Pocket Squared Moleskines - £3.60 + P&P (or Free P&P)

Pocket Squared Moleskines - £3.60 + P&P (or Free P&P)

Found 20th Jan 2007
Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook (Moleskin) (Hardcover)

These list at £7.95. If you buy them on Amazon they are £3.60 each. If you order 5 the postage will be free as you will have spent £18. If you buy one there will be a £2.75 postage charge. Five elswhere will cost £39.75 delivered.

Moleskine notebooks have a cult following. They are excellent quality.

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Just a suggestion :thinking: but rather than having to bulk-buy this item to bring in free delivery, the bargain you have posted could maybe combined with some of the previous deals posted from Amazon:) ....voted hot BTW
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