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The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) £17 preowned @ playtime
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Posted 3rd Apr 2017Posted 3rd Apr 2017
The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) £17 preowned @ playtime£17
I think this is a good price for a physical copy of this especially since GAME offer £14.40 cash for this.
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Maybe edit out those spoilers for people who haven't played it yet then?


Agreed. I've played through twice on the PS3, then twice more when I upgraded to PS4. I think it's like having a favourite movie that takes you through the ringer emotionally - you'll experience it in different and sometimes deeper ways when you watch it again and again (even if you can say the lines along with the characters :)).


I think its due to it being cheaper on psn atm. I understand sort of.


Last posted at just under £19 and hit over 400 degrees, posted for less and gets -100. Makes sense!


I bought this finished it, traded it in, cried night after night after i made the mistake. Now going to get it on psn sale to get the platinum. Best game and storyline i ever experienced. Never mind GOTY its GOYL (Game Of Your Life)

Mark McMorris Infinite Air (PS4) £12 @ playtime
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Posted 31st Mar 2017Posted 31st Mar 2017
Mark McMorris Infinite Air (PS4) £12 @ playtime£12
I think this is a good price for this considering CEX and grainger games are charging the same for used copies. Also GAME offer £8 in cash for this in case it's not to your liking.
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Should be a PS+ free title. Would rather pay play Steep! An that's saying something.


that's a good price, was tempted when it was £20. my only concern is I don't think the game is suppose to be very good

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS) £12 used @ playtime
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Posted 28th Feb 2017Posted 28th Feb 2017
Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS) £12 used @ playtime£12
This is back in stock again for those that missed out on my last deal. Great game and well worth £12.
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Best price you're gonna find it for. Nice one op.


Ordered this from them last week then was cancelled without even contacting me so im avoiding them from now on.

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS) £12 used @ playtime
Posted 23rd Feb 2017Posted 23rd Feb 2017
Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS) £12 used @ playtime£12
Since more people than i thought were interested in hotel dusk, i thought Id post the cheapest I could find for the sequel. It is quite expensive elsewhere and is worth £12 trade i… Read more
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Never seen this for less than 13-ish quid. Great series of games. Nothing else like it.


Worth paying double that. Both games are incredible. The presentation is outstanding. I love the hand-drawn art & the very natural sound effects (i.e. sound of cars, wind, doors creaking, footsteps etc). It's very immersive & really does suck you into the story. I prefer arcade style games but was willing to give it a go & I love it.


Thanks just ordered looks like they only had the 1 tho.

Steep (PS4/XB1) £22.99 @ playtime
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Posted 12th Feb 2017Posted 12th Feb 2017
Steep (PS4/XB1) £22.99 @ playtime£22.99
Seems like a good price for this for those who cant get the tesco deal. Xb1 link: HERE
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Been legit since 2004. Great place to get games.


playtime... are these guys legit?


Only in certain tesco stores.


£21 tesco


​Absolutely. It's a great game to chill out with in between the usual bunch of shooters and rpgs. I'm a bit of a Steep Apologist because people seem to be really down on this game for some reason. The Paragliding is a bit boring but the other 3 activities are all really fun and it looks great, plays great, go anywhere.

Dragon age inquisition (PS4) £8 used @ playtime
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Posted 29th Jan 2017Posted 29th Jan 2017
Dragon age inquisition (PS4) £8 used @ playtime£8
Hope this helps someone out. Cheapest its gone for a while.
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It's an amazing game


this any good what about the goty edition?

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Tom Clancy the division ps4 at Playtime for £12 (used)
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Posted 13th Jan 2017Posted 13th Jan 2017
Tom Clancy the division ps4 at Playtime for £12 (used)£12
Tom Clancy a the division PS4 £12 delivered, cheapest I've seen it.

bad game at bad price in 2nd hand


get in game brand new for £11.99


This is for second hand. Currently £11.99 new at Game.


Oh it's 2nd hand :(



Virtue's last reward (3DS) £10.00 preowned @ playtime
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Posted 7th Jan 2017Posted 7th Jan 2017
Virtue's last reward (3DS) £10.00 preowned @ playtime£10
Great price for a physical copy of this game. It is part of a really good series of games but you have to play 999 first to understand this one.
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World of Final Fantasy (PS4) £20 Delivered @ Playtime
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Posted 17th Dec 2016Posted 17th Dec 2016
World of Final Fantasy (PS4) £20 Delivered @ Playtime£20
Amazing price. You can upgrade the delivery to first class for £1 extra if you need it before Christmas etc. Embark on an adventure unlike any before to an all new WORLD OF FIN… Read more

I ordered this today from Smyths toys for £25, biting point for me :D Not sure if day one edition, don't think so, not as cheap but the next best from what I can see...if anyone is interested:


Thanks for letting us know! That's very decent of them. I'll ask a mod to unexpire then :)


back to £20


Just got one delivered from Very, not day one, so trying again! £14 worth it tho, even if I don't get day 1


Oh sorry about that. I thought the price is too good for this. That was suspiciously a misprice then which they've decided not to honour. Such a shame, really.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One) £11 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)
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Posted 23rd Jan 2016Posted 23rd Jan 2016
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One) £11 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)£11
Excellent price for an excellent game. You are Talion, a Ranger of the Black Gate, keeping watch over Mordor which has remained undisturbed for ages. In the blink of an eye, every… Read more
The Crew (Xbox One) £8.50 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)
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Posted 20th Jan 2016Posted 20th Jan 2016
The Crew (Xbox One) £8.50 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)£8.50
Cex is offering £12 voucher for this or £8 cash. Description Welcome to the next generation of driving games The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving MMO developed exclusivel… Read more

​No point. No extra achievements.


Ahhhh ok. Will end up buying it sooner or later. But for me, Forza Horizon 2 is the one <3


I have seen comments on driving and to be honest it just seems normal to me, the main point of the game is to take part in tournaments online to win ungraded parts for your cars so maybe those people didn't stick it out long enough and are just commenting on when they get the fullstock cars.


Will keep an eye out for it. But are the driving dynamics decent? Read a lot of bad things about the controls and feel of driving....


Great game. If you can afford the extra get the wild run edition.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (PS4/X1) £11.50 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)
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Posted 1st Jan 2016Posted 1st Jan 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (PS4/X1) £11.50 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)£11.50
After 20 years of best-selling, award-winning fantasy role-playing games, the Elder Scrolls series goes online. Experience this multiplayer roleplaying game on your own or together… Read more

Just had a cancellation email and refund as no stock available for the PS4. Ordered yesterday afternoon...


PS4 stockk is back, still says out of stock for Xbox One.


No it's not.


Out of stock on both PS4 and Xbox One.


​It's quite far off skyrim though.. It's an mmo with a skyrim skin pack.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4/X1) £20 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)
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Posted 14th Dec 2015Posted 14th Dec 2015
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4/X1) £20 Delivered @ Playtime (Preowned)£20
X1 link here: Difference Between New and Pre-owned:… Read more

Words cannot express what a bloody disappointment this game is. I've played every Playstation MGS game since '98 and they've all been absolutely stellar but this....this is just irritatingly repetitive without even a thread of a plot to hold it together. Sure it's technically brilliant & better looking than ever, but what's the point if every mission is the same sh*t over and over again? Bring back the linear style and throw away this open world nonsense.


OK then do it! But what do you get extra with a brand new copy since they are all the standard editions? ;)


I'd rather pay £24.95 from ShopTo for a brand new copy.


Showing as £21.50


Biggest let down i have ever played MGS:V as a huge fan it really just didn't do it for me, although i would absolutely recommend it for the game play alone and awesome soundtrack, the story is just :'(

Le Tour de France 2015 for Xbox One (new) - £20.00 at Playtime
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Posted 6th Dec 2015Posted 6th Dec 2015
Le Tour de France 2015 for Xbox One (new) - £20.00 at Playtime£20
Appreciate this game won't be everybody's cup of tea, but thought it was a decent price. Also available on PS4 @ £21.00

Pro Tip: Taking performance enhancing drugs will not help you when playing this game.

Sony PlayStation TV - £27.50 @
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Posted 2nd Dec 2015Posted 2nd Dec 2015
Sony PlayStation TV - £27.50 @£27.50
Playstation TV Stream your PS4 games to another HD TV when someone else is using the main TV in your home − start playing on PS4, and continue playing on PS TV Includes a vouche… Read more

coupled with a ethernet cable. ps4 streaming in a different room is brilliant




le product This product is unavailable or temporary disabled.


rubbish piece of hardware,not fit for purpose


Purchased prior to going oos. Only purchased as I purchased four of those intetnet plug things from Amazon lightning sale. Hope it works well enough. Thanks op.

Batman Arkham City Xbox 360 £14.99 Pre-Owned @
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Posted 5th Apr 2012Posted 5th Apr 2012
Batman Arkham City Xbox 360 £14.99 Pre-Owned @£14.99
Free Delivery, 10 Available Instore too. Playtime Video Games Ltd currently has 3 retail stores situated in the North of England: (Doncaster,Sheffield & Nottingham) as well as … Read more