Pleo Dinosaur - Ugobe  £244.95 Standard Delivery (in stock 17/12/07)

Pleo Dinosaur - Ugobe £244.95 Standard Delivery (in stock 17/12/07)

Found 19th Nov 2007
I have been looking for one of these in stock for my kid's christmas but can't find any the best I can find is this in stock 17/12/07 with £5 voucher and possible %11 quidco.

Pleo Displays Real Emotions

This authentic life form displays real emotions from joy to aggression, playfulness and fear. Not to mention such actions as a yawn, sigh, sniff, sniffle, snore, cough, hiccup and sneeze. Pleo knows when he reaches the end of a table, stomps his foot when he's hungry and even recognises other Pleos. And all that's just for starters, making him the most impressive autonomous creature we've seen... ever!

* Significant Processing Power
2 32-bit Microprocessors central and image processing
4 8-bit Subprocessors motor control
* Highly Articulated Movement
14 Motors
Over 100 custom-designed gears
* Complex Sensory Network
Camera-based vision system light detection and navigation
2 Microphones binaural hearing
8 Skin sensors head, chin, shoulders, back, legs
4 Foot switches surface detection
14 Force-feedback sensors one per joint
Orientation tilt sensor body position
Infrared mouth sensor object detection
* Multiple Data Ports
Mini USB port online downloads
SD card slot Pleo add-ons
Infrared transceiver Pleo-to-Pleo communications
* High-Quality Sound
2 Speakers mouth and back
* Power Source
Rechargeable and replaceable NiMH battery pack
* Pleo size specs: 20.7" long, 6" wide, 7.5" tall
* Package Weight: 3 Kg
* Included items: Pleo, Companions Guide, AC Adaptor, Pleo Identity Card, Training Leaf
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I think you may find that this isn't now being released in the UK before Christmas. You will see that, for example, Amazon UK have changed the release date from December to 'we don't know'.

They have only just started to manufacture these (and are still having problems with the first batch having the skin paint wear off fast) and so I think will only have enough stock to fulfull direct orders in the US pre-Xmas.

I was going to get one of these for my son, but for the price they are asking it might be worth waiting until they iron out the initial problems.
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