PNY PC3-10660 / 1GB / 1333MHz / DDR3 RAM £14.99 @ Play
PNY PC3-10660 / 1GB / 1333MHz / DDR3 RAM £14.99 @ Play

PNY PC3-10660 / 1GB / 1333MHz / DDR3 RAM £14.99 @ Play

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* Fully PC3-10660 Compliant
* JEDEC-Standard 240-pin Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM)
* Unbuffered
* Case Latency 9
* Power Supply: 1.5V ± 0.2V
* Pure Power and Ground Planes
* Gold PCB connector


not bad ddr3 is slowly falling in price

what about 2gb stick?

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what about 2gb stick?

£34.99 play.com/PC/…tml
corsair £34.19 free delivery for forum members scan.co.uk/Pro…-24
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Not bad price, personally I would never buy PNY from play again, 3 x times I have been sent faulty sticks both DDR2 and DDR3, I will stick with slightly more expensive but better quality brands.

I posted top branded memory (overclockable if your that way inclined), not sure why it never got much heat, excellent timings, low voltage, flagship memory for a little over £30 per 2GB.

Granted, its offered by Pixmania, ive not had any dealings so cant comment much.

See here -


personallly i wil stick with kingson for RAM, have used OCZ before and after only 3 weeks had to send back for replacement, which took 2 weeks for them to replace.... in the meantime I bought some cheapish kingston RAM as I couldn't be without my computer for that long... and when the OCZ replacements came within another week they had gone faulty too, and I don't overclock RAM or anything.. and was tested faulty by me using a proper memory checker program on each stick individuall and returns dept... will never ever buy OCZ RAM again.... but they do make good PSUs. Good 1600Mhz DDR3 is roughly around £40 for 2GB at the moment, so only £10 more for good quality and I think lifetime warranty from kingston?

1gb isn't worth bothering with these days anyways surely ?


1gb isn't worth bothering with these days anyways surely ?

Runs like XP like a dream =D


Runs like XP like a dream =D

With most motherboards you can have more than 1, 2 minimum generally, most have 4.

2GB is adequate for most things, running windows Vista/7 is the problem.

£15 is cheap.
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