PNY 32GB Key Attaché USB Memory Stick @ PC World - £11.95

PNY 32GB Key Attaché USB Memory Stick @ PC World - £11.95

Found 28th Jun 2012
Get the ultimate storage facility with the PNY Key Attaché USB Memory Stick designed to store all your photos, music, documents and more.

Simple storage With a generous 32GB allowance of storage, the PNY Key Attaché USB Memory Stick will help you never run out of space for your data. Simply plug the USB device into any PC or MAC, and you can start transferring and saving.

Quality convenience

The PNY Key Attaché USB can be reused over and over without loss of quality. Conveniently take it with you in your pocket, pencil case or bag, as its lightweight and slim-line design makes it easy to carry..

The PNY Key Attaché USB Memory Stick provides you with convenient file storage.

Design Uncapped, Micro
Capacity 32 GB
Dimensions 6.1 x 17.0 x 32.7 mm

Seems a good deal to me considering price being lower than any other 32GB USB stick and the quality of PNY products. relatively fast, too. Also small for those who need extreme portability!

If you feel the urge to vote this deal cold, please at least have the courtesy of telling me why and showing me a BETTER DEAL. If this deal is the best at the time of writing, it's a hot deal... not cold.

Product code - 003971



Thanks for posting, added price to total.

Note, stock due in on 02/07 for this.

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Thanks @Syzable

No idea why this is going cold...

Perhaps because it's been posted a number of times.

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This has been posted 3-4 times im sick of it. Yea even 16gb 8gb and 32 iv sern it all so dont blame people voting it cold. I brought 1 first time it had posted like 1000°

I bought this the first time round, good price but I the read/write speeds are painfully slow


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