Plum 8ft Trampoline £37.25 at Tesco (instore only) (Bangor)

Plum 8ft Trampoline £37.25 at Tesco (instore only) (Bangor)

LocalFound 31st Aug 2016
I admit, this might turn out to be a wild goose chase, but I nipped into Tesco in Bangor, Northern Ireland, last night and nabbed the last box of this trampoline there after a staff member told me it was reduced from £100 to £37.25.

They were selling off a load of their summer range (paddling pools down to £2, Frozen kites 75p, frisbees 50p, space hoppers £1 each).

It's still coming up as £100 on the Tesco site.
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Do you have the bar code please

Do you have the bar code please

Sorry, I don't. I'm in work.
Would u be able to post it later on please
Which store is this in?
great find!! I picked up a plum 2 in 1 swing for £11 odd....which i am more than happy with...would have loved to get one of these too :-)
was this Springhill or bloomies?

instore deals should be banned

proof!instore deals should be banned

​this is a repost of a deal posted yesterday, and is nationwide. problem is, most of the stock that was left went yesterday when it was posted.

was this Springhill or bloomies?

Still hoping someone has a barcode ...please anyone

Still hoping someone has a barcode ...please anyone

Here you go: 5036523052429.

Here you go: 5036523052429.

You are a star thanks so much
5 in Lee Mills Plymouth this evening at 6pm(marked at 65 but scanning at 37)....none of the 10 feet ones we were after though.
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I saw this at the same price in Tesco hattersley store yesterday
some woman was grabbing loads of paddling pools etc for 25p saying that's Christmas sorted lol.
We got the last one in Martins Heron (Bracknell) lastnight but there were about 4 of the 10ft ones for just under £50
there is 6 sitting in maryhill glasgow
there is 1 left on seasonal aisle at Chesterfield Tesco, well there was an hour ago x
Called about 6 stores in Hampshire and none of them had any I wonder if they are just instore and they aren't finding them on the system?
Found in Corby Tescos for £15
picked two 10ft ones up in Surrey quays yesterday. they had more but you have to ask as they are out the back.
I tried all the stores in hull and none! Then Customer services checked and said there weren't any anywhere!!
Has anyone seen any in stores in Yorkshire area? Thanks
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