Plenty the Seasonal Ones 2 rolls £1 were £2.50 @ Wilko

Plenty the Seasonal Ones 2 rolls £1 were £2.50 @ Wilko

Found 8th JanMade hot 9th Jan
Less than half price currently online and in store.

With wilko always worth checking instore if sold out online as often lots left.

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Plenty The Seasonal One 2 Kitchen Rolls

Printed with seasonal designs. With advanced paper technology, excellent absorbency and durability. Mega absorbent. Ultra durable. Rinse and re-use. 2 rolls x 2 ply tissue, 50 sheets per roll, sheet size 229mmx228mm. Always read label.
Was £2.25
You save £1.25


90p @ waitrose

Best deal I got was 6 for £2.50 a while back. Before that would hold out for the £1 for two deals . These have the patterns on so even bit better Might even buy a few these but I have no space indoors lol as have 12 but you never know when the price might go up and stay up
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90p @ waitrose

Good find - I hadn;t seen that. £1 still a good deal if you're in Wilko anyway - which i often am to pick up a few bargains. If you do C&C via top Cashback you get 5p back too. (_;)

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OOS online, hopefully some still in me local store
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