pmg PassCode freeAppAlert free @ itunes
pmg PassCode freeAppAlert free @ itunes

pmg PassCode freeAppAlert free @ itunes

reviews on support website look good....

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Main list of menu in the program:
Favourites panel list of your most frequently used password and logon passwords
Passwords panel list of passwords and personal data, that you can sort by categories
New field panel you can sort your personal data. Here you can set up new categories, or edit existing ones.
Settings panel general and safety settings. Here you can chose language and theme or generate new passwords and mater password.

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I saw this yesterday but was dubious about putting all this information in one place (on a portable device that could be lost/stolen) as well as not knowing if the developer may have implemented a facility to transfer your private details across the airwaves without your knowledge (especially as there is a "feedback" facility built in to the software than sends data to the developer).

I may well be being overly-cautious, but obviously the kind of data you are storing should be treated with care.

Yes, I know the data is protected but all it takes is more monkeys & more typewriters (or time alone with your iPhone once it was been stolen) before this security can be broken.

Has anybody used this "app" before? Does anybody have first-hand experience with it that they would care to share? Thanks.


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