Pocket Rocket Bum Sledge £3.85 inc delivery @ Newitts remember Quidco 5%
Pocket Rocket Bum Sledge £3.85 inc delivery  @ Newitts  remember Quidco 5%

Pocket Rocket Bum Sledge £3.85 inc delivery @ Newitts remember Quidco 5%

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3.85
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Snow is on the way so why not Be Prepared for FUN!!!

Made in the UK from prime grade durable high density polyethylene the Pocket Rocket Bum Sledge is comfortable and flexible with an angled handle/grip.

Lots of different sledges available

Polished underside for the ultimate sledging experience.

Just lift the handle towards your stomach and launch yourself off.

Having problems with inputting the link so sorry here it is below



ummm where from?

Yes, where from please?

Give us a clue please.:)


Original Poster

Thanks guys for some reason i can't type in the address field It's driving me nuts

Just ordered 2 for the kids (or me :p) so hope it snows! 5% cashback from Quidco too

get them this cheap while u can everywere hikes the price up when it snows lol

fab just ordered one for me thanks very much

2 for me here too! Forgot quidco though doh!

thanks ordered one

Woah, woah, woah there... £2.50 at Sportsdirect folks...

My post is awaiting moderator's approval...

They dont look as good with the ridges on, nor are they as bright


£2.50 in sportsdirect... Sorry … £2.50 in sportsdirect... Sorry guys..:([url=http://www.sportsdirect.com/alpina-pan-sledge-900037]http://www.sportsdirect.com/alpina-pan-sledge-900037[/url]

thanks just ordered two - the snows on the way supposedly!

Ordered 2, Thanks !!

Ordered 4 but only charged 1 delivery price so total was £9.55 for 4, actually cheaper than the sports direct ones if ordered in this multiple - Bargain eitherway though !!!!

Anyone else get charged more? My total price come up as £4.32 for one. £2.02 (sledge) + £1.66 (delivery) + £0.64 = V.A.T.??????

Then on paypal final invoice it says: £4.32 (£2.02 sledge, £0.35 TAX, £1.95 postage) ???? Confused!

*** just realised i had clicked on a 'blue' one and it came out more expensive......its only the orange one that is that price! ***

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I've got the sportsdirect pan. Does the job, but the newitts ones look better tbh. Just ordered 4! (£9.55 for the orange ones) Thanks OP. Hot.

sportsdirect delivery is £3.99 hhhmmmmmmm maybe not that cheap after all !

£7.65 for 3 delivered, very happy - the sports direct ones dont look as good a quality, plus would cost more with delivery. Thanks OP

We bought some during the snow last year and these are really good!

my two came out at £5.75 delivered (£6.49 for 1 from sportsdirect delivered)

Newitts is cheaper on postage though, i have just ordered 4, 1 for me, 1 for the OH, couple for the neighbours kids!

just ordered

thanks welshy x

Excellent, thanks. These are bound to be in high demand soon.


They dont look as good with the ridges on, nor are they as bright

They look like snow shovels, really ugly


Their website is running like a dawg. Everyone getting their sledges?

website seems down atm, keeps coming up that its down for temporary maintenance


We are temporarily down for maintenance and will be back online very soon.

Website down

No good for me im in Lincolnshire its flat as a pancake here


I have just mannaged to order mine but it took ages. I had to shut down my browser and do it again. Even getting through to paypal was a mare. I think there are a lot of people ordering orange bum boards lol

Original Poster

When I ordered mine the website was ok. oops must have lots of traffic looking for sledges!!! I added in some traditional games - ropes and bats as the postage was low

Thanks, OP - I've just sent 4 to my sister & her children as a little surprise in case the snow comes...

website back up

Thanks OP. Got 3 - order with friends and save on postage

thanks ordered 2 for the boys.

Thanks, ordered 2

4 ordered! Cant wait for the snow!
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