Plexus CVR1500OSC Silver 1500W PTC Ceramic Heater - £12.78 delivered @ ebuyer
Plexus CVR1500OSC Silver 1500W PTC Ceramic Heater - £12.78 delivered @ ebuyer

Plexus CVR1500OSC Silver 1500W PTC Ceramic Heater - £12.78 delivered @ ebuyer

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This could be my first successful post so please be gentle

The compact Cvr1500 heater distributes warmth evenly around the room, thanks to its oscillating base and ceramic plates. It has 2 heat settings and built in thermostat.


Oscillating Ceramic Heater
with thermostat
2 speed

PTC Heaters:
Positive temperature co-efficient - PTC heating elements are small ceramic stones with self temperature limiting characteristics. PTC stones have fast heating response times and plateau once the pre-defined reference temperature is reached. The shape of these stones can be be designed to be square, rectangular, round, ring or doughnut style. Above the reference temperature, the semiconducting and ferro-electrical properties of the ceramic are utilized to produce a rise in resistance of several orders of magnitude, and hence produce it's self limiting properties.

PTC Features & Benefits

Safe through temperature limiting characteristics
Dynamic, self regulating, and therefore energy efficient
PTC surface temperatures can be set from 40° C / 104° F to 280° C / 536° F
Temperature tolerances +/- 5° C
Compact design
High power densitity
Long lifetime
UL, CSA and VDE recognised
Custom configurations available in regards to size, inrush current, temperature, voltage, and power output


Thanks, ordered.

thanks ordered, hopefully this will be a good alternative to my lads oil filled radiator he has in his attic room (safer) i was juts wondering about the type of heat it will give off? i know the specs are posted but any ideas? i watched the video demo and it looks good, any boy got one of these already?



I ordered 2 of these before christmas with some other stuff & usedthe 5 working day option & they still dispatched the next day

As the heaters they are actually smaller than they look in the picture. I was worried that they wouldn't do i a good job but.......I surprised they do a GREAT job they heat up the room very quickly. I would buy these again if i needed another heater

hot, ordered 2 for £20.97, rep added.

i decided 2 order 2 of these purely 4 the saving / thanks 4 the post :thumbsup:

These do look good and great price delivered do these give off more heat than the haligen ones lots of stores are selling for £10

so this should heat a average size attic room well then?

rail massive;3951036

so this should heat a average size attic room well then?

Yeah im sure they well

can anyone tell me how to get the free delivery upgrade?


Original Poster

The free next day upgrade was for the time of delivery. It was just a special offer which made delivery at a specific time £5 for the next day. Next day delivery is now £9.99 so it looks like the special price for delivery has finished.

You can still get this item for £12.78 with super saver delivery. I have heard that even selecting this delivery method, the item will be quickly delivered.

I will ammend the title

Recieved this today great little heater. Thanks OP

Received 2 today, great item for the money

i agree, nice heater, seems quite hot, yet to try it in my lads attice room, as its so cold here at the mo, i think i will use it downstairs for a bit :whistling:

Please could someone tell me if the dial with high and low does anything other than switch this heater on and off? I assumed in would be a thermostat with which, you could select your desired maximum temperature. However, I have had it running for long periods of time and it has never shut off?

Anyone else had more luck, or can tell me the error of my ways?

Cheers, Si

I got two of them yesterday and realy good value for money.
The thermostat works some what (not very accurate) if you set it properly. Turn it until it starts heating and slowly turn on backwards where it stops and then turn forward little and leave it there. It should now work.
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