Plusnet broadband & line rental £162/year then £75 cash back (=£87/year)
Plusnet broadband & line rental £162/year then £75 cash back (=£87/year)

Plusnet broadband & line rental £162/year then £75 cash back (=£87/year)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£162
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Will expire by end of Monday!

I had talktalk for one year but costing me £24/month with line rental so shopped around to renew.

So, £162-£75- potential £10 quidco = £77/year = £6.42 per month. No weekend calls though but I normally use my mobile for all calls now.

Talktalk did pricematch this one BUT only for 12 months, forcing a 18m contract with the last 6m on £25.20 per month. They did include essential TV package with that Youview box. However my TV is pretty smart and the essential package is not great.

Ends end of Monday 1st Dec


Plusnet assured me that 0.3mb/s was absolutely fine. Unconvinced, so T-mobile 3g has replaced Plusnet at 10 times the speed and a third of the price.

Bit of a shame - three years ago Plusnet were great but gradually service and support deteriorated as prices rose.

COLD Installation charge £49.99.

it was on here recently when quidco was giving £100



COLD Installation charge £49.99.

only if you need a new line.

Dreadful compny

Dreadful compny

Moved over from EE 6 months ago to Plus net Fibre. Very happy.

be prepared to buy a new router, the one supplied for my 11mb connection has a very small wireless footprint.

To anyone who has moved their land line, did you manage to keep the same phone number?

I am lucky they say I might get a super fast download speed of 2mb.


To anyone who has moved their land line, did you manage to keep the same … To anyone who has moved their land line, did you manage to keep the same phone number?


Ehhh where does the £162 come from? Is it not 12x15.95?

Also Plusnet works with bt hub.

Just moved to Plusnet fibre after years with a trouble free TalkTalk, not a good start, they arranged engineer last week on the 26th, he came on the 27th! It takes 15 mins for them to answer the phone whereas both times I rang TalkTalk the week before they answered the call immediately after the automated stuff. They have offered me an extra free month as compo for the wrong date. Still I'm getting the full 40mb that they claimed, just hope no more cock ups, still no word on the cashback.

Doesn't matter what company you go through, if you order broadband on a BT line, BT openreach fulfil the order, including faults. The only difference is how good the customer services are. Been with plusnet for 7 years and in my opinion they are the best I've had in terms of price and service. You so need to threaten to leave after your contract to get the beat deals though.

My phone and broadband had reach nearly £70 a month and that is with only 10GB limit. The same with Plusnet and unlimited broadband should be costing me £30 per month so am going to give them a try. BT do nothing to look after long term customers.

I'm coming to the end of my 18 month fibre contract with Plusnet and they have just emailed offering a £3.50 monthly discount if I renew for another 18 months. That will make it £16.50/month.
They've been great for the whole term. Haven't had any downtime at all and speeds have been excellent at a steady 63Mb so I'll be taking them up on the offer.

14 years with AOL now Talk(crap)Talk(crap) kept offering me fibre at a ridiculous package price and pay me a credit when i said for them to better it. Credit was when the price jacked up after first 12 months, originally approx £90.

I suffer with illness and brain fog at times so just as a courtesy measure asked them to call me back when wife was around the next day in the morning. Lady could not be anymore helpful. Call never came, chased them, they told me; " nobody gets these deals at that price." They listened to the recording and had to eat their pie, well sort of. They told me was a massive mistake and they would honour it. Only problem then was i cannot get fibre here they told me unless new line and number change. Obviously not happy.

When i phone Aol they answer as TalkTalk, i told them they cannot be or i would be eligible for a discount mobile phone. They swiftly then say; " you are right Sir, welcome to Aol." It's ridiculous.

I am going to try Plusnet. I phoned BT up and the guy on the other end of phone good youth told me Plusnet is tailored to my needs, BT ownership, second to none service. No foreign call centres is a blessing also. He could have wind and wuffled me but told me don't bother with the TV set box's etc. He said it's just noth worth the hassle. As above, mint cheap as chips price and a constant flow of 32mb!! Goarnnnn!!!

Been used to 3.5 and struggling with all the kids devices. Will this feel like i have died and gone to heaven? Hope so. :-)
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