PNY 32GB Micro Sleek Attaché USB 2.0 drive - red £5.65 @ MyMemory

PNY 32GB Micro Sleek Attaché USB 2.0 drive - red £5.65 @ MyMemory

Found 10th Mar 2017
32GB of storage for £5.65 delivered. Not the fastest or best built but branded. £9.99 at Amazon and rated 4/5.

8MB/s write
25MB/s read

'vbox5' (lower case) to get this price. Only works for quantity 1, if you add more they are £5.95 each.

Quidco is 5% apparently.

Most negative comments seem to stem from the plastic key loop (e.g. don't use it or you will lose it!) and the write speed but it's basically just over £5 for 32GB and (as much as I hate to say it), I don't think we had prices like this since pre-Brexit vote.
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Good price
Extremely slooooow... Cold

Extremely slooooow... Cold

Always one... I forgot when you're copying stuff to the stick you have to sit there and watch it! If only you could do something else while it's copying...
I had a couple of these a few years ago. one broke/disintegrated and they are very slow for writing but this is pretty cheap for a physically small device with reasonable capacity so I've ordered another.. fine for sticking music on and leaving it plugged into devices
Do these have a flashing light one? Looking for a low profile one without an LED. Also, realisticly, is the read speed ok? Thanks team.

Bah, OOS anyway. ****.
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Expire - all gone
Working properly
Great for the car but OOS
MyMemory just cancelled both orders... and I was very early on to order so I guess others won't be far behind. Annoying...
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