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Supplying over 750,000 customers across the UK, Plusnet is one of the country’s leading retailers of mobile phones, broadband services, landlines and digital TV connections. Anyone who wants to get online for less can do so by checking out the huge range of Plusnet discounts on offer at HotUKDeals. Read more

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4GB 4G Data - 1500 Minutes - Unlimited Text - 30 Days Sim £9 @ Plusnet Mobile
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
4GB 4G Data 1500 Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £9 Month EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP No tethering charges R… Read more

Arent those deals on a 12month contract?? This plusnet is on a 30 day rolling contract


Virgin mobile £9 for 5 GB data 2500 mins


I was on 8gb of data and unlimited mins and text for £7.50 a month .


What was your plan before you were offered that deal? I hardly used to use my phone so had a very basic 1gb plan, the never offered me anything even close to that when i told them i was looking at other providers deals etc.


This is not a great deal , I get now 12gb of data unlimited mins , unlimited texts for £9 a month . phone them and see what they can do .

Plusnet 30 days new customer 6GB £10 (via phone call)
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
I was on uswitch and the offer on there for plusnet was 6GB unlimited mins and txts for £11 but the link to plusnet isn’t active anymore or working , So I called plusnet directly a… Read more

Had this for my sister for £7.50 I took her down to £6 Month for unlimited calls / texts and 1.5gb data because she's not using data at all.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre broadband, up to 38Mb, 12 month contract @ £24.99 = £299.98 total cost (with £90 quidco + £50 Plusnet cheque. Effectively £13.32/month)
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Quidco cashback has been upped again (from £40 to £70 and then to £90). Ordered mine, Quidco tracked within 6 hours (mine was £70 at the time of ordering) and hopefully it won't be… Read more

Exactly what I'm about to do. How has this not been voted hotter...?! £16.65 a month (to be exact!) is by far the cheapest unlimited fibre broadband I can find from a fairly reputable company that has good reviews on TCB and is only a 12 month contract whereas others like Vodafone are 18 months. I've spent the last half an hour on comparison sites and TCB trying to better it but this is definitely the cheapest overall (y)


How to get £50 Plusnet cheque


They normally wriggle out of the quidco saying they only give one voucher per transaction. I got my £50 but they refused the cash back after a long drawn out process.


I'd raise a claim with Quidco. Get a screenshot of the offer too


It is ok ,£70 still better than nothing :)

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(Retentions) 15gb / ultd txt & calls on 30 day contact £15 Plusnet
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Spoke to retentions yesterday and they gave me 15 gb, unlimited text and calls on a 30 day contact. Might be worth a call for someone else....
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Thanks for the info They wouldn't offer me the same deal but offered me 20gb for £20 with unlimited calls and texts :D


I called plusnet and quoted the 12gb deal found here: They said they could match that or give me 15gb for £15 per month plus unlimited txts and calls. I think the advisor was called Jake, he had to get the ok from his manager but the whole process took less than 5 mins.. Hope that helps and good luck!


How did you get it? Called retention they offered me this for £20

500MB 4G Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim £6 @ Plusnet Mobile
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
500MB 4G Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £6 Month This deal is for those who use minutes, text and use low data EE network UK based customer… Read more

Glad to hear it still works (y)


Thank you very much xx123 I have done exactly what you said and manage to order 2 sims on unlimited calls and text with 1gb data for £5 month on 12 month contract (y)


I have a 3g phone and only use it for texts and calls; is this not a very good deal for me?


Far as I know it's online only


Anyone know if its possible to pick up a plusnet Sim card from a shop as opposed to getting it delivered

Plusnet unlimited Fibre 12 month contract £24.99/month £80 Quidco. Effective £15.82pm advanced rental or £18.32pm
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
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That's nice. I hadn't heard of that tech. Hope it's soon and I can benefit.


Gfast is rolling out over next 2 years on open reach network. Will offer speeds up to 320mb at first then maybe more if the demand is there. Should be more competition then for those that want or need that speed.


Dunno tbh - just saying that's what I do, for a ton of transactions, and almost never have problems. Meanwhile some people have a ton of issues.


Quidco is £115 cashback. Pay line rental up front get £19.95 off. Mine shows £31.99 and not £34.99 that Quidco shows as well!


Thanks for posting! Would you mind "showing your working" on the BT fibre deal? For Unlimited Infinity 1 I see: £34.99/mo 18 months £9.99 initial fee £115 Mastercard cashback £65 TCB cashback (34.99 * 18 + 9.99 - 115 - 65)/18 works out at an average of £25.55/mo. Thanks!

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6GB 4G Data - 3000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts - 30 Days Sim @ Plusnet Mobile (Broadband Choices) - £13pm
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
6GB 4G Data 3000 Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £13 Month 30 day contract EE network UK customer service SMART Cap (Minimum £2) One size fits… Read more

Plusnet have got quite expensive over the last few months..


I have 6gb, unl calls and texts on 30d contract with them for £7.50 inc vat. I transferred over then called them the next day and told them vodafone had offered me a retention deal if I didn’t move. They offered this I did not even haggle. If you are transferring from another company then we’ll worth a call


Previous deal.


Yeah, once you're with PlusNet, just keep an eye on the deals and when a good one comes up ring customer services to switch on your monthly renewal date. They have absolutely no hesitations in doing this. It's worth setting a data counter on your phone to see how much you're actually using because you may need less than you think.


2000 min 3.5gb data not sure how many txt. All for £8.00 in February.

Renew your Plusnet Fibre Broadband contract for 18 months £22.99pm - £413.82 including line rental
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
This was sent to my Dad by email but doesn't appear to be account specific, infact I was able to renew to this cheaper deal, one month after renewing over the phone. Seems like a … Read more

Tried on the phone number and initially the best was £27.98 for 38mb fibre even though i mentioned i was thinking of going to Vodaphone. When i said OK i will leave and go to Vodaphone , they then said they can match Vodaphone's price ( they get it shown as £23 a month ). So you have to be persistant , and webchat is no good , you have to phone.


Try again and phone the number contained in the price increase email, or phone Customer Options team (0800 013 2632 according to google). Don't use webchat because I think that puts you through to Customer Services. fwiw, a friend told me they renewed for £4.01 for 38Mb two days ago over the phone and mentioning Vodafone are cheaper. Works out at average £20.50 pm if you prepay Line Rental Saver (£16.49 pm)


Anyone got anything from them recently . I received the price increase email last week. I tried on online chat but the best they would offer was £26.98 per month for 38Mb fibre - they would not match Vodaphone's price.


I'm on the Fibre Extra and was going to leave for Vodafone, but they matched it at £25 going up to £26 in June for an 18 month contract, so same price as the Vodafone deal without having to move so for me worth doing. Annoying that they increased the price at all after only being with them for a few months, but at least it's slightly cheaper than I was getting it.


Thanks op! Just got the deal for £21 but just for information if you pay the line rental saver upfront you only pay £21-£18.99 = £2.01 per month for the first 12 months while on the line rental saver so worth doing!!

5GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts - 30 Days Sim - £10 Month @ Plusnet Mobile (uSwitch)
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
5GB 4G Data 5000 Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £10 Month EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP No tethering charg… Read more

I’m on the £15 tarriff but get 25% off


Customer service are sound. You can change your plan and they’re like okay


Anybody know whether you can set up a premium rate text message bar with plusnet (incoming and outgoing)?


Got the Plusnet 2gb 500min Utd text for £6 But need more data so going to call Plusnet and ask for discounted increase. Minor issue with Plusnet Sum only is you can't send text to competitions such as Good Morning 65432 etc


At home you can tether all your data, can't see anything about tethering abroad, anyone know if you can?

Plusnet £5 Retention Deal (iD Mobile match - 250 minutes, 5000 texts and 2.25GB)
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
I called Plusnet yesterday to leave as I am a low user and I was interested in moving to iD Mobile’s £5deal (250 minutes, 5000 texts and 2.25GB). Plusnet matched this deal for me s… Read more
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And support WiFi Calling and you can tether - like Virgin they don’t ‘allow it’ but it works so ID offers more (if Three signal covers your usual bases/places).


Thanks OP! Was waiting on a PlusNet deal :)


2.25gb goes a long way on Android, I rarely use mine up or even close. If you want to tether a tablet from time to time, or probably a Chromebook this could be useful. If Windows 10, run a long way in the other direction.


iD allow rollover as plusnet don't! Horses for courses i suppose


The same reason you would want to tether if you had unlimited data - because you need data on another device sometimes.

Plusnet ADSL broadband + line £18.99 pm for 12m (£10.24 pm after cashback etc)
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Note: Unexpired - deal ends 15/May. Plusnet ADSL broadband and line rental - works out at 10.24 a month if you pay your line rental upfront and claim (& receive) the 75 pounds… Read more
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All the folk saying go faster, well that would be difficult - despite living in a large city, no BT fibre available. When BT upped price, I ditched & went mobile BB only - much faster & money saved.


I am Confucius. This is about the same price I got PlusNet ADSL for and it was a bit cheaper than my current//previous. provider. At near £10 a period at it's cheapest with cashback it's a billy bargain. My speeds are more than twice my last ADSL "20mbps" provider .Reliability has been excellent. I've hardly ever had a problem with PlusNet ADSL and I've had them for at least 6? years over the last 20 and they have been exceptional. They date from the 90s I used to use them for dialup. This is an amazing bargain and if you don't have broadband you should sign up for the year and further I don't need fibre speeds so I don't pay for them. Please trust me on this one if anything, it's a DEAL. It's a good deal edit: I mine NIMIQ and sometimes ETH and this is plenty fast enough brethren


Fair price for an average product ... If all you do is basic surfing and dont stream loads of.movies thos should be fine..customer service rating is excellent and openreach seem to perform well for issues with bt group companies.... Probably want to go for something a bit quicker if your pc mining bit coins while your at


"or use your own (SKY dont allow this)." You can use your own router with sky adsl, I don't think it is even against their T&C anymore, this username works on sky ADSL, , password: password - anything will probably do. You would need to plug in the sky router if you need support. You can also use your own router on Sky fibre, just configure it for DHCP option 61, although I think it may be a breach of their T&Cs. I'm currently paying £20 for now fibre, which is sky broadband, and using my own router.


The snowflake is in a perfect position in the picture of the man with his umbrella.

3GB 4G Data - 1500 Minutes - 500 Text - 30 Days Sim £9 @ Plusnet Mobile
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
3GB 4G Data 1500 Minutes 500 Text 30 Days Sim £9 Month Proud to use the EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP No tethering char… Read more

I get 3.5GB + unlimted minutes/texts for £8 per month, so this isn't great.


This 1 has unlimited text:

3GB 4G Data - 1500 Minutes - Unlimited Text - 30 Days Sim @ Plusnet Mobile
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
3GB 4G Data 1500 Minutes Unlimited Text 30 Days Sim £9 Month Proud to use the EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART C… Read more

I Understand what you are saying minus the holding out bit...This is a 30 day rolling contract being discussed here after all.


So here’s what I did. Signed up at whatever they deal was.. Called them a day later and said I’d had vodafone offer me more data etc. They offered me 6gb, unlimited texts and calls all for £7.00 on a 30 d contract. Really no effort and no risk


so you've posted 3.5GB for £8 less than 5 days ago and now 3GB for £9?


Hmmm, why pay an extra £1 to get 500MB less of data? You uswitch deal is better.


PlusNet have offered 3.5GB plus unlimited minutes and texts for £5 plenty of times over the past year.

3.5GB 4G Data - 3000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts - 1 Month Sim Contract £8 @ Plusnet Mobile(uSwitch)
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
3.5GB 4G Data 3000 Minutes Unlimited Texts 1 Month Sim Contract £8 Month Proud to use the EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP No tethe… Read more

Older systems can only make accounts separate. That's just petty of you "2 credit checks" almost everyone have to do multiple credit checks for multiple contracts.


Of course you can. It is a protected Human Right.


Deal is still active and thanks for this great find.


Yea they said it would change the nxt billing month :)


Have had 3 sims with Plusnet from when they were Life Mobile never had a problem with them and great customer service. I was thinking of moving to the Virgin 100GB deal but seems to be a lot of comments on rubbish CS and problems with 4g on the new purple sims they have rolled out. Heat given.

Plusnet Mobile: 3000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 6GB 4G (30 day rolling contract) £13PM @ Plusnet
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
New offer today from the folks at Plusnet! 3000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 6GB 4G (30 day rolling contract so no tie down) all for £13 per month. Also includes‌ Roam Like at H… Read more
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Too expensive


never ever had issue wi them at all myself,had all kind of problems with all other networks. giffgaff won best mobile phone thing past 4 years for a reason.


Better than what? An arrow in the neck?


Depends where you live and travel


Three have a similar offering but with 8Gb of data but still on a 30 day rolling contract -

Plusnet 6Gb 4G Data - Unlimited mins/txts - 30 days SIM - £11pm
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
I signed up to the 3.5Gb for £8pm Uswitch offer at the start of this month. I called CS today to ask for more data and was offered this deal. 6Gb 4G data Unlimited minutes Unlimit… Read more

I phoned plusnet last week to cancel as I told them I was switching to the virgin 6gb for £10 deal. They offered to match that price and give me the first month free. I still decided to switch to virgin as their deal includes data rollover and is £17 cashback with


I have 2 of those for relatives and paying £7.50


Bugger, I only haggled 5GB for £8, cheeky 50p.


You should re-negotiate, I get the same mins, texts but 5gb for £7.50pm, was also a retention phone call with Plusnet


Great find OP

Plusnet Mobile: 500 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 1.5GB 4G (30 day rolling contract) £6PM @ Plusnet (Live tomorrow)
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Just got the heads up on a fresh offer from Plusnet going live tomorrow :) 500 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, and 1.5GB of 4G Data for £6 per month on a 30 day rolling contract, meani… Read more
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Don't know much about this company. Presumably they lease the signal from a bigger provider and massively oversell thereby delivering a terrible service.


I would avoid Plusnet at all costs, messed my port up and now can't generate my code to leave.


Nope it should be available for existing customers too :D


Is this existing customers only?


Poor deal.. They had a deal of 2000 Minutes, 2000 Texts and 2GB for £5 per month recently

Plusnet retentions deal.. Unlimited calls and text + 3.5GB data £6
LocalLocalFound 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Call plusnet on 500 and choose the "thinking about leaving" option on the menu you will get through to retentions. Tell them you want your PAC code as your not happy they will then… Read more
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What does that come with ?


I’m also on the £1 deal but I get 4gb with mine and 3000 mins unlimited texts, also got a couple of £6 deals, always a bit nervous when I call them up in case they mess with it


I downgraded from the 3.5gb unlimited for £8 to 1.5gb 300 mins 5000 texts for £5 yesterday


Just 1GB data but who cares. That was LifeMobile misprice which they honoured.


I called with a similar deal a while back- they offered me an additional discount... Didn't press me on where I was going (though I think I mentioned at the time someone - might have been ID mobile - who was doing a marginally cheaper offer then).

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband upto 17Mbps £18.99 per month including line rental for 12 months with £0 act fee and £50 cashback £177.88 (£14.82pm after cashback)
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Thought this was a great offer for anyone who doesn't need the speeds of fibre, but still want an unlimited plan and line rental inclusive. Offer runs until 27th March. Unl… Read more
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Plusnet doesn’t


The Sky deal seemed better which I took last month and now my ethernet connection doesn't work with the sky hub. Kind of wish I'd stuck with plusnet :'(


I got Quidco cash back with BT deal


I'd say you've been lucky tbh, which is fair enough. Some of the horrors I went through was them trying to charge me in advanced for a months package that proceeded the contract expiry date (as part of the cancellation 'agreement') and charging £80 for the standard (not a record box) YouView box until I returned which point they'd refund me the £100+ of "upfront" charges with around "6 weeks". This was at the end of November (couple of years ago), so knocking on the doorstep of Christmas. Considering it took me 4 years to get back £30 they owed me on the previous contract, I wasn't too impressed. I called up and spoke to a manager in Bangalore who removed the charges, only to get a bill in January (2 months after cancellation) with the charges back on - still trying to bill me for a box I'd sent back and a month's usage when I wasn't even their customer. I've not heard any of these horror stories with PlusNet, but when I was a happy TalkTalk-er and recommended them to others, I felt embarrased by the hassle they had with purely getting switched over to them.


I can only go on my own experience with them, and had no issues leaving in order to get cashback deals with someone else. I’ve never been impressed with the phone customer service of any of the providers & TalkTalk probably are one of the worst offenders but they do have knowledgeable staff on their forum so would have no issue going back to them.