked versions on these?

Free Stalker Grenade DLC code for inFamous 2 (PS3 only)
Found 12th Aug 2011Found 12th Aug 2011
Hello. Just to let Playstation 3 owners know that you can get a DLC code for Stalker Grenade for inFamous 2 on the German PlayStation site on Facebook. All you have to do is: 1. Li… Read more
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This didn't work for me. I got the code and typed it in as it was downloaded, but it said the code expired or was incorrect.


Thank you


Nice, cheers




Danke :)

 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean NEW  PS3 £21.95 delivered @ ps3 rewards
Found 6th Jul 2011Found 6th Jul 2011
very cheap cheapest I've seen LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Password KILLZONE.3 Also have 160gb ps3 £199.99 and if u buy pirates u get £5 off

Damn! Finally managed to log in and now the price says £28.95.


28.95 now


arrived today


I'm not in any scheme and it let me enter and order - just got an email saying it has been dispatched. Who knows how this site works out who can enter?! First time I used them was to order the keyboard and it took me several attempts to get in.


As mentioned already bought 2games from them so not sure why i am not allowed in now. Will try again later as my boy would love this!

Playstation Move Heroes (PS3) - £9.95 @ Playstation Rewards
Found 3rd Jul 2011Found 3rd Jul 2011
Great Price Access code is PLAY.STATION3 Relevance Seller rating Condition Delivery Total price Base price 2,377 seller ratings New Free delivery £19.49 £19.4… Read more

its ok it worked next day - it seems hsbc cant verify outside 9-5 hours lol.


reset your verified by VISA details and try again


ok finally logged in, ordered move heroes - and card authentication fails! i wouldnt mind but they use hsbc for authentication, and im with them. i have hundreds in the bank so thats not a problem, its not a suspicious amount at £10 and its not an obscure time either. this happened last time too, they rang me back the next day to authorise it. but i dont get it as i put in the correct details on the verified by visa screen, and this is the only site that doesnt aknowledge it. id be very wary....


dammit i want this and it wont let me in - it was fine a few weeks back, but now it just wont let me on. i hope those that screwed up the rewards choke on them.


Search google for virgin tribe and have a look on their site. Should be a code under the shopping section.

Killzone 3 (Move Compatible) (PS3) - £15.95 @ Playstation Rewards
Found 3rd Jul 2011Found 3rd Jul 2011
"Every action you do in Killzone is immersive; the combat more intense and savage than other shooters." (8.5/10) - IGN "Correcting seemingly every complaint critics had about Kill… Read more

simply because you care so much


Didnt think play station rewards was allowed on here anymore. Anyhow, good deal


Rubbish game? More like, I bet you're one of the plentiful muppets who don't have a **** clue about what 'Team Based' and 'Objectives' means, so couldn't even be bothered to figure it out:\ Fortunately, pretty much every single review done disagrees with your synapsis. I think the words you were looking for were 'I didn't like it', 'it didn't appeal to me', 'I wasn't able to noob it round with a UMP so got fed up', or something similar.


Rubbish game but good deal.....well found OP.


1) I'm an xbox guy at heart 2) For the last 18 months, I've been hooked on MW2. I've tried and tried, but could not find anything to replace its sheer playability despite going through most online FPS'ers 3) I bought this two weeks ago, and now cannot put it down. It IS the online FPS I've been looking so hard for. It's not without its flaws, but the basic gameplay is fantastic. So in short, this game is so good it's even winning over some of the most unlikely fans out here! (me! I'm ridiculously hard to please!) It is quite hard to get into, but persevere, unlock everything for a couple of the classes, and you'll soon be infiltrating squads and gouging out the eyes of the ISA infidels.