Pocket Super Zoom Binoculars 10-50 x 21mm only £19.99 saving £60 at Argos

Pocket Super Zoom Binoculars 10-50 x 21mm only £19.99 saving £60 at Argos

Found 23rd Feb 2010
First post so you know the drill. I was after a cheap pair of pocket binos to take abroad with me and found this deal on the Argos website. Just what I was after and a £60 discount to boot. I would imagine this is an end of line stock clearance, so might be tricky to find; my local store didn't have any, but the next store did.

1 good customer review and 2 dodgy ones, but I'll take my chances.


these are likely to be returned stock as I've tried the stock at two local stores to find them both broken in previously opened boxes..

A third Argos store eventually gave me a £25 discount off a third pair to compensate for the inconvenience caused.

These have been at this price at Argos for some time now. I got a pair , took them home, tried them out and promptly took them back for a refund. They are of poor quality. I seem to remember that there were several users reviews at the time and few if any had anything good to say about them

Don't let the neg votes put you off - good try.

Good find and the price seems good for a 10-50x zoom binocular, but the Argos reviews paint a bad picture about the quality..
Better worth a try.. If found useless return it back.
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