Pleasantville (DVD) - £2.99

Pleasantville (DVD) - £2.99

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Found 13th Jul 2007
Going to post a fair amount of deals together, the order depending on each films IMDb ratings.

Next best price = PowerPlayDirect @£4.75

IMDb rating: 7.5/10 (33,232 votes)

Welcome to the world of Pleasantville: where father knows best; mother cooks dinner and where the kids are never more heavily punished than with a stern but kind lecture. It is a world where everyone is nice to one another, where neighbours are part of your family and where there is never any sign of foul play. Obviously, this is not a real place. It is the back drop for a 50s black & white TV show 'Pleasantville'. A show about clean living & family values, that has become a popular viewing choice for viewers in the 90s. The film opens in1998, two teenage siblings, Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) who craves the attention of every young male in her school. Her brother David, (Tobey Maguire) is the quiet smart one, who has found comfort in the nostalgia of the 50s soap. Through a bizzare event that occurs in the siblings living room one evening, I won't ruin that bit for you, Jennifer & David find themselves trapped inside the shows black & white world.

For David this is a dream come true. Jennifer on the other hand, stuggles to come to terms with their situation. Enter the Parker family; an old fashioned housewife and mother, and the father who provides for his family. Soon the two start to make friends and begin to enjoy the simple things in life. But as they become more and more involved in the community, things begin to change. What unfolds is an original, clever, witty and very funny comedy. Visually stunning to look at, as colour and real life creeps into Pleasantville...



Ordered, thanks. Nice film.

I got this in store for same price a few days ago

This hasn't expired!!

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What's with the expired tag? :?

Good film, Good Price.

Thanks, heat added :thumbsup:

good film got it on VHS, have also updated to DVD

This is a really really good film, and a great price
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