Plusnet (EE) 30 day - 2GB 2000m Utext

Plusnet (EE) 30 day - 2GB 2000m Utext

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Good deal for lower data users with double data & a shedload of mins more than anyone else offers with ‘lower’ priced plans.

Plusnet also have a higher Unlimiteds & 5GB plan for £10 someone posted up for higher data users.

Comparison: IDmobile (Three)

currently have 250m Utexts with 2.5GB for £6 someone else posted if more data or better signal needed (or both!) I have also put a link in that thread for ID Mobiles 1000m U texts & 2.5GB for £7…995


not clued up on PlusNet deals as we got the virgin one from about three weeks ago, its back so worth checking it out. The thread talks the £10 a month for 40GB but there is also a mention of the £4 5GB offer in there as well. Worth checking first before thinking about plusnet.…721

Guh, Plusnet mobile..

The solution to absolutely any problem with these guys is to send you a new sim card, which means you are without a phone for two days.
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