PNY 2GB SD SD Memory Cards - £4.80 in-store @ PC World
PNY 2GB SD SD Memory Cards - £4.80 in-store @ PC World

PNY 2GB SD SD Memory Cards - £4.80 in-store @ PC World

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This high capacity memory card captures & stores images of exceptional quality. It is ideal for use with any SD compatible camera

Huge Capacity
Ideal For SD Compatible Cameras
Store Images, Data & Music
High Quality

Hi to get this at this price I used the pc world price match policy and got them to price match with ebuyer.com this may not be the best sd card but they did not have any of the other make in stock near me. Its still a saving of £25.19 from there shop price
link to ebuyer sd card ebuyer.com/pro…013


Added " £4.80 in-store @ PC World" to title... we always try to include Thanks.

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Thank you for adding that


I've popped an image on too

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thank you for the picture

Word of warning, you might not get it... If the till person knows the price match policy they will know the price match must be 100% the exact same item, and in my local branch the PNY cards dont have this design, so I can only assume it's a different "model". The other thing, all price matches on online stores MUST include any delivery fee. For some reason Ebuer wont load so im gonna go out on a limb and assume postage would be £2.19 on this (supersaver delivery) - rings a bell.. So let's say £10 delivered (since sites down I cant check exact SD cost).

So it's £10 minus the 10% difference (£2), meaning this should be around the £8 mark.

Again, this is assuming the till person actually sticks to the policy...which so many obviously dont. No wonder PCW has **** margins (then again, Im not caring...hate my job there).

So a) If different model they have the right to refuse the price match. b) they should take delivery cost into consideration, so this £4.80 price match is not set in stone!

Just checked the picture between eBuyer and PCWorld - I, as would the managers, class this as a different product so this price match should not be honoured! By all means try it, but dont be surprised if you get turned down. Since I know this deal *shouldnt* work, im gonna have to vote cold.

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the store I went to tried erything to get out of the deal but when the store manager check the part numbers and agreed that they are the same. hope this helps


If PC World have to price match it means they dont really want to price match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buy elsewhere until they compete in the real world!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a lot of hassle to (maybe) save a pound (]£5.99 2GB SD @ Play) :whistling:

You're going to feel like a bit of a turnip if you go all the way to PC World just to be told they won't price match this............

I didn't think PCW matched ebuyer. PCW price match (from website) is as follows:-

If you find a lower price for the same product and offer, we'll reduce our price by 110% of the difference – even up to 7 days after purchase.

This applies to prices offered by retailers within 30 miles of your local PC World store and the UK websites listed below. The competitor must have the item in stock and website prices must include delivery. Single unit purchases only.

To take advantage of our price promise, please telephone our sales team on 0844 561 0000 clearly stating the following details:

1. Your name and delivery postcode
2. The product, price and our product code you are interested in purchasing
3. The name of the Internet site or store offering a better price

Once the price is verified we can process your order immediately over the telephone.

Websites: items sold by Amazon.co.uk*, Argos, Asda, B&Q, Comet, Dabs*, Dell, Evesham Technology*, Game, Gamestation, Halfords, HMV, Jessops, John Lewis, Maplin, Misco*, Play, Staples, Tesco, Toys r Us, Virgin, Woolworths

(* Excludes Televisions)



The OP has very kindly flagged up the possible opportunity to get a 2Gig SD card for just £4.80 from PC World.

If PC World have to price match it means they dont really want to price … If PC World have to price match it means they dont really want to price match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Buy elsewhere until they compete in the real world!!!!!!!!

Yes, well, that's very interesting, but, ultimately, irrelevant to this thread.

called in to Nottingham PC World - and I can confirm its (the SD Card) is the same as E-Buyer. Then had a slight :x disagreement with the deputy manager who insisted that that price match would be honored but not the 10% difference so I said that if I bought the card at full price then walk out the exit and back in the entrance then they would price match and 10% of the difference and he said yes and that is what people have done in the past but in this instance he would do both!! so got it for £4.90 not arguing over 10p!!! BARGAIN hopefully heat left!;-) :-D

Thats £1.10 saved.

Good deal if PCW is nearby or you are passing.

Otherwise, most of us will pay more than £1 in petrol getting there ... so Play will end up better value.

If the part numbers are the same then it should be honoured then... as they look different throuth I still think that's enough for some stores to turn you to the direction of the 'Exit' doors.
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