PLUSBUS tickets for £1 during June

PLUSBUS tickets for £1 during June

Found 1st Jun 2010
Ok this deal wont appeal to everybody but those that already use train tickets with plusbus can make a small saving this month, you can get your plusbus tickets for £1.00 a day for the next month

Mine usually costs £3 a day so this will save me £48, not huge but not to be sniffed at.

The £1 tickets can only be purchased online when buying your train tickets, if you buy in a station they will cost the same as usual.

PDF below giving details…pdf


I just made a train ticket purchase and noticed this, was wondering what that was about, but I already have a bus ticket for my local area so no need and destination London does not support it.

Thanks for the heads up, was gonna book some train tickets for June and the £1 offer for bus travel too is a great bonus :thumbsup:
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