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Alvarez MF60OM OM Acoustic Guitar - Alvarez Masterworks Model / All Solid Woods / Bone Nut & Saddle - £449 Delivered Next Day @ PMT
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Alvarez MF60OM OM Acoustic Guitar - Alvarez Masterworks Model / All Solid Woods / Bone Nut & Saddle - £449 Delivered Next Day @ PMT£449
Ever since we saw the Faith models dropping a few models (All solid on all of their guitars) I've been trying to see what I can find within the ballpark of those that offer great s… Read more

Well having checked with them, it seems they're not expecting stock until November. And the 'WITH LR BAGGS ELECTRONICS' is a mistake on their website, it's acoustic only.


100%, if they get them in at that price it would be a cracker!


Fair enough, it would probably be worth checking with them though.


Yeah, saw those although I think it's been like that for some time now?


Well FWIW £369 here (WITH LR BAGGS ELECTRONICS): though currently: OUT OF STOCK DELIVERY INFORMATION Not currently in stock. We have ordered stock of this item. Order now & we will ship to you as soon as we receive stock. MORE STOCK ARRIVING SOON Estimated arrival date: UnknownPlease note this date is subject to change so maybe they'll get some in......

Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amp - £399 Delivered @ PMT
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amp - £399 Delivered @ PMT£399£62736% Free P&P Free
Crazy good price on such a powerful combo amp. It's not something you're going to be using for bedroom practice at 1500W, but if you're into playing solos that can be heard from th… Read more

£369 for the display model


I used to have one of these. Paid a lot more then this. It was a buggy mess. You use an app on your phone to change all the settings etc, and it never worked reliably. They’ve stopped supporting the app now and new versions of iOS and Android have basically rendered this a very large, heavy paperweight.


I was reading the summary on the main page and it stopped at "solos that can be heard from the..." and I was like "I hope it's saying 'the moon'", you delivered and I am a happy customer. (y)


Didn't know this existed, now I want one. Great.


Same manufacturer but a very different amp:

PreSonus StudioLive AR12c 12-Channel Digital Mixer £238 at PMT Online
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
PreSonus StudioLive AR12c 12-Channel Digital Mixer £238 at PMT Online£239£38939%
I understand this is not directly in stock, but should ship direct. its easily the best price online.
Get deal*Get deal*

I have had confirmation of shipment on this product well done PMT.


I hope so as I ordered a Yamaha keyboard from them some weeks ago as they claimed they had it in stock. It soon transpired that they didn't have any stock, but they have decided to hold onto my money anyway. They say that they hope to have more stock in a few weeks time. We'll see.




Shows as £438


Both will do the job fine, this one has more (can record on 12 channels if needed), H6 more portable, this is cheaper.

Taylor Roadshow Limited Edition GS Mini-e + Claim A Free Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar - £699 Delivered @ PMT (Promo Works on other models)
78° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Taylor Roadshow Limited Edition GS Mini-e + Claim A Free Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar - £699 Delivered @ PMT (Promo Works on other models)£699£1,02832%
Update 1
Expired as this model was added into the promo by mistake and isn't part of the offer.
Edit - Waiting for more info, but it looks as if it was a mistake. Sorry, folks :( Edit #2 Anyone that's on the lookout for a quality small acoustic guitar may want to tak… Read more

I tried out the 414ce-R V Class at Dawsons about a month ago when they had 10% off on it. Thought I'd hold off to try and get a better price. And then this comes along.... I also tried a number of others right through to the 914, and just loved the tone of the 414! They didn't have the standard 414ce ovangkol model in so I couldn't A/B that against the rosewood model, but I've always loved the sound of rosewood so I think that's the one for me! This will be my first Taylor. I think I'd sell off the BT to maximise on value - I already have a Martin LX1E, and who needs two travel guitars? ;) And yes, agreed, shame that the promotion doesn't extend to the GS Mini like in the states. If I could get one of those for $99, I'd keep it! Shame... maybe you should have ordered and then attempted to argue the toss (given that it says FREE Baby Taylor in big lettering right there on the page... :p )


Yup, I figured they had a more budget friendly model in there, wishful thinking I know. I've spoken to them via Facebook messenger and after some running around... confirmed it to be a no go. Maybe there's something else in there that might be of interest to some. Do'h Again, apologies all. I've had to put my debit card away now :(


Hey all, I'm going to expire this for now and have messaged customer service. I'll double check with them and update in here on the outcome. Cheers


"Please note, guitars will ship from the Taylor factory and wait times will vary." :)


Wow! I'd be tempted with that kind of offer too! Lucky so and so's! :p

Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier £399 @ PMT Online
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier £399 @ PMT Online£399£76948%
Seems to be selling at £769+ at all other retailers. Features 1500 Watts 6-speaker system accurately replicates tones at any volume Access a world-class collection of HD and… Read more

Yep, still going even now!


Still showing as £399 not sure why the deal has expired. Purchased to use as bedroom amp - upgrade from a Roland Cube XL 20w (the irony ) Was a challange to get it upstairs and find a space in a very small bedroom. Don't worry about it being 1500w it can be as quiet as you like. There are tons of options to tweak your sound on the app you can check out a review on youtube. At £399 I would say if you were considering upgrading your first ever £100 chinese Strat guitar to keep it and instead upgrade your amp to this. Will bring you much closer to replicating a "real" sound of pro musicians.


Here is what I think ! Amazed at the quality of finish Turned it on and straight away I was disappointed. This think was on a firmware v1.0 and it was bad. Updated firmware to the latest and waow blown away by the difference. Kept my line 6 spider IV 150 for few weeks just incase I did t get along with this one but yesterday sold the spider as I knew I wasn't going back to it. Firehawk asio drivers are amazing. Usb interface works with no clips and pops and latency is minimal and far better than my behringer interface. I love the app interface and Bluetooth functions. I am glad I have got the fbv3 as without it I think it won't be easy to use. Probably one of the best modellers out there with very clever PA design and sound quality. If you are looking for a replacement at this price this really is a bargain.


Whoop whoop :) Here is the 1500W bluetooth speaker for £399 :)


couldnt resist and decided to match it with FBV 3 footswitch from Andertons for £180

Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Deluxe PRO Electric Guitar in Honey Burst £239 Delivered Next Day @ PMT
785° Expired
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Deluxe PRO Electric Guitar in Honey Burst £239 Delivered Next Day @ PMT£239£2494%
Note - Next Working Day delivery is when ordered BEFORE 3pm A very nice offer on the LE G-400 Pro :o The next best price is with GuitarGuitar, which was the place I almost poste… Read more

they still say you can order it, yet when I emailed they said they won't be getting anymore in stock


Thomann >> PMT. in my practical experience of ordering from both


That's a bit odd....PMT are a well known nationwide chain of music shops...I bought from them a few store granted. Something has obviously gone a bit wrong somewhere. ......I wouldn't be emailing ...after 2 days I'd be on the phone. I'm sure if you ring you can get it sorted


I bought this guitar 7 days ago and it was never delivered (even though I chose Next day delivery) and they do not reply to my emails. I do not recommend this shop!


Tempting but am looking for acoustic guitars (y)

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Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Black (Pair) £280.80 at pmtonline
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Black (Pair) £280.80 at pmtonline£280.80£31210%
Use code BLACKFRIDAY2019 for 10% off - making this the cheapest I've ever seen a pair of HS7's. Of course, sound is subjective, but in my opinion, these are the best near field mo… Read more

This seem to be a great deal. I own the bigger brother, the HS8. If you could go for the larger ones for a small increase in price, do it and you wont regret it. They will give you a bit more in the low end. However note that they also need a decent room in order to play good.


Awesome speakers - can't go wrong at this price


Good deal!


Great company, I just bought a Kemper with the same code.


Decent deal, detailed monitors. Nice to see a music tech deal here.

Yamaha MODX8 88-key synthesizer £989 at pmt online
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Yamaha MODX8 88-key synthesizer £989 at pmt online£989.10
Good price for this powerful synthesizer with an 88-key graded keyboard. Two synth engines, 192-note polyphony, colour touchscreen, 5,120 library performances, 6,347 waveforms in i… Read more

Astounding synthesiser - amazing realism on acoustic/electric sounds and jaw-dropping synthesis on FM etc. Very tempted...

Yamaha Revstar RS720B Electric Guitar (Ash Grey) £608 @ PMTOnline
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Posted 17th Aug 2019Posted 17th Aug 2019
Yamaha Revstar RS720B Electric Guitar (Ash Grey) £608 @ PMTOnline£608£74919%
The Yamaha Revstar RS720B is a Bigsby-equipped, locking tuner-ed beast! The Revstar RS720B is part of the Revstar lineup, Yamaha's first brand new electric guitar design in 20 year… Read more

Not enough strings for you ;)


I've got an 820CR and it's a nice instrument. Kind of Gibson-like in it's feel (flat/fat neck like an SG but not a plank). The dry switch just thins the sound out a bit using a low pass filter rather than splits the coils. Very well made. I'd definitely have another - Yamaha have released a load more this year. I've attached a review of them from a recent magazine.


Is this company run entirely by hormonal women? ;)



He went home to get it

Blackstar 10th Anniversary Series One Combo Guitar Amp £299 at pmtonline
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Posted 12th Aug 2019Posted 12th Aug 2019
Blackstar 10th Anniversary Series One Combo Guitar Amp £299 at pmtonline£299£39925%
Series One 10 AE driven by the mighty KT-88 and an ECC83 in the preamp stage. Inspired by the now legendary S1-200 this product benefits from the extra headroom of the KT-88, resul… Read more

Hardly a fair comparison, this is less than half the price of a used one. :{


Good for you. This amp isn't for me either. But it's a good deal for someone who's looking for one


Much prefer my Marshall 50th Anniversary JTM1. 8)

Yamaha FG820 autumn burst - £239 @ PMT Online (free next day delivery)
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Posted 16th May 2019Posted 16th May 2019
Yamaha FG820 autumn burst - £239 @ PMT Online (free next day delivery)£239£264.7510%
Superb acoustic guitar, from reviews. Seems a bargain for this model and colour.
Get deal*Get deal*

Looks like a Hummingbird - is this Yamaha's Hummingbird copy?

Goose74 I think that's a better deal


Zagram jej ballade na gitarze


Personally wouldn't pay £200+ for a Yamaha but great to see guitars posted. Heat

Roland V Drum PD-128S Snare Drum £299 at PMT Online
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Posted 5th Feb 2018Posted 5th Feb 2018
Roland V Drum PD-128S Snare Drum £299 at PMT Online£299£34914%
Probably not of interest for too many on here. Closest price I can find elsewhere is £349 new. I rang the Manchester store about this but they said they were no longer available. … Read more
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Blackstar HT Metal 1 Amplifier Head £129 @ PMT online
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
Blackstar HT Metal 1 Amplifier Head £129 @ PMT online£129£21941%
Hello people, for any metal guitarists out there, this is a 1 watt tube amplifier for nearly half the usual price. Great for bedroom practice whilst keeping some of the tube amplif… Read more

Optical transistors


That's got to be the bargainest thing I've seen today. I've got the HT-1R combo, I should really use it more often.


I have the non metal version of this, and it's the best amp I've owned - can be used with headphones if you don't have a speaker.


Nice, I've been looking for something like this for a while - might take the plunge at that price!


I’ll have a bit of that!

Faith FNDMG Nomad Mini Neptune Electro Acoustic Guitar £269 -  pmtonline
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Posted 27th Nov 2017Posted 27th Nov 2017
Faith FNDMG Nomad Mini Neptune Electro Acoustic Guitar £269 - pmtonline£269
Cracking deal on this - closest price found online was £399 - I bought this myself from PMT in-store Yesterday. The guy in the shop seemed bemused by the price drop and said it wo… Read more

Picked this up when the deal was on thanks to OP.


Now showing at £419 ;( ;(


In my experience faith acoustics are always among the best in whatever price range you're shopping in. Excellent guitars and good price.


Nice! I managed to get the naked venus 2nd hand last year for a decent price, otherwise would have jumped on this

Washburn Parallaxe Electric Guitars discounted @ PMT
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Posted 20th Oct 2017Posted 20th Oct 2017
Washburn Parallaxe Electric Guitars discounted @ PMT£296£39024%
The entire range of Parallaxe guitars by Washburn is heavily discounted on PMT at the moment. The one on the title is the cheapest one on offer, but I would recommend going for the… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Great guitars, Washburns. Superb find op!


Yeah, LTD is what I was thinking, 2 kids have dulled the mind a little and I don't get to exercise my fingers as much as I used to. Won't dislodge my Ibanez JS from top of my collection, but certainly worth a closer look, I can attest to the quality if it's anything like older Washburns.


It has very similar features to the higher end LTD (not ESP Japan, those are way more expensive).


Made in Indonesia, not Korea, which in theory could be worse, but I guess the only parts that could theoretically suffer are the body and neck, as the rest is very high quality 3rd party hardware. To be honest, nowadays Korean factories make some very stellar guitars that are well above 1k, for example the "Woody" Ibanez JEM. Korea is very much going to be the new Japan; back in the day, Japanese guitars were the "cheap" models, similar to Korean ones now. However, their prices have been going up, and soon we will be seeing instruments from Korea being highly sought after while companies move their cheaper lines in less developed countries with perhaps more dubious quality control.


I've been out of the game for a few years (used to work in a music shop in my youth) but this has more than a look of ESP about it for me. Shall check the range and prices out tho, thanks

40% off Blackstar guitar amps, HT Club 40 for £349 @ pmtonline
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Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017
40% off Blackstar guitar amps, HT Club 40 for £349 @ pmtonline£349
Some great deals here on a wide range of quality Blackstar guitar amps. I have gone for the highly rated Blackstar HT Club 40 Guitar Amp at £349.00 (typically retails for about £… Read more

Same here -


Treat yourself anyway as will inspire you to play more and practice is all that’s needed


Heat - amazing deal - unfortunately still too much for my limited ability :-(


Good price for a great amp. Should point out that Blackstar are due to release the newer version of this soon, along with the HT60 combo and a couple of heads.


Thanks, great to hear, first 'proper' amp for me. Hoping it will work well for gigging and home practice (not sure if neighbours will agree!)

PMT upto 60% off Hartke Bass gear @ pmtonline
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Posted 18th May 2017Posted 18th May 2017
PMT upto 60% off Hartke Bass gear @ pmtonline
Some really good prices on bass gear, not sure if this has already been posted.

to be honest ive never owned one but after listening to my wife complaining about pmt for years i think i will avoid

Line 6 Amplifi TT £84 /£88.99 delivered @ PMT online
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Posted 14th Dec 2016Posted 14th Dec 2016
Line 6 Amplifi TT £84 /£88.99 delivered @ PMT online£84
Line 6 have reduced their Amplifi TT at PMT and a few others.

Yeah, the free shipping places hadn't updated their prices when I posted this, they were still around £170. It's a Line 6 promotion, so should be the same price everywhere, but I couldn't submit Line 6 as the seller.


£84 in a lot of places now, with FREE shipping.




I've got the Amplifi 75, which is basically the precursor to this, it's a full amp compared to this being a "head". It's great fun to play with, the app is a lot more stable than it was originally, so some reviews that criticised it are a bit out of date now. Haven't ever tried recording admittedly.


I've still got my old Line6 Toneport DI-G, can't remember how long ago I bought it but I remember it costing me a bomb as it is the Gold edition one, been trying to get back into using it the past couple of days and trying out new amp mod plugins etc... So this popping up now it just a bit exciting, yet to see or hear any demos of it yet so holding of jumping on it just yet lol.

Korg Volca Keys / Bass  Analog Loop Synths £85 PMT Instore
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Posted 3rd Feb 2015Posted 3rd Feb 2015
Korg Volca Keys / Bass Analog Loop Synths £85 PMT Instore£85
PMT Birmingham have the volca keys and bass for £85 (The Beats are still £99) These amazing analogue synths are a steal for this price! I got the volca beats on release day for £11… Read more
Yamaha 510v electric guitar £239 @ PMT
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Posted 1st Nov 2014Posted 1st Nov 2014
Yamaha 510v electric guitar £239 @ PMT£239
Yamaha 510v electric guitar available in various colours and about £100 cheaper than I can find elsewhere. This guitar gets very good write ups and reviews, most of them made whe… Read more

Nice offer and comes up with 2 Years Warranty and only weight 3KG ;)


240v is the usual max round my way


A joke only understood by a few


Sorry, I don't know what that means. I am no expert but it appears to have a single pickup while in reality it actually has two separate pickups giving three distinctly different sounds. I hope that helps


What is this, 3 phase?