Plus net broadband and anytime calls just £7.24 *existing customers only*

Plus net broadband and anytime calls just £7.24 *existing customers only*

Found 14th Jun 2011
Ring up Plus net on 0845 140 6002 and request for a MAC code. When they ask you why say that it is only £7.49 on TalkTalk (ugh)!

They will offer you Plus net broadband with 60gb allowance and unlimited calls for just £7.24 plus £11.99 line rental. Not only that, they will fix the price for 12 months

So in summary, you will get the same package as before but with TalkTalk's cheap prices!
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They won't give everyone this deal

They won't give everyone this deal

surely, for existing customers this is fantastic?! All it takes is a phone call and you have instantly reduced the cost of your broadband and calls for at least 12 months...
result, I got it on a 30 day rolling contract for £17.75. I have 60 GB allowance with unlimited phone calls. Beats my current 10 GB allowance and evening call, which was costing about £21 a months.
Are Plusnet any good? The wife will leave BT soon and we'll lose the freebie BT Broadband/Phone perk that all BT employees get. Plusnet looks a lot cheaper than BT so I'm sorely tempted to give them a try.

Are Plusnet any good? The wife will leave BT soon and we'll lose the … Are Plusnet any good? The wife will leave BT soon and we'll lose the freebie BT Broadband/Phone perk that all BT employees get. Plusnet looks a lot cheaper than BT so I'm sorely tempted to give them a try.

I have been with Plusnet for over a year and there service has been great! Never any problems with anything. Unlike other larger providers, plusnet can cope with the customers and if you do ring up you don't have to wait an hour to speak to someone!
I've had no problems with Plusnet. They are owned by B.T.
I have nothing but praise for Plusnet. I have been with them for 2 years and had a virtually unbroken service from them apart from matters that were beyond their control. Two weeks ago I began to get dropped connections, sometimes every 10 minutes and they got onto the job, monitored my drop outs from their end, got BT engineers round twice, and phoned me personally from their base in Sheffield. Their customer service is second to none and just to be able to speak to someone in the UK when there's a problem is worth it's weight in gold. I have referred a few friends to Plusnet over the last few months and they report back to me that they are very pleased as well.

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I've had ups and downs with Plusnet.

I upgraded an old package to 80gb, and also to get ADSL2+ as my exchange had been enabled for a few months, and it stated that it would be £11.99, I still have the e-mail confirming it.

Broadband Product Plusnet PremiumMonthly Subscription £11.99After 3 … Broadband Product Plusnet PremiumMonthly Subscription £11.99After 3 month(s) your subscription will change to £11.99

But My bill went up to £19.99, when asked about this they said

Thank you for keeping in contact with us. I have investigated and found … Thank you for keeping in contact with us. I have investigated and found that because you are in a Market 2 area, your subscription is £11.99 for the first 3 months and £19.99 thereafter.We do apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused. The notification you have received is an automated notification and is incorrect.

That's it. No offer to extend it as a courtesy or anything.

I also had an issue when I upgraded to ADSL2. It was supposed to be done automatically, but when I checked I was still on ADSL. They insisted that it was my router (Netgear DG834, the workhorse of broadband), and that if I got the Plusnet router, the system would recognise it and put me on the ADSL 2 circuit. I told them that they needed to raise this with BT, as the router was ADSL2 compatible, and I was sure that I hadn't been switched over. They wouldn't budge, so I had to pay for postage, but wouldn't be charged for the router unless I left within 12 months.

Got the router, hooked it up, nothing changed. They then told me they had checked with BT and I hadn't been changed over, and that it would be carried out at the exchange... By this point it was already something like 10 days back and fourth with them.

So they switched me over and.... no speed increase, still 7mbs, when all the tests and estimates say I should get 13MBs. My router (still the DG834 btw), syncs with the exchange at between 9500 and 11,000, but results on are always coming back as 6.5mbs, and BT speedtest tells me it's capped at the exchange. I've tried to argue that with them a few times, one guy manually set it to 11,000, and for a few glorious days I got over 1 MegaByte a second downloads, then I reset the router, and it jumped back down, when I asked them to set the speed up again, they refused, and told me the exchange would determin the speed.

In fairness that one is inconclusive, as it's very possible that there's a quality issue on my line that the exchange has determined the maximum best speed is 7MBs, but their flatout refusal to even try it again annoyed me.

They also traffic shape like CRAZY. You'll notice slowdowns in the evenings, after 7pm I can't get 1080p Youtube videos to stream because they cap it.

On the Plus side (see what I did there), the usage is reasonable, and they also offer unmetered hours from something like 1am to 7 or 8am, meaning it's not counted in your allowance. I use this for downloading digital games, steam, PSN, xbox live etc.

Just watch the charge if you go over your allowance, it's £5 per 5gb.

Take this post as what it is, every service provider has someone that's not had a good experience, just happens to be me here.

PlusNet are great.
Signed my mum up to them and far superior to talktalk so far. Call centers in this country a bonus (I tested them when I signed up and called the tech support number instead of customer services and wait was reasonable for friday evening, 10 mins, and Yorkshire based advisor.
Isn't Talktalk cheaper if you go via Quidco?

For home workers PlusNet offer VAT invoices. TalkTalk now refuse in an arrogant manner. I dumped TalkTalk for this reason... a 20% surcharge since Tiscali customers were transferred to TalkTalk biiling and increased their prices. TalkTalk are happy to offer home workers their residential package and then claim "not allowed for business use", hence no VAT invoice. Then why allow home workers to have the package when they admit to busines use!

I found Plusnet service good, but the standard 10GB download is too low for a family.
I have there FIBRE OPTIC service which is supposed be 40mb

I apparently shud get 39.1mb

Its more like 26mb at best
Almost certainly it says up to 40mb, 26mb is way better than what I would get. I wasn't aware that BT had unbundled fibre yet.
I've been with Plusnet since April this year and for a year they give me line rental, eve & w'end calls, 10GB download (daytime) and unlimited download (before 8am). All for £12 a month - SWEET!!

Mostly use the 'unlimited download' time for large updates and huge downloads.
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