please note 3rd gen Creative Vado HD 4GB High Definition Pocket Camcorder £69.99 @base

please note 3rd gen Creative Vado HD 4GB High Definition Pocket Camcorder £69.99 @base

Found 18th Nov 2010
Creative Vado HD 4GB High Definition Pocket Camcorder (gen 3)
Your baby's first steps. The family pet scampering in the garden. Capture life's beautifully candid moments with the Vado HD - the latest model in the award-winning Vado series of pocket video cameras. One light touch on the touch-sensitive buttons and you can start recording instantly in high-definition quality. Lightweight and extremely compact, the 4GB of built-in memory enables you to enjoy up to 120 minutes of widescreen, HD quality, video on the move. Don't cramp your style with additional camera equipment as the Vado HD comes equipped with a photo feature that lets you shoot up to 7,000 of widescreen still shots. The Vado HD comes in an exciting range of colours, so you can choose the one that suits you best. View the full range here, and pick your favourite.

Flip between camcorder and photo mode at the touch of a buttonThe video enthusiast in you will be thrilled at how much more you can achieve with the multi-function jack and the improved Vado Central 3.0 software. With the multi-function jack you can simply plug in your own headphones to listen to the videos at a desired volume level. Sporting a built-in flexible USB arm that connects easily to your computer or laptop, there is no need for additional cables.

The Vado HD lets you view and edit your videos, or pictures, before posting them onto popular social media sites with the bundled Vado Central 3.0 software. The software requires no installation to use, as it is stored on your Vado HD and runs directly from it, so that you can use it wherever you go without needing to load it onto a computer or install from a CD. Sharing your happy times with others truly does not come easier than this! To make it even easier to enjoy your videos, we have included an HDMI cable so you can connect your Vado HD directly to your HD TV.

Cutting-edge design, high-quality video and simple ease of use in one small attractive package - get yours today.

Choose from a range of accessories for the Vado including a waterproof pouch, spare battery, tripod, lens kit, or worldwide travel charger.

Pint-sized dynamo
Power-packed with features such as touch-sensitive buttons, 2x digital zoom, manual exposure adjustments, and motion detection, the Vado HD is a must-have for those capturing action on the go

One click to instant gratification
With the handy Vado HD, you won't have to worry about missing any important action again. Record impromptu moments instantly with the one-click recording button and, with the touch of a button, change to photo mode to capture picture-perfect stills!

Significant moments in high-definition quality
Enjoy 2 hours of HD quality footage at a video resolution of up to 1280x720p. Alternatively, you can snap up to 7,000 picture-perfect still photos of your favorite camera subject.

The inlcuded HDMI cable makes connecting your Vado HD to your HD TV easy

Multiple connectivity options
The Vado HD is equipped with a multi-function jack that gives you the flexibility to do more with your pocket camcorder. Plug in a stereo microphone for enhanced audio recording - an especially handy feature in news reporting, concert filming and more. You can also connect your headphones for private listening to your footage or output videos on non-HDMI displays via an analog AV cable (available separately).

Watch it on the big screen
Connect your Vado HD to a HDTV via the supplied HDMI cable to enjoy big screen viewing and your videos in 720p HD quality. No need to hit the cinemas for the best theatre experience.

Wider scenes, more action
Capture wider scenes and more action in your videos and photos with the wide-angle lens. You can also get a close-up of the action with the 2x digital zoom feature.

Use Vado Central software to easily share your videos.

Built-in flexible USB connector
Charge your pocket video camera easily via the built-in USB connector. It also helps you in posting your videos and pictures onto YouTube, Facebook, Photobucket or with the built-in Vado Central 3.0 software. Absolutely no need for any additional cables!

Vado Central 3.0
With the included Vado Central 3.0 software, you'll have an easy way to view, share, and even edit your videos. The software's user- friendly layout provides you with a clean, organised view of all your videos, as well as quick access to relevant functions such as online sharing, editing and emailing.

Vado Central 3.0 includes basic video editing capabilities so you can quickly polish your videos before posting them. The software's trimming function lets you delete raw footage by choosing new starting and ending points for a clip, and then saving the improved version. And since the Vado HD takes videos in standard video formats, you can easily export them to programs such as iMovie and Movie Maker for more advanced editing options.

Vado Central 3.0 is loaded onto the Vado HD camcorder and runs directly from it, so that you can use it wherever you go without needing to load it onto a computer or install from a CD. Creative has made editing and posting videos on Facebook, YouTube and many others as simple as a single mouse click so now you can take videos during your vacation and load them onto your Facebook account on the fly! Vado Central 3.0 is compatible with both Macs (Mac OS X 10.4 and later) and PCs (Windows 7, Vista, or XP (SP2)).

Video trimming
You've taken your video, but the chances are that you might want to trim a bit from the start, end or both - with Vado Central editing your clip is almost as easy as capturing it was.

Resize your video files to send via email
Sometimes you want to share your videos without posting them online, but High Definition videos are often too large to send via email. Vado Central 3.0 let's you easily resize your video files according to your internet connection speed.

Capture stills from video
Even though you can quickly and easily capture stills with a flick of a button, there will be times when you want to concentrate on capturing video footage. This doesn't mean you have missed out on the chance to grab a great photo. With Vado Central you can easily extract a photo from your video footage.

Add transitions, music, effects and more with Movie Creator.
Make a professional impression with Movie Creator in Vado Central. Choose stills and video footage and combine them with a variety of transitions. Add a soundtrack and fade between it and the footage sounds when you want to bring the action to life. Add effects, overlays, or even text to your images, and finish it up by adding your choice of movie title, credits and watermark


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thats the 2nd gen this offer is 3rd gen lot more @ amazon

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