PNY High Performance Class 10 SD Memory Card - 64 GB £14.97 @ Currys

PNY High Performance Class 10 SD Memory Card - 64 GB £14.97 @ Currys

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Very good price for a branded card with decent read/wright speeds.

Perfect for cameras, computers and more, the PNY Class 10 SD Memory Card offers high-performance read and write speeds for any application.

The PNY High Performance SD Card is ideal for use with DSLR cameras and HD video recorders thanks to the 35 MB/s write speed, which ensures you can capture high-quality photos and footage in quick succession without delay between shots.

You won't have to wait when transferring your data to PC for editing and uploading either as the card boasts a fast 50 MB/s read speed.

The 64 GB capacity is large enough for several hours of HD video and whole shoot's worth of photos, so you won't have to change cards to keep up with the action.

Shoot without restrictions with the PNY High Performance Class 10 SD Memory Card.


not in stock within 40 miles and unavailable for home delivery

none in the north-east ... looks like a possible 'non-deal'?

None in the real North East (of Scotland) (_;)

Shows as one available in PC World Aberdeen but cant be ordered.

So nothing in the south, north and real north... starting to agree with zoopakev

Out of stock at Birmingham area

None in East London or Essex. Another bargain priced product that no one can buy.

There's some in stock but 14-16 miles from me.

No deal

Everyone try submitting it to amazon so they might price match...…4gb

Typical Currys so called 'deals'. Literally a handful left in the UK then they put it on offer!

Theres some showing for Coney Street in York.

None available in West London. Therefore, no deal.

Only in stock in Chorley in the North West

Should be in a store-specific section these kind of deals


None available in West London. Therefore, no deal.

why's that didn't realise NW London was the capital of this country

Gangnam Style

Oh wait this is PNY
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why's that didn't realise NW London was the capital of this country

erm...London IS the capital of this country.....

"As advertised on TV"..... and both have been sold while milions search online or instore... and then swear never to waste their time with Currys/PCW again. It's Lose/Lose, but I doubt if Dixons would see that.

None in Central or se London...

Just looked and there are sone in Newbury.

none near gloucester

Some stock at Chorley store (Lancashire)

Oh the drama and idiocy.

.97 is a clearance line.
They get reduced to clear remaining stock, not to drive people to stores.
They don't advertise it on here, we do.

If you find it, then well done. If you don't then better luck next time.

Aberdeen is still showing some so I will pop in on my way home, if I get the chance.

They did have them in stock. I picked up one in Taunton yesterday. Admittedly that was the closest I could get to South Devon, but it is a genuine deal. Even the assistant was amazed at the price. I think they've been on offer since Boxing day so not surprised they're mainly gone. No need to slate the OP for the fact they've been snapped up.

picked up one in Shrewsbury. cheers OP

No stock in North west


No stock in North west

Did you try the Skye or Cape Wrath stores?

Got the last one in Blackburn, good deal

None around Doncaster but heat added.

York town center currys/pcworld has about 4 or 5 left at around 4pm this aft.Just picked one up for laptop to extend storage for downloads they're under where the tablets are so you wouldn't normally see them when the shops busy as people would be blocking seeing them

Read is about 88 and write 35 for 50mb sequential.

I wouldn't use it in the slr personally as I shoot wildlife so need at least 45 write to capture bird of prey in flight
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