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Pocket Protectors (4 Book Series) free on Kindle @ Amazon

Pocket Protectors (4 Book Series) free on Kindle @ Amazon

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Posted 12th May
All four books in the series are free and can be bought in one click.

From Book 1: On Reva’s fourth birthday, her dad mysteriously vanished. In the months that followed, the United States was terrorized by a group of real-life supervillains called the Fiendish Four. Until the Fiendish Four vanished just as mysteriously.

Reva has always felt that these events were somehow linked to the last gift she ever got from her dad—his vintage collection of Pocket Protectors (action figures you wear on your pocket). While celebrating her twelfth birthday with friends at Comic-Con, Reva stumbles on a Pocket Protector that gives her the power to teleport and time travel. The rare find gets her locked up by an evil toymaker with immediate plans to unleash new real-life baddies on the world.

There’s only one way Reva can escape the toymaker’s prison, break free of a crippling anxiety, and save the day: she must investigate a traumatic timeline and discover her true powers that lie within.
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