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Plusnet - £85 Quidco cashback on 66Mb - £26.99 for 18 month contract - Total Cost: £485.82
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
With £85 Quidco I am switching back to PlusNet from Virgin. PlusNet was very reliable for me in Belfast and I never had to contact them during my 2-3 contract periods.
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Totally disappointed with the plusnet service


£19.95 from vodafone and I did my speedtest and getting 76mbps.. plus £100 top cash back


Don't be, it was on topcashback it was rejected, i realise this deal specifically mentioned quidco in the title so i can see the confusion but i was talking cashback in general and I assume its the retailer (plusnet in this case) that cancels it anyway regardless of cashback platform used. Thanks for trying to help though. (y) I edited the original post to make it clearer.


Hey :) I am really sorry to learn you cash back had declined! If you can email us at with your Quidco email address and the details of the cash back we can take a look into this for you! Hope this helps -Ashleigh


Conspiracy theories are us. Your perseverance in sticking to an inaccurate statement has all the hallmarks of justifying a trip to the world class opticians in Barnard Castle.

10GB for £10pm - Plusnet SIM only (uses EE network). £50 TCB possible £120 Total @ Plusnet
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
12 months contract EE network 4G £10 a month, 10GB unlimited mins / text If cashback tracks, bring cost to £5.83 a month.

Thanks, sounds like EE aren't throttling Plusnet at all. The upload speeds are very impressive. I get similar speeds on EE in West London. Plusnet here I come.


I did a couple of tests inside my home around Islington and I got 63/61Mbps of download and 19/28Mbps of upload (yes, between 20 to 30). I haven´t tried outside, I will do later this month because I only got 4GB but each test consumes 150MB of data. CS is good, in fact, if you are in the top SIM of 10GB for 10£ and you call within 14 days saying you want to cancel due to lack of GB, they will offer you up to 14GB for the same price. I think EE could be even faster but inside home having 60/30 is more than good. Ps. Three gave me 8MBps down and 6Mbps up in the same place.


Out of interest, what kind of 4G speeds do you get on Plusnet and how is the CS? I'm on EE but coming out of contract and want to go SIMO, tried a VOXI SIM on Voda and 4G speeds went from 50 to 3 Mbps on average so that's not gonna work. I've heard that the networks tend to throttle their MVNO speeds, not sure if this is the case with Plusnet. Feel your pain about Three, had a second line for 7 years with them but the last 6 months has been abysmal with dropped calls and ridiculous 4G speeds (West London). Moved that line over to EEand it's been night and day. But now can't afford two EE lines haha. EE is probably the best network out there, but they do charge for it.


Plusnet customer / sales service is excellent. However, the Plusnet network is rather iffy, to say the least. Comparison: moved from EE to Plusnet and use a TalkTalk SIM in the same phone. Same issues affecting another Plusnet SIM in the household (different phone) * no shortcode support * poor coverage, even in the same locations as with previous EE - can't recall ever seeing five bars * unreliable whilst driving, even if signal appears OK * poor call quality almost constantly, even to another Plusnet SIM * large latency on call's audio * failures to connect calls - missed calls that never actually rang * long delay in connecting calls, before ringing starts, in particular to the other Plusnet SIM in the household (spouse's) * no engaged tone when calling engaged numbers - it just ends the call immediately with a single beep

Siilver google

Plusnet 4gb sim only plan £8 pm for 12m + £25 Reward Card @ Plusnet
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
4GB to 9GB Sims – what we'd go for The standout right now is this blagged deal with Plusnet – the cheapest 4GB Sim we've ever seen. If you go via our Plusnet* link before 11.59pm W… Read more
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Not expired still available for another 16 hours at time of writing.........


What happened to this 'deal'? (lol)


Oh ok. I'm starting to think about that three sim that was floating around. Good luck though and I hope you get a cracking deal. If you come across anything good please post it so I can get it too. Thank you.


I will only order my sim next week as it's closer to expiration of my other contract, as such I cannot really give an opinion. I checked that Sky use the o2 network, I have an o2 pay as you go sim for many years and receive great reception where I am as such hoping it should all be fine. Following your question, I just did a search in trustpilot for sky mobile, looking quite bad (annoyed)


I believe it was you that quote replied to me first... and now you're jacking my period/blob insults. Shouldn't you be calling in to babestation about this time for your nightly release... or have they all been furloughed so you come here looking for attention. I guess that's why you're looking for a good phone deal (lol)

Plusnet Mobile £6 a month for unltd mins and texts & 2gb of data - new customers (TCB of £21) - 12 Month
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Not a bad deal for those that don't need too much data. It is a 12 month contract which may not suit some. Potentially working out just £51 for the year £6.00 a month for 2GB of … Read more

I doubt lower priority is the issue with regards to calling. More likely is that Plusnet users do not benefit from L800 (800MHz 4G) compared to EE contract customers. This can make a significant difference in rural areas and also in more built up assuming that L800 is being broadcast as it is not deployed/required on every site. Also EE customers will benefit from VOLTE (Voice over 4G) so outgoing calls are immediate. Plusnet users will switch down to 3G/2G. So many factors to consider when comparing the two. Forgot to add this is very much device dependant but most latest android devices and all iPhones are supported for VOLTE/L800 assuming on an EE contract.


Thanks OP. now £35 Cashback so overall yearly it is £37 and monthly just £3. ridiculously cheap. :D :D


It's a 30 day sim so if it isn't to your liking you can always tell them where to go and then move to another provider. My personal experience has been great with them.


i have EE and in the past have had vodaphone and O2. Hubby now has sky mobile and before that he had virgin mobile and yes, the MVNO are always poor in comparison to the main providers without a doubt. plusnet however is really the bottom of the pile, they are like the ryan air of the MVNO bunch. sky mobile and virgin mobile are actually not too bad. virgin mobile a little bit better than sky mobile for signals.


This is the problem with MVNO's. The carrier always de-prioritises them, given the pittance they're being paid. Thinking of moving to PlusNet from EE but comments such as yours are holding me back, Plusnet's SIMO deals are more than 50% cheaper than EE's.

Plusnet existing customer deal 4Gb Sim Only for £6 on a 30 day rolling contract
233° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st MayLocalLocal
I've been with Plusnet a while and we have broadband with them too, so it was great to see a deal, that if you have broadband with them you get 2Gb data extra My son and wife were… Read more

I can confirm that you need to be a Plusnet Broadband customer to get this 4GB for £6. Otherwise the £6 will just get you 2GB, which obviosuly ins't much more than the 1.5GB for £5.25. The alternative is 8GB for £8, available to all. Hope that helps someone.


(y) XD


Are you on drugs as this makes no sense at all.


All of Virgin's regular installations are copper coaxial cable into the premises from the street. Eventually we may see true Fibre to the Premises (FttP) but that is still not common, especially for residential.



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Plusnet £10pm - 14GB (potential 16GB) Unlimited Min & Texts 12 Months - Sim Only Total Cost: £120
723° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Plusnet retentions deal 14GB 12 Months £10 Unlimited minutes and texts, can up it to 16GB if you are a Broadband customer. Includes roaming not that it's much use at the moment... Read more
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Just got this deal from on a rolling 30 day contract.


I'm a mobile only customer and my 12 month contract was up at the end of the month. Spoke to the Plusnet guys and got: 8GB, UNL Texts and Minutes for £8 on a rolling 30 contract


I called and upgraded to 12gb for £10/m, 30 day rolling contract. Thanks.


Then you should be fine. I was on 30 day rolling as well, decided to go for 12 months this time as I had been with them for more than 12 months already without any complaints, so why not, plus you get 2Gb extra :D


Haha, certainly was, thanks to you buddy (y)

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband + Line Only - £17.99/month for 12 months = £215.88 total with £60 Plusnet Reward Card *For New Contracts Only*
71° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Unlimited Broadband Broadband Ideal for everyday streaming, web browsing and general Internet use. from £17.99 a month12 month contract £ 0.00 activation fee Features you'll lov… Read more
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How are you getting cashback and reward card? When clicking through TCB it doesn't show this price. Edit: just change the address detail slightly and shown up


They are dire. Be aware they left me without internet for 5 weeks on a run of mill change of service. The most I could get out of them was a £10 credit and the missed service back. The unlimited broadband was 3mbp/s down, I ended up having to upgrade to fibre. Note the routers they ship with fibre have a known issue (unfixed by plusnet for a year according to the forums) making the service unusable, I had to buy a new router. I now finally have working internet. If you buy this, factor in that you may need to buy a new router. Should have just gone with BT.


I’m looking to move. It can’t handle our family’s usage. We’ve been moaning quietly for an age, Covid has brought it to a head. It’s dreadful. Usage includes Netflix, ps something, Yi camera, 3-5 laptops. Kids’ mobiles not allowed to jump on. More that I can’t remember I’m sure


Also consider (if you can afford it) paying line rental up front - makes it even cheaper.


Decent price. Bought it yesterday after looking at MSE.

4.5GB > £6.50 | 7.5GB > £8.50 | 13GB > £11 Sim Only (30 Day) Existing Broadband Customers @ Plusnet
361° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Some decent prices if you're an existing broadband customer here Plus all the deals below come with unlimited mins and texts 4.5 for £6.50 7.5 for £8.50 13 for £11.00 Non BB cu… Read more



Both EE and Vodafone have good signal in London. The other two are rubbish, especially for data speeds.


4gig for £6, i just rang them and told them about the 8gig for £8 deal from other services, and ask whats the best deal they do, they gave me the option to match it or £6 for 4 no hassle


After requesting a PAC earlier, I have just logged back in and when I click on upgrade options, the previous options have disappeared and I see this. My existing plan now shows 0MB of data?


Been with them for over a year, switched 2 tariffs and now on the third one for £6 a month for 5GB and unlimited minutes and texts but it's a 12 month contract. Just ask them maybe might give you a cheaper price with more data! Hope it helps :)

Sim only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 4GB data £8 per month for 12m + £25 Plusnet Reward Card @ Plusnet
79° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Sim only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 4GB data £8 per month for 12m + £25 Plusnet Reward Card @ Plusnet
Plus net offering unlimited minutes, text and 4gb data normally £8 but take into consideration the £25 gift card works out to be £5.92 You’ll receive a £25 Plusnet Reward Card. On… Read more

nope , wife is same on her phone, and we have had new phones recently , its a Plusnet problem, my work phone on EE connects without problem


maybe its your phones problem, i only just plusnet and havent used it much but its been fine so far


i have Plusnet (£1 a month for 4gb , 4k call and 5k text so reluctant to give it up !)) , struggle for a connection most of the time just keeps beeping , internet is slow, , kids are on 3 and no problems,


got a 9gb contract with plusnet for 5.75


3 is garbage, terrible service, plusnet run on ees service so is better, also 3s customer service is terrible

12GB Data For £10 (Existing Broadband Customer) 10GB For £10 (New Customers) Sim Only (30 Day) @ Plusnet
213° Expired
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
12GB Data For £10 (Existing Broadband Customer) 10GB For £10 (New Customers) Sim Only (30 Day) @ Plusnet
Decent offering for both existing and new customers Possible cashback at topcashback

I've been a customer since 2015, when the service was still called LIFE Mobile. Poor coverage in Cambridge (presumably due to missing band 20), no VoLTE, no Wi-Fi calling, no shortcode texting, and as I discovered recently, no voicemail access from an alternate line (e.g. when calling from a non-Roam Like At Home country and trying to avoid a £1.45 charge a call). Considering switching away. I got in on a 1.5 GB plan for £5 a while ago which is the only reason I'm still with them. At this point I'm actually considering switching to a 3 prepaid line.


In terms of price, this is a good deal but indoor coverage is terrible. Plusnet does not have access to band 20, 800mhz frequency and to further compound the issues there is no VoLTE. Having both would be brilliant but having at least one would make the experience better in terms of indoor useability.


Go for virgin with their 24gb data 5000mins for £12 a month. They even have rollover data (for 3 months I think). Most of the time everyone uses wifi. But when you're away from wifi area you'll have between 48-70GB data available at your disposal


Pussnet (lol) ;( (lol)


really bad reception in London. Bad signals all the times. Regretting why chose pussnet (annoyed)

Plusnet Sim 4GB for £6 (Broadband customers) / 2GB for £6 (non Broadband customers)
583° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Plusnet Sim 4GB for £6 (Broadband customers) / 2GB for £6 (non Broadband customers)
Unlimited calls & Unlimited texts. 30 day rolling contract. Have personally been with Plusnet for BB and Mobile for over 3 years and cannot fault their coverage and Customer S… Read more

For some reason they have signed me up to a 1gb contract at £5 again. Bizarre. I would of preferred the extra data. I did wonder why my email confirming change of package said 1gb £5, Weird. You would think as an existing customer they would of at least offered 3gb data. Mobile team for Plusnet is currently offline. Hmmm.


How did you manage to get it, i'm in the same boat and they told me best they can do is 6 pounds for 2 gb




Just to clarify, so would they be able to set their own password so only they can access that particular sim?


as all the sims are in my name i can log into each different account and view all details yes. they dont combine all sims into 1 login tho they are seperate so you can hand over the login details for a particular sim and they will have access to only that one

£10 For 9GB Data Texts&Min Unlimited Sim Only From Plusnet Via Quidco link and £50 cashback from Quidco also
207° Expired
Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
£10 For 9GB Data Texts&Min Unlimited Sim Only From Plusnet Via Quidco link and £50 cashback from Quidco also
£10 For 9GB Data Texts & Min Unlimited Sim Only From Plusnet Via Quidco and £50 cashback from Quidco also.… Read more

Hey Guys, I'm really sorry to hear you've not received cashback from this deal! If you would like me to take a look email me over at and I may be able to shine some light on whats happening :)


Still on the £1 a month deal but can’t use 4g and they won’t give you a new sim so if it’s get lost or stolen then tough!


If this is the case, why aren't trading standards getting involved to hold Quidco to account. They can't advertise an offer they are knowingly unable to deliver on




Do "we"? Please don't try to condone and justify comment's like that one. If there were no issue's with it, it wouldn't have been pulled by the mods. It's strange that I don't have any issue's with accents, be they from Bangalore or Birmingham. So, by your logic, the call quality from UK call centres is always great? Rubbish! I've used loads of UK based companies and it's a very similar experience. (added to, muted member's list)

£10 For 10GB Data (Existing Broadband Customer) 30 Day Sim Only From Plusnet - 8GB For £10 For New Customers
569° Expired
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
£10 For 10GB Data (Existing Broadband Customer) 30 Day Sim Only From Plusnet - 8GB For £10 For New Customers
Good price if you're an existing plus et broadband customer Exclusive SIM only deals Our broadband customers get an extra 2GB of data on our top deals. Some would say it'… Read more

Has anyone experienced problems roaming with plusnet in countries outside Europe. Travelling to Kenya, wasn't able to roam at all so no texts for banking etc. Changed APN settings as per suggestions online... Plusnet advised switch on off and battery pull (annoyed)


After a few months, I decided to try it again: put my phone on airplane mode and try ringing it. Success! They finally fixed the problem and it goes to voicemail now. I still can't understand why the employees told be that because 'my phone isn't connected to the mobile network' I have no voicemail. This issue never occured before the upgrade of the voicemail system - only after. Also, the voicemail issue was there for a few months before they actually fixed it.


Looks like this offer is no longer available.


Do bear in mind that Plusnet mobile doesn’t support short codes (often used for competition entries and two factor authentication). They don’t have any plans to support them either. They also had quite a few split port issues but if the number of these issues on the PN mobile forum is a thing to go by seems to have been less of an issue recently.


You seem like ur not all there!

4.5GB Data Sim Only - Unlimited Everything Else £6.50pm 30 Days (Existing Broadband Customer) - New Customers Get 2.5GB For £6.50 @ Plusnet
369° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
4.5GB Data Sim Only - Unlimited Everything Else £6.50pm 30 Days (Existing Broadband Customer) - New Customers Get 2.5GB For £6.50 @ Plusnet
Good little deal here if you're already a broadband customer, and need a 30 day sim only deal, getting 4.5gb for only £6.50 With unlimited everything else, and a 30 day contract. … Read more

FFS ! Its gone up already .. showing as £7.00 for me (PNET BB customer) (mad)


I called them and been upgraded to 4gb Nice one


thanks pal. I figured as much but wasn't sure with it being 30 day.


Yes. They all do if there’s any chance of payment having to be collected rather than paid in advance.


do they credit check ? I'm remortgaging and don't want any checks right now

9GB Data (30 Day) For £9 Per Month (Existing Broadband Customer) | 7GB For £9 (New Customer) Sim Only @ Plusnet
558° Expired
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
9GB Data (30 Day) For £9 Per Month (Existing Broadband Customer) | 7GB For £9 (New Customer) Sim Only @ Plusnet
Existing Broadband Customer can get 9gb data with unlimited mins and texts for £9 And new customers still get 7GB for £9 As well as All with a 30 day contract :)

I don't think SMS verification is safe at all


@DominikB When I was switching to British Gas they wanted me to send them initial readings with 5 dig number. I think using premium numbers is step backward in security (hoaxes)


quidco 90 quids tracked :P total 54 ...54/12 =4.40


Network coverage depends on where you are so do your homework before buying a sim :)


No, though there's a 9GB (or 11GB if having their broadband) for £10 at the moment via uSwitch.

30 Day Sim Only 7GB Data - Unlimited Mins & Texts £8 @ Plusnet Existing Broadband Customer (Otherwise 5GB)
264° Expired
Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
30 Day Sim Only 7GB Data - Unlimited Mins & Texts £8 @ Plusnet Existing Broadband Customer (Otherwise 5GB)
Available to new customers signing up at https:// by 15th January 2020.
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What did they think?


Smarty is a much better deal - 30gb unlimited calls and texts for *£10 no contract


was just saying this to the lads down the pub the other day


This makes no sense, because net neutrality rules would probably not allow it and they are hardly likely to prioritise an MVNO owned by the BT Group below all the other MVNO's (e.g Virgin) on their network which they don't own. The whole idea of MVNO prioritisation is thrown around often but I'm yet to see any evidence of it actually being true. Theories and possibilities do not count as proof. What might be happening is that Plusnet sims don't have access to Band 20 (800MHz) 4G due to Plusnet not supporting VoLTE. This would affect coverage and in some cases speed too. It's also possible that there isn't sufficient capacity between EE's core and Plusnet to support the demand that they have. I'm only suggesting this as a possibility, I have no knowledge of EE's or Plusnet's network topology but it is one of a few viable explanations.


don't go with these guys. they have poor signal and even worse customer service. bungling idiot of a company.

£10 per month - 10GB data unlimited calls and texts - 30 Day Rolling SIM @ Plusnet
1641° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
£10 per month - 10GB data unlimited calls and texts - 30 Day Rolling SIM @ Plusnet
30 Day Sim Only 10GB Data - Unlimited Mins & Texts £10 @ Plusnet
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Thanks for this heat added 🔥 Just ordered one (y) 🏼


There is no voicemail feature when your phone is off. Rubbish. It's a shame they 'updated' their voicemail service to get rid of an essential part of the voicemail service.


Thanks for posting this deal OP. Couldn’t have come at a better time. Upgraded existing account online within a few taps. Shame, their app doesn’t allow you to upgrade, it directs you to phone up. Cheers. (y)


Any cashback on the 30 day rolling contract?


Just spoken to very good customer service and now have 12gb for £10 a month; as a Plusnet Broadband customer :D

30 Day Sim Only 6.5GB Data - Unlimited Mins & Texts £8 @ Plusnet Existing Broadband Customer (Otherwise 4.5GB)
301° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
30 Day Sim Only 6.5GB Data - Unlimited Mins & Texts £8 @ Plusnet Existing Broadband Customer (Otherwise 4.5GB)

I have broadband as well but never any issues with customer service bods


I'm a mobile only customer and have always got through quite quickly and been politely dealt with. I can only speak as I find.


Several times this year we've had network outages with plusnet. Not being able to call or use data at times. I do think they offer good value for money and their customer service is OK. Their network however isn't stable.


You're avin a larf aren't you?


Plusnet Customer Service is the worst on the planet - do NOT go here! Been with them for over 9 years ... they have fallen down to the bottom from the top of reviews. Do your research first.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband Including Line Rental and no activation fee £22.75 / 18 months at Plusnet
-161° Expired
Posted 9th Dec 2019Posted 9th Dec 2019
Unlimited Fibre Broadband Including Line Rental and no activation fee £22.75 / 18 months at Plusnet
Unlimited Fibre Broadband including line rental on an 18 month contract.

Absolutely abysmal company. Signed me up for 18m not 12m, engineer to install broadband didn't show, billed random amounts monthly even though paid upfront for the year, disconnected me over a missed payment even though it wasn't a real amount, broadband was slower than minimum guaranteed and basically forced to upgrade to a faster fibre deal (which is still below minimum guaranteed). Was relieved to cancel! Had to laugh when they offered me a discount to stay, I turned it down and the operator told me I'd regret it! Customer service also substandard.


Thats good then.


Close your bank account and open another. I usually get a credit card use it then cancel it to stop any further payments being taken out by these scammers! (shock)


Esso are now in on the act doing a 12 month deal for £16.99 a month! Its 6 and half a dozen its really only the customer services that make a difference and they are all pretty pony and trap especially Virgin and Talktalk i know I used to work for NTL as an engineer and when VIrgin took over all the good guys left its just a money making ripoff now- 300mbps lol your average punter doesnt need more than 11mbps (shock)


The law has been changed recently so this statement is incorrect: How do I stop recurring payments for loans? You can cancel a continuous payment authority by contacting your bank or the company taking the payment. When you cancel a CPA it means you’re withdrawing your permission for the creditor to use your card details in the future. If any more payments are taken after you’ve withdrawn your permission they’d be ‘unauthorised’. The deadline for stopping a CPA payment is before the close of business on the working day before your payment is due to be taken.