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24 hr Father's Day Offer! 17% off lifetime Plex Pass - £78.37
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Father's day deal for the lifetime Plex Pass - 17 % off until 8am 17/06/2019 Not the greatest deal but the first public one we've had In past year or so (confused) First post so… Read more

Oh man. Would like to get Plex pass but the current price is way too high


Geuinely have no idea, this was the first I'd seen in about 2-3 years


When is a deal like this going to come again?


I surprisingly just got that same offer today. I'm still not totally sold but maybe I'll give it a go for that price.


Not sure what charity shop you go to, but Mary Poppins and Watership down are surely on your plex!

TIDAL HiFi + Plex Pass 3 months Free @ Plex TV
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
You can currently pick up 3 months of Plex Pass + TIDAL Hifi - usually costs £19.99 a month. You have 2 choices - whichever catches your fancy : The Plex Pass gives you access… Read more
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I'm only seeing it for one month. Is anyone else seeing it for 3 months?


Fab deal, but just so much explicit content on Tidal, its hard to stop it, even with the adult / obscenities filters on!! :(


Anyone know how to cancel this as I’ve cancelled the tidal sub but can’t seem to cancel the plex pass part


Does my plex pass sub stack? It seems like it's ending next month despite my having just subbed to the tidal premium deal.


Heat added, thanks :)

Lifetime Plex Pass $74.99 = £59.37
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Just had an email from Plex with an offer of a lifetime plex pass for $74.99 which works out at £59.37 when clicking the link in their mail... Offer valid until 11:59 PM PacificTi… Read more

Just bought at $74.99, transaction shows £56.76 via US with fee free card. Not too shabby!


I hadn't subscribed to the best of my knowledge.


Do you have to be subscribed to the newsletter to have a chance at receiving a code? Or would it not be classed as a newsletter email?


What does Emby charge for access your media while out and about?


I changed to Emby and found its better than plex. You can control users and what they see, which i now use with the kids. More features than plex, better layout , i was won over. Just my opinion

Plex Pass - 1 Month Free
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Plex Pass - 1 Month Free
1 Month Free via link - found via plex news advert no good for me as i already have a lifetime pass, but hopefully if may help some of you Once you… Read more

Oh yeah, I do miss the transcoding!


There are reasons to have Plex, for example the transcoding, live TV, DVR (recording live TV) plus a app that works on nearly all devices that came out in the last 3 years.


Or hook up OSMC on a Raspberry Pi and do away with subscription nonsense.


Plex client update on my SamsungTV is pants. It's laggy and has started crashing. Not great


I've been tempted by this before. I want to turn my entire dvd collection into files but it's the cost of everything, harddrive, router with usb etc

Plex Lifetime Pass 25% off - £71.24
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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018
Back by popular demand! For a limited time, a shiny new Lifetime Plex Pass can be yours for US $89.99*. Holiday travel is a breeze with Mobile Sync, just one of the awesome fea… Read more

Ah, Gottcha, yes the qnap direct installation was a bit of a pain and gets very few updates. I currently run it from a Linux installation (client?), on the nas instead. Much easier set up, more stable and is the latest version.


You can install Microsoft Office on a Windows Server. it doesn't make Microsoft Office a server application. Kodi is still primarily a client app and is designed to run as a client with keyboard, mouse or IR remote input (yes, I know you can enable the web interface, but it's not on by default). On the other hand, Plex server can be installed directly from the app store and is designed to be run via the web interface out of the box. Whilst it's possible to get Kodi running on QNAP, its no longer supported QNAP; I believe that Asus and Thecus are the only major NAS manufacturers that provide official support. BTW - have nothing against Kodi, I ran XBMC for several years; I recently setup a standalone PC with Kodi for a relative because all they needed to do was watch stuff on TV connected to the PC.


I run kodi on my qnap. Isn't that a server?


Plex app on my Fire 10 Tab hasn't worked since 27th November update. Keeps crashing. Despite positing in their forums no reply no fix in sight.


Plex has separate client and server versions. Plex server allows you to run a central media server, e.g. on a NAS. Kodi is just a client (although it can be an UPnP server). This is why I switched from XBMC (precursor to Kodi) to Plex 6 years ago.

Plex Pass Generic Code 25% Off - £71.24
239° Expired
Posted 15th Nov 2018Posted 15th Nov 2018
Plex Pass Generic Code 25% Off - £71.24
I’ve just received an email offering 25% discount using code FLASH25OFF. Generic code so should be available to all.

New offer for anyone who missed it


No longer valid - anyone know of any other codes?


Thanks again, I’m not sure it would be worth it, sometimes the effort involved is greater than the savings, especially with my family and IT. They all think they know better and it normally gets really confusing. Many thanks for the advice. ^_^


I had to reinvite them Second issue I discovered is that transferring the library triggered all devices to resync all content which for me meant a lot of conversion for my little Mac mini to do


Thanks for this, trying to scrape up enough money to take the plunge and thought I’d check but I have a monthly subscription and it fobbed me off. If I do manage to buy the lifetime it means I can swap it over. Did you have to re-send invites to users or just add email addresses to a list? my Dad and Sister were a nightmare to add and I’m not sure it’s worth saving £20 to go through that again. ^_^

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Plex Lifetime Pass £59.37 via email coupon - Check emails
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
Plex Lifetime Pass £59.37 via email coupon - Check emails
Just got an email from plex to get full lifetime plex subscription for $74.99 which equates to £59.37 when you change your country to the UK. The vouchers are account specific and … Read more

@Rathore I feel silly for asking this, but where exactly do you opt-in on marketing emails? I searched everywhere but could only find an option to subscribe to their newsletter.


Ah, nice. They argued the toss with me and said only people who’d never once subscribed would get that mailshot/code.


I subscribed for 2 months, cancelled and got a lifetime offer a few months later. I'm now a Plex "lifer"


Can someone pass me a spare code? I know it's probably account specific, but it worth a try!


Cancelled mine 2 months ago after 3 years. still waiting for a code from them (annoyed)

Plex lifetime pass £59.12 (probably account specific)
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
Plex lifetime pass £59.12 (probably account specific)
Probably account specific, but just had an email offering Plex Lifetime for $74.99 (£59.17). Had an email a few months ago but missed it - grabbed it this time :) Hope this helps … Read more

FFS. Just checked my emails and had one of these sent over in July. Valid for just 5 days.


if anyone has a code that they will not use I would really appreciate it if you would send my way :) many thanks


Are they always american accounts?


These are as rare as hens teeth!


I had a moan after about 5years of being with them with plex plus, they never responded so I cancelled the plus then about 5-6months later I got a lifetime code

Plex lifetime pass £59.12 - Check emails
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Posted 15th Aug 2018Posted 15th Aug 2018
Plex lifetime pass £59.12 - Check emails
Probably account specific, just had an email offering Plex Lifetime for $74.99 (£59.12) Been waiting for this for ages.
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Hey all, If anyone does have a spare code that they do not need, I would really appreciate it if you would send it my way :) Many thanks Sunny


I’ve had plex for a couple of years and still no email ;( . Thanks for the heads up! If anyone has a spare code it would be appreciated!


Thanks for the feedback for the scenarios how people got theirs. Has Plex for 5 years, and recently had a subscription and then cancelled after a few months. I’ll wait in hope...... If anyone has a spare code I would be happy to use it Many thanks in advance.


Dsplay dscam with synology no need for plex


Lifetime pass ... so that would be about 5 years? Thats normally about how long these things last.... 50/50 about plex .. stopped using it about 6 months ago.. may resurrect for winter

A limited-time offer to last a lifetime - Plex Lifetime Pass for £59.37 (Account specific)
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Posted 26th Jun 2018Posted 26th Jun 2018
A limited-time offer to last a lifetime - Plex Lifetime Pass for £59.37 (Account specific)
Just received an email regarding this offer with a unique code. We’re going old school with a throwback to the original lifetime Plex Pass pricing. Thank you for all of your suppo… Read more

I got emailed one and snapped it straight up. Absolutely love plex


If anyone has a spare code i would appreciate it!.


Could you please send me the code? Thanks!


Is it worth paying for? I have a 12 month subscription with a private provider for tv and films and whatnot, I get everything imaginable but I haven’t paid anything to plex


I like the idea, netflix for pirates, however I rarely need access away from home maybe take a month pass when I'm away at my sister's. If I'm paying for an app I expect it to work 90% of the time. So when I rip my dvds to my 4tb it should just work but it doesn't . Very pretty bringing up the info but it wants to transcode a dvd stream. The files are standard dvd called in a folder with the folder name called the film what am I doing wrong??

Free 30 day Plex Pass
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Posted 13th Jun 2018Posted 13th Jun 2018
Free 30 day Plex Pass
To get you hyped for the international soccer (football , futbol) matches, we’re offering 30 days of Plex Pass for FREE — all you need is a compatible tuner and antenna! Plex Live… Read more

If anyone has a code they don’t need I would be grateful for it please.


Hi All!! Please Can i recieve a discount account for plex lifetime? thanksss


I also got this email and have just activated the offer. Although the email say it’s for 30 days, my next billing date is in 60 days time. To be honest though, I’m going to cancel. I wanted this to test then new live TV and PVR feature, but it’s far too slow and clunky for my liking. I was considering buying a lifetime pass if it worked well, but now I think I’ll hang tight for the Freeview app which someone mentioned earlier on in this thread. Shame really, as I had high hopes.


What error are you getting? I had a similar issue and was able to quickly resolve it by googling the error message.


Help, I’ve dl this and all am getting is server error! This is my free trial and am wasting it!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Plex Lifetime Pass £59.37 via email coupon - Check emails
178° Expired
Posted 16th May 2018Posted 16th May 2018
Plex Lifetime Pass £59.37 via email coupon - Check emails
Update 15/06!! - Seems new batch of codes are being sent out recheck your inbox or spam folders if you didnt get a code last time. Just got an email from plex to get full lifetime… Read more

The code is account specific. Any account will accept the code and show the discount, but it'll charge you full price if your account isn't eligible. You need to be asking for the entire account (good luck!).


If anyone has a code they don't need I would be grateful for it please.


If anyone gets and doesn’t need the code please pm


has anyone got a spare code? I didn't get one :'(


If anyone gets one and doesn’t need it would really love to make the most of it! Please and thank you!

20% off at West Digital online for Plex Pass holders
242° Expired
Posted 2nd Mar 2018Posted 2nd Mar 2018
20% off at West Digital online for Plex Pass holders
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I guess this is expired as i signed up to Plex and went through the process, but the code was only available for US locations and not Europe, while the code for the other item, a cloud server or something was available for Europe (poo)


I've got my code and I can submit it. I don't get error saying invalid code equally I don't get message saying yes valid. Screen refreshes but price does not drop. Tried it with loads of different products and from pc and phone with same outcome. Anyone able to help please? Cheers


The My Passport 3TB is now in stock in red for £61.99, I've just ordered one at a cost of £49.59 after the 20% discount :) Here's the link


I am anxiously waiting for the recertified items to come back in stock. Does anyone have any info at all on what dates these are typically updated, what time of day? Anything at all. Just I have my heart set on one and it (along with pretty much everything else in the recertified section) is out of stock. Many thanks.


great deal thanks OP usual 20% off codes dont apply to re certified drives .great to see that this one does . I see even if this has been posted before or has been feature of plex pass before it is still a deal as a lot of people dont know about it or had forgotten about it me. I got a 30 day free trial as well Hot from me!!

Lifetime Plex Pass - £59.37 - account specific
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Posted 26th Feb 2018Posted 26th Feb 2018
20% off at Western Digital with a Plex pass Just had an email offering a third off the normal price. One time voucher code provided. Worth i… Read more

would also love a code if anyone has a spare?


I know I'm very late to the game but if anyone has a spare code I'd be very grateful. (cheeky)


Would also be grateful if anyone has a spare code to share.


Is this deal still alive? Would be great if someone would be kind enough to share a code with me. Thanks


If anybody has a spare code I would be very grateful. I received 1 a few months ago but the email got logged as spam and I didn't realize until it was too late

Plex pass lifetime £59.3
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Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
Plex pass lifetime £59.3
First deal, sorry if already posted please delete. Lifetime plex pass for 60£ thats not too bad ;) Apply voucher code EFUQQESM and enjoy ;)
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Says it's expired. Definitely interested in such a future offer. Will just stick with free Plex until something like this comes up again!


Didnt work // expired


waiting for a code


What can i say i was patient and it was worth to wait ;) lol


Not available for me :(

Plex Pass for £59.37 (38% off)
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Posted 24th Sep 2017Posted 24th Sep 2017
Plex Pass for £59.37 (38% off)
An email I received today give a big discount on Plex Pass using . I’ve never seen it this cheap. I think it is only for long term customers. Use code 2PJRVQQK. Unsure if this … Read more
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I just got the email too. I'm gonna to go for it :)


They do them in batches, last time I found out they were doing this, I searched my email and found the email had come through two weeks earlier and expired for me. I just got one through today, three weeks after this was posted so worth checking your emails regularly for it.


Didn’t get it this time, but that was the title of the one I missed last time around - fingers crossed it’ll come around again


Thanks so much for the post. Been waiting to get in at this price for years and was pleased to find a email from them that I would have missed if it wasn't for your post. Heat added


is uk the cheapest place to get plex pass any option buying from us or other eu countires for cheaper also when accessing remotely this is nothing to do with my router right? (port forwarding ettc)

Plex up to 33% saving - £31.99
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Posted 27th Apr 2017Posted 27th Apr 2017
Plex up to 33% saving - £31.99
I've been looking for a discount to happen for awhile on plex and not really seen anything since Christmas. Personally I use plex all the time and although I would like to pay less… Read more
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​you could script this, not sure what CLI program for vids, but ask for the total length and if under 10 then MV the file to another folder. doesn't quite work if you have trailer files though


Personally don't see any feature that would justify me paying that much for premium. The free version is amazing as it is.


Something missing would be ability to drop any movie under say 10 mins and then it wouldn't catalogue movies that are not movies i.e. Trailer or samples


Anyone got any suggestions for shares? Used to use uberplex but that got shut down?


​I can send h265 files from an old netbook to a laptop connected to a projector in my bedroom and will play fine as no need for transcoding

Plex lifetime discounted to $119.99/£95
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Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
Plex lifetime discounted to $119.99/£95
£95 "It’s not just Santa who’s listened this year. We had Barkley the Plexivus fairy scouring our social media channels and he brought a message back to the … Read more
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Hooked up with a Roku 3, Plex turns your tv into a smart tv with a responsive and intuitive interface. That's what I use it for mostly and I love it. I also access my music library via the Android Plex app and cast to the Google Chromecast Audio devices around the house. it does everything I want from a media center solution, apart from gapless mp3 audio. My wife is able to use it too, which is a bonus. I can see myself using it for some time. Might be time for me to get that lifetime pass.


Yes if u have a hdhomerun


Does the DVR work with UK channels?


With a PlexPass your servers will also remember what you've watched - so your 'On Deck' is updated automatically with new shows in the series (assuming you've figured out how to add the shows to your plex server). It also lets me add individual accounts for the wife and kids so they get their own viewing history. Personally, I love Plex - simplifies everything in the house since the Samsung & Sony TVs all have Plex apps - it is as simple to use as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Consider it your Netflix for local content. Bought the lifetime plexpass a few years ago (when they threatened to remove the lifetime option) - more fear of regretting it later - but given the use it has provided - it was worth it.


​Ah the ignorance. Plex and Kodi are different and better in their own ways. Plex is more focused on server functionality vs Kodi which is more client side for example.

Plex Pass Lifetime £59.99 GBP Half Price
-163° Expired
Posted 19th Nov 2016Posted 19th Nov 2016
Plex Pass Lifetime £59.99 GBP Half Price
I receive this email from Plex today. As a token of our appreciation, we’re going old school and throwing back to the original lifetime Plex Pass pricing for our OG customers. Th… Read more
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I have 7 email addresses with plex accounts in and didn't get any!


I joined Plex February 2014


It It not I've never had limited pass before, also I checked with my cousin he got an email from plex offering the same thing, he's never had limited pass before.


I'd say its just for those that have previously paid for a limited pass, as none of the emails I've used to sign up free accounts have this offer.


If you received an email from plex, then your eligible for the discount. Another way of checking is by logging into your account And select lifetime pass.