Pocket Informant - free on the 21st May
Pocket Informant - free on the 21st May

Pocket Informant - free on the 21st May

Pocket Informant is designed as the most usable and powerful Calendar, Task, Contacts management software for your smartphone. Pocket Informant is the only full featured Personal Information Manager that provides an Agenda, Day, Week, and Month Views alongside powerful Task and Contact views. Journal your appointments, tasks, or contacts to store more detailed notes about each encounter or for time billing purposes. Assign category colors and icons so you can more easily see your appointments, tasks and contacts and see what you're doing this month. Download Pocket Informant now by using 100% off code FAF521 during checkout to redeem your free download.


I have this on my PDA - it's a brilliant piece of software:thumbsup:

This promotion code is not valid

Shame, although it is a brilliant piece of software which is worth the $20 in my opinion. If anyone can get the code to work then it's a no-brainer.

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The code works fine .... "FAF521". This should be unexpired.

Was able to add to basket, and it showed the code and $0.00

However, I wasn't able to register without provided card details, which I wasn't prepared to do for a company I've never heard of, and when the item I am ordering is (supposedly) free.

Never mind.....

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Handango has been around for years. Since the days of Palm Pilots. Have ordered lots from them in past without problems.
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