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Supplying over 750,000 customers across the UK, Plusnet is one of the country’s leading retailers of mobile phones, broadband services, landlines and digital TV connections. Anyone who wants to get online for less can do so by checking out the huge range of Plusnet discounts on offer at HotUKDeals. Read more

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Plusnet retention deal £10pm UNLIMITED minutes, UNLIMITED texts, 8GB data (30 days contract)
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
I was offered this deal Plusnet 30 days contract for £10 with 8GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts following a conversation with Plusnet Retentions department.… Read more

I got unlimited call/text 10gb data £5 monthly 30 days sim with Plusnet mobile for a cousin due to a account mishap, this was many month ago Last time I called Plusnet about a different reason couldn't get their head around how I got this deal obviously they can't take me off this deal now


Very pleased with plus net, ee network is good coverage. Depends on your data needs as to whether you go for this deal or not, but going with another provider who promises more is no good if you don't get reception!


No outage In Blackpool Yesterday


Yip I was in the same boat. Happened during a conference call with work. As you said, seems to be a monthly occurrence.


Was anyone else on Plusnet mobile affected by yesterday's outage (unable to make or receive calls)? It's becoming a monthly problem nowadays.

6GB Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 12 Months Sim - £40 Reward Card @ Plusnet Mobile £12 Monthly (£144 for 1 year)
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
£12 Monthly £144 for 1 year If you include £40 reward card £8.67 Monthly £104 for 1 year I'M NOT BOTHERED ABOUT VOTING SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM VOTING :)

Due to having experience on here I don't always rely on voting here is an example below same deal been voted hot than voted cold it is just silly Hope you understand where I'm coming from


Number 1, or maybe number 2 rule of hotukdeals, never tell people how to vote. lol.


New customers only. Just phoned them. Voted Hot.


Well if it wasn't it didn't have the desired effect, if it was exemplary work!


By the way, voting isn't for the benefit of the author. It's for the benefit everyone else to indicate whether the community feels if it is a good deal or not.

3GB Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim @ Plusnet Mobile £8.50 Monthly
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
3GB deal with unlimited call and texts £8.50 monthly on 30 days sim If you sign up for a 12 month contract you would get 500mb extra I'M NOT BOTHERED ABOUT VOTING SO PLEASE REFRA… Read more
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just a heads up, plusnet dont support SHORT CODES on SMS (eg when credit card bank send you a code, or for parking) see thread but i also have issues with even friends not receiving sms i have sent or ones they send me.. but some do work.. still ongoing with their CS as its pretty inconvenient and have to rely on whats app.. but not everyone uses whats app of course..


Got my wife this deal last week for £6


...ID Mobile gives 4.5GB for £8 plus £4 Quidco cashback (y)


Terrible deal. Plusnet regularly offer much better.


By the way, voting isn't for the benefit of the author. It's for the benefit everyone else to indicate whether the community feels if it is a good deal or not.

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Plusnet retention deal £3.99 UNLIMITED minutes, UNLIMITED texts, 500MB data (12 months)
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
I rang Plusnet earlier today to cancel my sim only contract that I only subscribed to 2 months ago. Obviusly I did not mind hearing what they'd offer me in terms of retention deal… Read more

I just got a deal with Plusnet: '500 mins, Unltd Texts, 1.5GB data' rolling 30 day contract/ for £6/month. I'm a new customer. I guess I can wait a couple of months and negotiate a better deal.


why is this going cold ?, its a great price for those who don't need data (or use wifi for their data needs), thanks OP for posting


Ffs pressed heat by accident


They frequently have the £5 for 1.5gb data, unlimited texts and calls on a 30 day contract. Imo not worth looking in for the 12 months.


Good luck with a 9 year old child who you think can manage on 500MB of data, before this 12 month contract ends they'll be nagging you for more, in fact lots more! Heat by the way because unlimited minutes for £3.99 is excellent.

PlusNet 30 Day Contract with 5GB data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts for £9.00 per month
25/03/2019Expires on 25/03/2019Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
PlusNet 30 Day Contract with 5GB data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts for £9.00 per month

...I went for 30 day rolling 4.5GB data SIM for £8 per month from ID with £5 cashback (y)


Plusnet CS is crap now. Screwed up DD two months on the spin and failed to contact me in 24 hrs. Sick of chasing them. If anyone knows how to get 3.5gb data for £6 without hassle or lame threats, I'd be leaving these jokers tomorrow


Three have just started to roll out 4g roaming, they have only just released it in spain


Let me warn you about my experience ofthe free three data roaming. Its good because its free, but sooo slow as its only 3g. Your better off buying a cheap short tem payg sim in the country your in (i was in Brazil). So if the free roaming is what's making you get three, don't bother


I called plusnet a couple of weeks ago and managed to get 5gb for £8. Plan = 1118 1M UNL UNL 5GB 8. Your new plan now looks like this: Plan price- £8.00 per month Data - 5120mb Minutes - UNL Texts - UNL Contract Type - 30 day rolling contract

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Plusnet 4gb unlimited calls and text plan £10 pm for 12m  plus £40 cheque via MSE
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Plusnet SIM only one year plan £10 pm with £40 cheque within 30 days making it £6.67 pm via MSE. Plusnet uses EE network. Pretty good deal for people who have seen their tariff … Read more
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I can't see why this is so cold.not everyone will need a lot of gb's each month.As someone said why not go for the 8gb at £10pm,i can tell you why not if like me ( my deal is for 4gb a month ) i dont use any more than 1gb per month so 4 is a good safety net.Why then spend an EXTRA £3.33 just to get 8gb when 4 is plenty..It'sl obviously different if you are going to need the higher amount and would be a good deal but 4gb for £6.67 is also good for a low data user too..Prefer cheque / voucher to any cashback promise any day of the week.


Problem with BT is your data doesn't roll over


OP, I think your sub zero score is unfair, bearing in mind that for a non retainer deal, an effective monthly cost of £6.67 for 4GB of data as a new customer is pretty unbeatable. I think had the £6.67 effective cost had been highlighted in the title text, bearing in mind the £40 cheque is virtually guaranteed (unlike Topcashback and Quidco) I think it would have highlighted the deal better, rather than the £10 figure, which nowadays is mediocre for 4GB of data. Heat added.


Very poor customer service!


...just checked TCB and there are no months free through their link to Smarty :/

Plusnet Sim deal. 3GB data & unlimited calls. Receive £30 MasterCard automatically brings effective monthly cost to £6 a month (£8pm - £102)
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Receive £30 MasterCard within 30 days of activation. Can be used in most high street stores. Pay £8.50 a month which equates to £102 over the 12 months contract. Taking into ac… Read more
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Just to add my experience here... (I'm already a Plusnet customer) Just called up Plusnet - mentioned this deal (£6pm - 3gb, Unlimited, Unlimited, 30 days). Given it straight away. Took 3 minutes. Incredibly easy. What a brilliant company.


Is the signal better than 3? Worried leaving 3 for a worse signal


Be better off going with the sky mobile deal. 8GB for £7.50 month


No problems. I'm glad I can assist. :D


Brilliant, just rang them and was offered this straight away thank you so much Miah!

Cheapest broadband  11mb & line rental £197.88 pa £11.07 a month after Mastercard deduction. No activation fee @ Plus Net
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Cheapest broadband deal. Pay 12 months upfront & get a reduction bringing the amount to £197.88 Within 30 days you will receive a prepaid MasterCard with £65. This can be … Read more
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Is this for new customers only ?


yup, me too... £85 cashback via quidco 'exclusive' for joining up as a new customer and paying line rental upfront. followed all the rules to the letter, took screenshots of the actual deal, my new contract and sign up dates etc, yet they still declined the cashback...... so much for their 95% succesful cashback customers. I contacted quidco and stated I had all the relevant info and screenshots to prove my claim was legit, but apparently once a 'claim' is declined, there's nothing more they can do, even with the proof I had...... gggrrr, the knobs!! (annoyed)


do you automatically get the £65 mastercard or do you have to apply for it within a certain time period? cheers


Did this switch recently, got both Quidco AND the cash back through MasterCard card - it's a prepaid MasterCard with money in it. The only problem is, switched from Sky to find the speed dire and internet getting disconnected intermittently.... Customer care is not as great as their TV advert claims....


WHy not

Plusnet 3gb with unlimited SMS and minutes £8.50pm /12mths  £102 with £30 voucher (equivalent of £6 pm )3 0 Quidco available £3.50 pm eq
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Saw this deal with £30 voucher bringing it to £6 equivalent. There is £30 available Quidco potentially bringing to £3.50 pm. Topcashback also offering £40 on this deal but doesn'… Read more

Keep in mind the talk about cashback from cashback site is not Plusnet responsibility, neither have authority to dictate your cashback. The matter is between QUidco and Plusnet. Also keep in mind in some cases they might not even aware about the cashback site like Quidco, TCB, etc.


I don't understand why use TCB is better in this case. Keep in mind - You get £30 reward card with directly applying to Plusnet. - You get £40 cashback from TCB but no £30 reward card. - With Quidco, You get £30 cashback + £30 reward card from Plusnet. The only thing could happen is that you might not get the quidco £30 cashback but you are still getting £30 reward card from Plusnet I could see here that £40 is bigger than £30 but. Cashback is not guaranteed. But with reward card you get it directly from Plusnet so it is guaranteed you will get it. If not you could always claim it directly to Plusnet by shpwing thier own add Just my thought. Did I miss something here ??


I asked on Plusnet chat about whether the £30 Reward Card is compatible with the £30 Quidco cashback. They confirmed that it is NOT compatible, apparently because the offer on Quidco doesn't mention the reward card. So even though the Plusnet website shows the Reward card, you'll find that the Quidco cashback will get declined in a few weeks. Avoid the Quidco double offer scam...the Topcashback £40 works out better...


I like them, but I'M surprised no app,or WiFi calling also. Even the horrid vectone offer that apparently.


No WiFi calling, no shortcode texts (can't send STOP to Amazon bloody treasure truck). Found out both after joining from BT mobile who had both despite the network and essentially the company being the same. Had a couple of complete losses of service too, which I'd never experienced before with BT, O2, orange, BT cellnet (memories). Cheap, though. And most of the time works just fine.

Plusnet £5 for 1.5GB 750 minutes and unlimited texts
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Went to the webchat and they offered me this package £5pm for 1.5GB data 750 minutes Unlimited texts 30 day rolling

I dont know why people voting cold for this deal. AFAIK this is good deal . heat added.


Probably not on at the moment but just have to keep an eye out.


Any link ?? Normally unlimited minutes is £6 not £5


why this deal got cold?


Just ordered through calling sales team. Tried the 3gb trick but to no avail. Told them I didn't want to spend more than £5 and they offered me the OP's deal.

Cheapest broadband deal. Plusnet £18.99 month / 12mths + prepaid £75 MasterCard (Effectively £152.88)
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Plusnet 12 months unlimited broadband 10mb with line rental. £18.99 Automatically receive £75 prepaid MasterCard to spend in most high street stores. The £75 brings the effective m… Read more
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Plusnet are Fantastic. I’ve been with sky, BT and plusnet. On sky your looking at a 30-60 min call wait time to change anything. BT were great, and I always recommend when moving into a new home, if there is a problem on the line, they fix it fastest. Once you’ve solved problems in line or have non, Plusnet all the way. Apart from being cheap —Same hardware as BT (ok a generation behind, but still way better than most — a static IP Address for £5 one off payment. Total bargain, a hot deal all on its own. BT just can’t do this point blank. Nor sky. — if your don’t want static ip, they GIVE you reverse DNS. Eg. (so think carefully about your username!) Service is great in my experience. Very few drop outs. Maybe 1 every 40 days. ( every time I check stats it’s usually connected for over 30 days) Why do you want static ip or free reverse dns? If you have security cameras or any other always on device, now you can easily connect to it from anywhere in the world direct to your house! My 2p worth. Oh also, for each friend you sign up, you save about £1.25 per month on your own bill. Happy days.


Is this offer still on? I don't see anything about the £75 mastercard on their website.


Why is ADSL so expensive these days? Back in 2010 you could effectively get this for free with o2.


Exact same thing happened to me.


I'm with them, I can get up to 20meg on my line, but with plusnet it's 11 meg at best. Can't get fibre sadly,planning to try zen.

Plusnet 30 Day Rolling Sim 4GB for £8 or 6Gb for £10
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Easily the best value I could find for a rolling 30 day sim. 4GB Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts £8 per month Also available 6GB Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts £10 B… Read more

That website is 100% wrong. Plusnet does not have 800mhz access. It would need VoLTE/4G Calling and it doesn't.


Plusnet all the way. The provider that keeps on giving.


Horses for courses tho ;)


Plusnet v good to deal with. As ones use of data seems to increase over the months & years tho, I have just today moved from their 6gb, unltd texts, unltd calls on 30 day rolling to ID mobile 9gb, unltd texts, 300 mins for also £10 pm. Also on 30 day rolling, whereas to macth it Plusnet only offered 12 mth package. Don't make many calls & its nice to not be tied in for a year. Assuming coverage OK where u r & don't need loads of mins, ID is better bet imho


Interesting reading - thanks

Plusnet 3GB + unlimited 12 month contract £8.50pm / 12m contract Total £102 + with £35 reward card
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
If you do not mind being tied to it for the next 12 month, this is a good price after reward card. There might be a chance to get £11 from TCB as well, as the link from TCB also i… Read more
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We both get this for £6 on a 30 day rolling contract and it's great, live chat is always helpful


Thanks OP just switched from my Giffgaff sim equivalent there is £10pm so if I get TCB rewarded is better than half price .


Thanks OP just done this for a relative who has a soon to be defunct TPO sim. 3GB plenty for her and at effectively £5.58pm with the reward card and £4.67pm with TCB it's a no brainer. No issues with a 12 month deal at that rate either.


I have the same allowance for £6 and I’m really happy no problems with customer service

Ends MIDNIGHT Plusnet 6gb Data - £12pm x 12 Months = £144. £50 reward card, reducing cost to £7.83pm
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Not everyone’s cup of tea and yes you can get it for £10 but no reward card and cash back not always guaranteed via TCB or Quidco Here’s the deal 12 month commitment £12 pm… Read more

You wouldn’t?


Husband was on three no probs at all just not a roam like home country :)


Having just been abroad in Africa both my dad and I were roaming with plus net and we didn't receive a single sms which really caused a problem when trying to login or confirm a banking transaction with all this 2 fold authentication in place. All plusnet said was take your sim out and try and manually pick another network neither of which worked and we both had different phones.


I don’t think you ll get both tbh as Pumavush has take two images from two different sites


Weird, that's a question for live support I guess?

No long term contract, rolling monthly paid SIM. 5GB data & unlimited calls. £10.50 month @ Plusnet
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Good sim only deal for those who dont want to stuck in a long term contract. Simply pay £10.50 in advance for 1 months usage. Cancel anytime Receive 5GB data & unlimited call… Read more
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I must've been lucky the ones I've dealt with have been OK and in Britain rather than a load of jinglies in the sub continent


It's not a busy line issue .... it's a 'couldn't care less' attitude!


Phone between 21:00 and 22:00 when they're not busy


Got 8gb for the same money from Plusnet a few months ago.. Their recent offers have been far from good compared to what they usually offer.


Yes it was monthly rolling contract.

Plusnet - 7GB of Data for £13 (12 Month Contract) - £156
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
You don't need to be a Plusnet broadband customer to get this deal. It also includes a £50 Plusnet Reward Card and Unlimited Mins & Texts.
Avatardeleted1629571Get dealGet deal

I get 8gb for a tenner on a month contract from Plusnet.


Owned by BT. What else can you expect.


Why is the deal excited? Don't forget the £50 PLUSNET REWARD CARD.


Crap crap company


Oh dear Plusnet, what are you doing? You used to offer these sort of allowances for about a third less than this - and on a 30 day contract.

4GB, unltd mins & texts 12month: '£6.67/mth equivalent ' - £10 pm with £40 cashback
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
MSE exclusive "We've blagged this Plusnet* Sim only deal with a decent allowance - plus it comes with a £40 cheque, automatically sent to you within 30 days. You'll pay £120 ove… Read more

Did anyone's £40 quidco track? I tried this with another deal but it only tracked at the lower £12 amount.


OK thanks, will check my emails but sure I seen on MSE its sent without doing anything but may be wrong!



Took this out before it expired on the 5th, recieved SIM today but no mention of the £40 cheque, how do you get it?? Thanks.


Looks like the Quidco option has been removed?

Plusnet Sim deal. 7GB data & unlimited calls £13pm 12 m  (£156) + £50 MasterCard reward brings effective cost to £8.83 a month
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Plusnet Sim deal ( EE coverage) 7GB data & unlimited calls/texts. Cost is £13 a month. You will receive a £50 MasterCard within 30 days. You can use this in most high street s… Read more
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If you switch to this from a plusnet 30 day tariff do you still get the reward card?


I joined last week. Had a txt and email yesterday that my direct debit had been cancelled and my account was restricted. Feared the worst with some of the bad customer service comments they get on here but I got straight through without waiting on hold and they've set it up again. My data stopped working, presumably due to the restriction, but is back on today.


Thanks.... At last resonable prices for some data!


I joined plusnet recently and found that my text messages were not being sent, rang customer support and they said it will be fixed in 5 days, still same issue after 5 days so rang again and they are sending a new sim, Could be an issue with old sim they said but they are not really sure. Any one else experienced this?


Thankyou. (y)

SIM only -- Unlimited mins, Unlimited  texts, 1.5GB data - £6pm x 12 months = £72 @ Plusnet
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Plusnet-- Unlimited mins, 1.5GB data... can try to get it for a FIVER by calling call center

I did too when i tried to cancel, brilliant now iv got 3gb data, unlimited mins n text for £6 a month,


Ruthless business woman!


It's for me. I only ever used 1gb or less. So im thinking I don't really need more data. I know it's only a £1 more a month but i'l think about it


If you ask today, it'll still take a month to move to a new tariff. Ask next month, it'll take 2 months...unless it's for the Birthday Boy, then you probably don't want him to have extra data ;)


I got the sim today. I might ask them next month but for now I'm ok :)

Plusnet - 3GB Unlimited Minutes/Texts - £6 per month on 30 day contract @ Plusnet (via call)
Refreshed 9th FebRefreshed 9th Feb
Called Plusnet after seeing Smarty deal here to get PAC code. Guy offered me this deal straight away. So took the deal. Might help others . Also available following deal Thanks to … Read more
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Was tried to request this offer from online chat. But they asked me to make phone call to there hotline. Thanks for your sharing, just upgraded from a £5 (1.5gb) to this offer!


Yes,I asked them about leaving and they offered me this deal.


Did you call them up?


Sounds good.


Got offered £8 PM 30 day rolling contract 5gb - unlimited calls and unlimited texts.