Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband £22.50/Month (includes line rental) + Possible £75 cashback
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband £22.50/Month (includes line rental) + Possible £75 cashback

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband £22.50/Month (includes line rental) + Possible £75 cashback

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Plusnet are (until 10th Jan) currently offering Unlimited Fibre Broadband for £25/Month on an 18 month contract (price includes line rental). However if you pay the line rental up-front for a year (Line Rental Saver), that reduces the equivalent monthly cost to £22.50/Month.

This alone is a good deal for unlimited fibre, but currently Topcashback is showing a whopping £75 of cashback for this particular package.

The Plusnet deal is available until 10/01, not sure how long the cashback will be at £75 for though, Topcashback were only offering £30-ish when I checked a few days ago.

The links to use:-
Plusnet: plus.net/dea…08/
Topcashback: topcashback.co.uk/plu…nd/

Things to remember with this deal:-
- This price doesn't include any inclusive landline calls, though you can add a bundle at any time.
- Things such as caller display are extra (99p per month I think).
- Cashback is not guaranteed.


Are Plusnet really that bad? I thought this was a good deal


Are Plusnet really that bad? I thought this was a good deal

Part of it will be the title and part the missing details.

Title makes it look like a crap deal for fibre only costing £22.50 per month and you add line cost. edit: better would be 'Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband including line rental £22.50/Month + Possible £75 cashback

No mention of the speed so when you check you find out it is 40down/2up fibre which is pretty rubbish...so you look at their 80mb pack and they tell you the speed you will be getting from them is a lot lower than what you get right now...

For me this is cold because of this: "Up to55 - 74Mb Estimated download speed", which means I will be losing somewhere between 6mb and 25mb if I switch to their up to 80mb package. BT's plusnet cant even match talk talk, and cant get my line speed estimate at the 75mb to 80mb talk talk stated.
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I wasn't happy with PNs traffic management that slowed the usage of certain apps down without being clear what the impact would be.
The cashback is guaranteed, the line rental has to be paid up front, it's an 18month contract (£4pm effective reduction for cashback)
Compare that to Virgin Broadband only offer for a 12month contract which seems a lot easier if you live in a cabled area.

Strange that people are voting cold without giving a cheaper option.
This looks the best of the current fibre deals.

Remember BT now charge £59.99 connection for broadband ( not for phone line ). Talk Talk charge £50 fibre connection. Both of these are also more expensive per month than plusnet.

Virgin's no phoneline deal WAS better ( deal ended on Dec 29th - even though its currently still showing on their website). But its a lot more hassle with potential line cessation costs from your current supplier, and then line reconnection costs if you want to move away from Virgin at the end of 12 months ( as the price then rockets to over £32 a month at the current pricing ).

cold because of poor service and long installation time, perhaps?

been with plusnet for 3 or 4 years and can only recommend them. faster speeds on plusnet fibre than Sky, talk talk and even BT direct. never below 75mb on their upto 80mb package. approximately 6hours of downtime since i been with them as well with customer service some of the best i have experienced. heat from me

Worst customer service i have ever experienced from any business. Long story short broadband and phone down for a month (yes really a whole month) caused by a cabinet fault. The price may be good but if the service is poor then its not worth it. uk.trustpilot.com/rev…net

Lets be clear, 90% of people will never have an issue, of the remaining 10%, 9% will have something simple go wrong and get it fixed reasonably quickly, the remaining 1% will have something not on the call centre monkeys list of problems; THIS is when PN support falls apart (assuming you ever manage to get through to them).

Other issues include (as mentioned above), extremely opaque traffic management and severe restrictions on some types of traffic, poor speeds at peak times due to contention issues (too many people, not enough bandwidth), artificial max speed limits (I have personal experience of this), poor case management, so when you have an issue that cannot be fixed quickly, you end up going through the whole issue again and again and again and again, every time you contact them (if you manage to get through).

Lets put this in simple terms.

Plusnet and Talk Talk are the Poundland and 99p Shop of the internet service providers.
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As an existing customer on their ultra slow ADSL rang to see what they can offer for move to fibre explaining reason was slow speed. The fool CS agent did not take any notice and offer d £10.99 fibre 38meg plus line rental so would be more expansive than this deal even if I paid upfront. Tried chat in case I had got someone new. But that's not working. Useless fools as willing to stick with them despite negative reviews about their speed etc. Oh well it is the Sh**ty brand of BT and they live upto it.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a 2mbps upload speed? They are one of the few providers to limit it so much and are not exactly upfront about it either. For many people an increased upload speed is one of the big advantages of fibre over adsl.

If like me you are in a market 1 exchange then you will be charged an extra £7 a month. Again many other providers do not charge extra for market 1 exchanges, I'm not sure it costs plus.net any extra any more either they must like the extra money...

Incidentally if you are buying internet on 18 month contracts and prepaid line rental saver on 12 month contracts you are surely going to lose out somewhere down the line? Its nasty to have them out of synch.

On the plus side you can still use services like 18185.

On the downside if your phone line is dead they will fix it. Anything more complicated, even if it greatly reduces your speed and they will fight tooth and nail to refuse sending anyone out to sort it out.

That said if you don't mind a slow upload speed and the price is right for you then go for it. They are crap but to be honest I think all the other providers are crap too so...

why is this deal being voted cold? I can't find many better deals for a fiber broadband around, there is now installation fee as well...hot from me...

why is this deal being voted cold? I can't find many better deals for a fiber broadband around, there is now installation fee as well...hot from me...

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why is this deal being voted cold? I can't find many better deals for a … why is this deal being voted cold? I can't find many better deals for a fiber broadband around, there is now installation fee as well...hot from me...

Yes granted some people seem to have issues with Plusnet, but for what it is this seems a very good price. Just before Christmas this same deal was costing £2/month more, plus there was an installation fee, plus the cashback from TCB was less.

Personally I've only ever had a positive experience of Plusnet customer service, but as with all such companies people will have very different experiences.

hotukdeals.com/dea…467. Anyone buying at the last minute should activate the offer in the deal listed.

OP can I just check the sums, happy to be corrected.
Firstly the contract is for an 18 month term, but the line rental is for 12 months, so at some point either you need to either:
a) take out a further 12 month line saver contract and then pay an additional 6 months increased BB cost; or
b) pay an increased line rental rental for 6 months to end in line with the 18 month BB contract.

The numbers are pretty academic, but they are below. I've not included cashback in the sums.

18 month contract

Broadband 18 months @ £7.01 = £126.18
Router = £6.99
Line rental saver 12 months @ £15.49 = £185.88
Line rental 6 months @ £17.99 = £107.94
Total cost of 18 month contract = £426.99
Monthly cost over 18 month contract £23.72

24 month contract
Broadband 18 months @ £7.01 = £126.18
Router £6.99
Line rental 24 months @ £15.49 = £371.76
Broadband 6 months @ £14.99 = £89.94
Total cost of 24 month contract = £594.87
Monthly cost over 24 month contract £24.79

It's a great deal. Even sticking on a couple of add-ons still beats the £36 for line rental and fibre that BT offered when I called them as an existing customer.

Monaco Blue

http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/enjoy-a-10-cashback-bonus-when-shop-for-broadband-online-plusnet-ee-home-talktalk-2596467#post29787722. Anyone buying at the last minute should activate the offer in the deal listed.

Even with the quidco £10 extra bonus you currently get more cashback at topcashback
£40 + £10 bonus at Quidco
£70 at Topcashback

Just gone for this deal myself . Seeing as Plusnet are not charging set up ( Now £59 at BT ; £50 at Talk Talk ; £59 at Sky ; £24 at Vodaphone ) as well as the lowest current price, i can't see this deal lasting long.

Quidco is £50 plus bonus (not quibbling, just need to dig a bit deeper, I initially saw £40) I thought the TCB rate had fallen, thanks for highlighting Simes. Quidco notes the following "Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discounts". I've opted in for the £10 bonus which is not necessarily on that page so wonder if they will pay and price match also...quidco.com/hig…ee/

I really do not like TCB. I've never received a penny whereas Quidco has paid over £1k.

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i can't see this deal lasting long.

I think this deal is due to expire at 23.59 today (10th Jan).

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Back up to £27.50 per month now


Back up to £27.50 per month now

Still not charging a set up fee though ( just the £6.99 router delivery charge )
I am surprised seeing that all the major players have gone down the set up charge route to claw back extra money ( £59 at Sky or BT , £50 at Talk Talk)

The £18.40 per month deal from Sky ( through money saving expert ) is now the best current offer - even factoring in no-cashback and the £59 set up fee.

Showing as £23 per month now...5 days 13 hrs left, tempted to go for this currently with BT.

quidco showing as £10 though surely that can't be right!

apparently its £60

I'm thinking about this but I've heard they cap the line at times. Is this correct?
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