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Trip to France via P&O ferries (using special code EXPRESS)
Found 6th Dec 2015Found 6th Dec 2015
I have relied on many posts in the past for trips to France but they have dried up after P&O Ferries changed their site at the beginning of the year. So for a change I thought … Read more

Thanks for including the extra info. At least that gives extra discounts up to Easter.


similar offers in the mail on sunday. TYPE url into your comp in order to reach right page. Book this offer from today until 31st January 2016 and travel from 29th December until the 31st March 2016 Excludes: 1-3 Jan, 12-13, 21-22 Feb, 25-28 Mar 2016 HOW TO BOOK To book online visit poferries.com/mailonsunday


Thank you!


Given that this site is for deals and not politics, I still rather dislike your sneering attitude towards what you call 'dogooders'. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do good, whether misguided or not.


May be one day the French will have a site like this displaying where to get the best deals!

P&O Ferries -  Troon to Larne Ferry £10 Off each way
Found 23rd Sep 2015Found 23rd Sep 2015
No discount code needed. Choose your crossing and you'll automatically get £10 off each way! Travel by 30 September.

I was just checking the tickets for 1 of December. Noticed if you book the tickets for return on the same day you only have to pay 15+15=£30. I suppose I can book the tickets and use it for only one way? I can book a return on the separate day later!

P&O Ferries - Day trip to France - Dover to Calais - Free case of Wine - From £25
Found 22nd Sep 2015Found 22nd Sep 2015
DAY TRIP WINE OFFER Have an amazing day out and have 6 bottles of Vive La Vie wine on us! To take advantage of this great offer, simply book a day trip by 15th October, using dis… Read more

Thanks. May try and do this.


I did not see any tolls on my way to bruges,I stayed in hotel just outside and when I went to the city I parked at the railway station which was very good value,couple of quid for the full day,then its a 15 min walk to the centre and all the touristy stuff.


Are there any tolls between Calais and Bruges? What's the parking like in Bruges?


Just to say had no issues at all ,drove past the jungle and no delays or nothing to report.


Any feedback on this deal? I'm off on Monday. Interested to know if there was anywhere to avoid.

2 for 1 on P&O Minicruises (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bruges, Ostend, Ghent & Ypres) from £79 Return - P&O
Found 7th Sep 2015Found 7th Sep 2015
Nice prices for a minicruise for 2. The price also includes coach transfers to the relevant city. Travel from 1st October 2015 – 23rd March 2016 Midweek MINICRUISES AT MINI PRICE… Read more
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you get around 7 hours in bruges.


How long in your destination do you get on the P&O mini cruises? I know Amsterdam is only 5 hours but I've already been there eight times over the years so just going for the craic really. Port hole was only £7. £1.75 each per crossing. Might see some lovely oil rigs!


we will have to agree to disagree. you need your car when you arrive back in the UK so one journey is alcohol free. If you don't take your car then you are also restricted on how much you can carry. also as you say nowhere near enough time at the other end. I guess I'm not a day tripper type of person.... these 'minicruise' are simply an extended daytrip on a ferry with nothing to do. as for booking one with a porthole... wow, it's not the Caribbean or even the med, total waste of money.


But this deal doesn't include your car. Leave your car at hull, have a couple of relaxing nights on the ferry, decent dinner both nights and a day in bruges. Even after booking dinner, I've just paid £155 for me and the missus just before christmas. You cant really go wrong. That said, I'm not sure I would do the same for Amsterdam, 5 hours is not even close to being enough. We always fly to Amsterdam and have 3 nights in De Pijp :-)

P&O ferries 3 & 5 day offers from £57 return
Found 28th Aug 2015Found 28th Aug 2015
P&O ferries have an offer on for 3 and 5 day return trips for a car and up to 9 people from Dover to Calais, they do it every quarter I believe. 3 day return is £57 by entering… Read more

Hi thank you for this :-), was wondering do you know if there are any deals from Hull? Thanks :-)


The link should take you straight to the dover-calais crossing, I should have put in title its that route only. My apologies and have updated the description :(


Sorry I should have posted dover-calais route only :( mybad


Nothing happened on my journeys on 7th august or 23rd august


You have to pay me to go from Dover to Calais with all the brouhaha going on!

Great value crossings Dover - Calais with Majestic and P&O – return from £19 (using voucher code)
Found 15th Jul 2015Found 15th Jul 2015
Great value Majestic and P&O partnership – Day trip from £19, Overnight Stay from £23. Use promotional code 'MAJESTIC' when booking your ferry online. Travel Exemptions: Friday… Read more

Used it today, turned up early and got let on an earlier ferry which was good as they seem a bit delayed these days. No problems getting into Dover but glad I allowed an hour before departure when coming back. Driving toward the port of Calais is like an inside-out prison with endless fencing and barbed wire. Passport control took about 40 mins to clear with long queues of cars and ferry delayed about 15 mins.


Managed to sort it out With a free bottle of wine. Thanks heated.


Booked using the go to deal. They have sent me an email with no mention of the wine offer. I'll have to try and sort it out over the phone. So not voting either way yet, thank you for the deal though.


Anyone manage to get the overnight stay booking to work with the promo code?


How bad is it boarding the ferries at Calais with the refuge camps? All I've seen on the news does put me off.

P & O Ferries day trip to France £24 + 6 bottles of wine free
Found 2nd Apr 2015Found 2nd Apr 2015
P & O Ferries have extended their offer for day trips to France book by 30th April travel by 10th May £24 Sun-Fri £29 Sat. includes 6 bottles of vive la vie wine. Good shopping… Read more
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heat added


Check in closes 30mins before your sailing time, but I recommend getting there with plenty of time to spare. Before you reach check in you'll hit the new traffic restrictions they are introducing around dover and then customs/immigration checks. Get there early as there's a coffee shop in the terminal to wait in relative comfort. rule of P&O don't be too early and never be late. Hope this helps :-) [ex-P&O employee]


What time do you have to be there for i.e if the ferry left at 10am?


We used this deal on a Saturday for £29 - We had 5 Adults and 2 children in our car. . we got our 6 bottles of FREE wine with a price receipt of £28.74, which meant we paid 26p there and back. Would defo recommend this bargain! What a result!

P&O - Dover to Calais Day Return - From £24 - Free 6 Bottles of Wine
Found 4th Mar 2015Found 4th Mar 2015
To take advantage of this great offer, simply book a day trip by 24th March, using discount code DIRECTDT in the fare finder on the left, for travel between 11th January and 25th M… Read more

Sorry returning the same day


returning when?


Thanks DevilzGtr :)


:p wish if they had a deal during Aug


I go across about 8 times a year. Auchen is a good supermarket to shop at,down towards Sangatte,lots of bargain wines & meat is cheaper there than here in England. Vegetables are much more varied than England & better quality,you will see seafood not found in English supermarkets.I normally buy some pate,bread & go to any of the beaches which are all nice & sandy. Should it be windy go to the Napoleonic castle & shelter behind the walls,free parking.There are some good restaurants in Sangatte also. Should you be up for exploring go down to LeTouque or Montreuil where some of LeMisarables was filmed. I have always found time for a couple of hours shopping & remember the fuel is cheaper there. Should you give it a blast on the motorway(toll free)you can make Bruges in Belgium in a couple of hours.Hope i've given you a few ideas,have a super time.

P&O 2for 1 Minicruise Hull to Rotterdam / Zeebrugge until End of March
Found 6th Dec 2014Found 6th Dec 2014
P&O have extended the 2 for 1 deal until end of march although it has not been mentioned officially on the site. To get the prices, on the home page select Hull to your chosen … Read more
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I've been to hell and back.............but it was spelt hull


Yes just go to the home page put your date in, then on the quote page it gives you the option for vehicle.


Can you take a vehicle on this ferry, and still do this deal?


The site doesn't seem to work. When I click on Book Now button, it doesn't do anything, brings me back to the same page.


Cheap and cheerful one of my favourite breaks away. Would recommend to anyone.

P&O Dover / Calais Return for £1 Foot Passenger or £15 Day Trip / £19 Overnight
Found 14th Nov 2014Found 14th Nov 2014
Used this recently as who could pass up on a cheap trip to stock up on the finer things in life. FROM £1 - Travel as a foot passenger from Dover to Calais from just £1 Sunday to … Read more

Looks like they've had a new site built and old codes aren't working anymore. Sorry guys!


No still not working MD1


The code that worked for me was MD1. That worked on tuesday, but it would not work on a Thursday.


links not working any codes or offers for Dover to Calais


Just to let everyone know the hypermarkets are open on Sundays for the next 3 weeks. Christmas gifts are on sale now. Look at Auchan catalogue on line for offers on booze etc.

P&O Ferries: Dover to Calais - A car with up to 9 Passengers & 6 Bottles of Wine from £25.00 Return
Found 14th Oct 2014Found 14th Oct 2014
I took advantage of this deal earlier in the year and was very impressed. Prices start at £25 and I have looked at a few dates and can confirm that weekend crossings are £29.00, wh… Read more

Good find! For those that don't want the wine - the DM / MoS returns are still valid at £17 day return or £19 overnight. http://www.poferries.com/tourist/content/pages/_reader_offers_dailymail.html








I find it helps keep the kids quiet!

P&O Ferries Minicruise From Hull 2 for 1
Found 3rd Sep 2014Found 3rd Sep 2014
Two for one deal is back on at P&O from Hull to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge. From 1st October until end of December. NB not mentioned on there web site yet but goes through at 2 fo… Read more
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To the 'clever' comments on Hull. I travel very widely and believe me I have been to many places around Manchester and Liverpool which is far far far worse, Hull has two excellent shopping centres, one especially on the railway station with lovely architecture and top brands, two theatres, very good restaurants, several museums, a well rated university, and a good looking Victorian square...perhaps come and see for yourself before knocking it. As for the two for one, hope to do it in January for my birthday, it's a great deal.


hi i have tried everything to book online p n o 24 1 to no price near for bogof offers yours sincerley andrea


booked one, thanks OP


Very constructive comment you saddo


People saying hull is a nice visit. It's thee worst place in the country. You all obviously have really bad taste if you like hull for a weekend haha

France for £1 return Dover to Calais @ P&O
Found 26th Jun 2014Found 26th Jun 2014
France for a £1 return anyone? Fancy gong this Sunday (other dates available)
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That was then, this is now. £54:(


I reckon I'd take "the French" over people with your mindset, mate.


Your loss, mate. I guess you're one of those wallies who make silly remarks without ever visiting a country and getting to know the people.


i guess how ever much it says when you got to p&o's site and get a quote, sites call hotukdeals, not im lazy do it for me deals


How much with car?

P&O Ferries, Dover - Calais 3 or 5 Day Return from £38
Found 6th May 2014Found 6th May 2014
P&O Ferries have a short trip offer. 3 Day Return from £38 and 5 Day from £44 for a Car + 9 People I just booked for this weekend Dover - Calais return for £38 3 Day Code: q1… Read more

Don't forget to use cash back!


This is always around this price we paid 39 quid return other week


Does anyone know a good deal for hull - rotterdam? Thx


Any day return codes?


Heat for the Deal but Cold for them putting their prices up between 23 May and 1 June

Dover to Calais return day trip for car and upto 9 passengers + 6 free bottles bottles of wine + 8% possible cashback £23 @ P&O
Found 8th Apr 2014Found 8th Apr 2014
Enjoy a spring day trip from Dover to Calais with a car and up to 9 passengers for £23 return. Plus get 6 bottles of wine for FREE when you travel Sunday - Friday. Or you can trave… Read more
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used this deal on Thursday, bargain, wine is le piat d'or :)


The one in the picture silly.


I have stayed over many times in both calais and dieppe, all i have done is gone to terminal next day and bought a ticket , i have never had a problem and never paid a supplement , although sometimes it is cheaper to buy a return ticket in france than a single one , just ask for both prices


If you try to back with the same company after a couple of days (not as a 1 day trip round) there is a chance that they are going to charge you. Choose different ferry.


corrected the OP, thanks

France for £1 return Dover to Calais @ P&O
Found 8th Apr 2014Found 8th Apr 2014
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1 with P&O Ferries Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing from Dover to Calais. Fares start from just £1 per pe… Read more
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Works for me on chrome, try going through Daily Mail page http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/prmts/article-2596129/Sail-France-1-Mail.html If that fails, try a different browser


I tried this and it just ends up on a blank screen, has this thing ended?


It says you'll be charged a supplement if you don't return. Doesn't say what this supplement is


How much do you get charged if you don't return?


Heat added - superb

Weekend Cruise to Bruges - Cruise & Bus Transfers from Hull for only £79!
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
P&O Ferries is offering nice package: 2 days cruise to charming Bruges, with accommodation and bus transfers. Departures are from Hull and the cruise terminates at Zeebrugge fr… Read more

Does any one know if there are any similar deals coming up for may this seems to end in April. Thank you


Got this deal at Xmas last year when it was 2 for 1 and £75 so only £37.50 each which was great bargain! Just don't expect much with the rooms! A 4 bed family room is same size as a standard 2 bed cabin just with 2 extra fold down beds! It was a bit if a squeeze!


Was in Bruges two weeks ago - gorgeous place! Can thoroughly recommend it :)


lol what you going to see in a day when your bladdered on 6 bottles of there finest wine :P would be good for a quick one day hen or stag do maybe


Daytrip for £23 with 6 bottles of wine is better value for money ;) Travel Dover to Calais from £23 and receive 6 FREE bottles of wine this spring! Dover-Calais from £23 car+9 book now Enjoy a spring day trip from Dover to Calais with a car and up to 9 passengers and not only will you save as you travel with our special offer price from £23 return, we will also give you 6 bottles of wine* for FREE when you travel Sunday - Friday. Or you can travel on a Saturday for just £28 return. Book now To take advantage of this fantastic special offer book by the Monday 21st April for travel until Monday 9th May 2014, sailing between England and France aboard our fleet of stylish and comfortable ships. As you are sailing to Calais for such a great price you may decide to upgrade your ticket and enjoy the refined surroundings of the Club Lounge, where you will be welcomed with a glass of champagne followed by complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks as well as a broad selection of daily newspapers. All of which is brought to you by waiter service. And, even though we are giving you 6 bottles of wine absolutely FREE with our great onboard deals you can stock up for those special occasions, parties and impromptu get-togethers while you sail. Sail with us for less this spring. Excludes travel on April 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 20th and 21st.

in association with The Sun France for £1 for foot passanger only on Sun-Tue only or £8 Wed-Sat
Found 22nd Feb 2014Found 22nd Feb 2014
For £1 travel you will have to hunt and find them but as an ex I have screen shot one in the Avatar shows 24 Feb depart 08:25 10:55 Pride of Kent £0.50 select arrive 21… Read more
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sorry should have added to the title earlier...


is that the whole of France for a pound? sounds like a good deal what's the shipping on that though ;-)


Am I missing something? It seems to me the £1 price is for foot passengers only ...


http://www.poferries.com/tourist/bookJourney.html?promotion=NUS1&&PRO=thesun You can also use offer codes 'stagecoach' or 'MD1' Normally sailings from sunday to tuesday are £1 for foot passengers.£15 car trips should give a free bottle of wine.


Other options are Afternoon day trip from £15 or Overnight stay from £17 both in car with up to 4 people there is a trailer option to choose from for some extra.....

France for £1 return Dover to Calais @ P&O
Found 5th Feb 2014Found 5th Feb 2014
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1 with P&O Ferries Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing from Dover to Calais. Fares start from just £1 per pe… Read more
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Has anyone used this offer to travel by car? Where can the Free bottle of wine can be collected? Going tomorrow morning :)


I was trying to book the £17 overnight offer for tonight or tomorrow night but it won't let me, is it because is valentines weekend?


Offer is now running with Daily Mail See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/prmts/article-2551638/Sail-France-1-Mail.html Essentially same deal, call 08716 644 644 quoting 'Mail Offer'.


Why can't I book the £17 offer for this weekend? It just keeps saying there is an error processing your request, any ideas???


Guys, when they give you the ticket do both journeys print on the same page? I'm asking cause it's actually cheaper to buy a "single" journey like this (it comes up to 17 quid compared with 26, the cheapest single journey I could find).

Mini Cruise Winter Getaway - BOGOF on P&O continental mini-cruises! (Hull to Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Bruges)
Found 13th Jan 2014Found 13th Jan 2014
P&O Minicruise, You can spend two nights on board and a day in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Bruges from as little as £75 for two people leaving from Hull Take advantage of our 2 fo… Read more
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They will normally only let you book one month in advance for these offers.


Anyone else having real trouble booking anything through the website? Every time I click on the Hull-Bruges link for March 2014 it just keeps cycling back to the same page. It seems to sort itself out every once in a while but it's extremely annoying!


Sorry no, we always use a car.


Saturday night and do you know where their couch drop/pick you up from?


It goes to Rotterdam then you jump on their coach. When is your return?

6 free bottles of wine when you book a P&O Ferries day trip
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
So glad to see this offer is back, plus the dates include the Feb half-term holidays!! In short - Book a P + O Ferries day crossing to France from Dover for £23 on a Sunday to Fri… Read more
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My name and e-mail seems to be embedded in the page that the link goes to - not sure how to remove them...


Not working for me. Any chance you could post the link taking out your name from it or is it that your name comes up after clicking the link?


Great deal if you live in that neck of the woods. :|


Booked thanks the wine alone is worth the £23 not to mention the shed loads I will be bringing back as well. Carfour seems to be the cheapest and a little drive to Belgium to stock up.


good find, great deal - I'm thinking of coming back the next day - do I have to pay twice then? :/

Parlez-vous français? France for £1 return Dover to Calais @ P&O
Found 26th Dec 2013Found 26th Dec 2013
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1 with P&O Ferries Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing from Dover to Calais. Fares start from just £1 per pe… Read more
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You can't fiddle the trips and stay longer than the terms of the deal. P&O use number-plate recognition which is logged on the booking computer at check-in, and if you don't appear for the right ferry then you get charged a whole ticket price to get back.


£25 for a Saturday?


see terms and conditions... risky I say


I'm looking for the same, I wonder if you bought two trips, go there on one and back on another? or is that ridiculous?


I was led to believe you will end up being charged the standard single if you don't return, but I've never risked / tried it... :)

Calais/Dover £10 off EACH one way + 8% cashback @ P&O ferries (ends Today)
Found 9th Dec 2013Found 9th Dec 2013
I have found a voucher giving £10 off return trips longer than 5 days (Dover-Calais route) however this code also works for a one way (£20 saved for a return if used twice). I tri… Read more
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If you prefer its 10 pounds off per booking.


£10 off each one way ? ....that confused me, til I remembered, that its unlikely to make it to the other side, that why you get a discount off each way


Nice, thanks


whats this then? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/10-off-each-one-way-calais-dover-8-cashback-p-o-ferry-1741551



France for £1 return Dover to Calais @ P&O
Found 3rd Nov 2013Found 3rd Nov 2013
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1 with P&O Ferries/The People Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing from Dover to Calais. Fares start from jus… Read more
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Hi there, could you please share some information about food or travelling in Calais ? Many thanks.




Just did our crossing last Tuesday from the last time this was on. If you're going by foot I'd recommended you get the bus from calais port into the town instead of walking. We walked as it's only short but you have to walk past a camp site of immigrants now which was quite intimidating. Also if you go over dinner time most of the shops are closed. If you can time your crossings for the bigger ships, like the spirit of France or the spirit of Britain.........much nicer ones :) Great deal though, voted hot! Cost us £4 return for 2 adults and 2 kids!


The website is not working! Voted HOT!


How is this possible? Seems too good to be true!!! Voted hot

Dover - Calais Day trip with 6 FREE bottles of wine £25 with P&O Ferries + Quidco
Found 1st Nov 2013Found 1st Nov 2013
Got an email from P&O and booked up for 13th December £25 return. Not bad and the free wine must be worth about that. This is your opportunity to have an amazing day out with … Read more
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Offer now ended!


Thanks have just booked. Can you still buy tobacco on the boat?


Even though all records of it have been removed from the site - the code still works. What a bargain!! Booked!


Just booked thanks :) If others are looking to book 2 trips & use 1 outbound & 1 return it says in the t&c's you will be charged extra if both journeys are not taken so wouldn't advise as they will have your card details already


We've done this offer every year for a few years now and can confirm you get the vouchers at check in though you used to get BOGOF on breakfast or fish and chips but this doesn't appear to be included this year :-(

Parlez-vous français? France for £1 return Dover to Calais @ P&O Ferries
Found 5th Oct 2013Found 5th Oct 2013
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1 with P&O Ferries Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing from Dover to Calais. Fares start from just £1 per pe… Read more
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still working for me on chrome, whats your browser? thanks


link failure..


Heat add was going to use Eurotunnel at 90 happy with this


"So do loads of places near Dover - I don't really see the point in going to Calais for the beach (especially during WInter!)." Don't have the hypermarkets etc though do they ? So if you were to read it in the context it's meant, ie after the shopping it's a nice way to spend the rest of the day, till the return journey, mind you having lived in Kent most of my life, I must say I've not found too many nice beaches other than Broadstairs that compare that well

2 for 1 amsterdam p&o - Hull to Amsterdam £75
Found 12th Sep 2013Found 12th Sep 2013
One of the world's most colourful cities, Amsterdam is famed for its tree-lined canals, relaxed atmosphere and world-class museums. You won't be stuck for something to do – take in… Read more

Does not seem to work for me. Comes up as £150.


Booked the Bruges mini-cruise. Absolute bargain! Thanks OP (_;)


Oh and don't forget 4% quidco


Ha, who is wasting time browsing the internet while in Amsterdam?! :p


yeah, cabins are the only alternative now

day trip dover to calais - £1 - p&o/people
Found 21st Aug 2013Found 21st Aug 2013
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais from just £1! We’ve teamed up with P&O Ferries to bring you this fantastic offer! Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing … Read more

If anyone's still looking at this thread... went yesterday. Booked coach from London as suggested. It was £15.50 all-in each, ferry bit was a pound each (£1.50 each way)! There is a lovely sandy beach in Calais, what more could you want? The free bottle of wine is not available to foot passengers by the way.


You have to pay to park in your local supermarket's car park? OMG what is the world coming to? I would change my shopping habits if my local supermarket started charging a fee to park my car


to the person who wants to know is there anything in calais? barry fantoni explains why he likes calais on saturday live - 10th august - see bbc podcast below. sorry i can't remember what time he appears - probably towards the end of the podcast. alternatively see wiki-entry also below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Fantoni http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/satlive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calais


Just booked it for 1st Sept, 2 adults and kid were £1.50. Thanks OP. As a footpassenger you need to check in 45 mins before by the way, it only tells you that after booking but still we should get a good 4 hours there so it'll be more than adequate to pop over for lunch


Go to Calais, take a train along the coast.

France for £1 - Dover to Calais @ P&O Ferries
Found 20th Jul 2013Found 20th Jul 2013
Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1. Enjoy a great day out in France with the family sailing from Dover to Calais. Fares start from just £1 per person for foot passen… Read more
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Exactly. Doesn't seem to be any problem with this... How can they possibly charge you when there's nothing in their conditions to allow it? And anyway just use a prepaid card... Or come back on Norfolk Line...


get your fags in belgium / tobacco alley / adinkerke - get your beer on the ferry and wine in france....most supermarkets in calais are a little more expensive than going out of town, but its not worth the extra fuel / time in my opinion.




Thanks OP - Was planning a day trip to France , but don't understand why we can't get duty free any more??? .... Surely the Calais Hypermarkets will be cheaper anyway for fags and booze etc , or do people not do these trips any more? :|


France from £1 on P&O  Ferries + FREE bottle of wine
Found 14th Jun 2013Found 14th Jun 2013
Deal with P&O Ferries (in association with The Sun) Enjoy a fun-filled day out in France with the family when you sail from Dover to Calais. Book this offer from today until 5… Read more
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Cool, glad to hear you had a good time, cest magnifique


The barriers were broken on the car park at the docks today, so it was free to park there anyway! Had a great day out for 3 of us for £3. Thank you OP







Up to 50% Off in P&O Ferries' Surprise Discount Giveaway
Found 30th Apr 2013Found 30th Apr 2013
Travel by ferry this summer and save between 20% and 50% on your holiday crossings when you book with P&O. 1) Visit the P&O Ferries website to claim your unique code today… Read more

Just used the code J5ZQCHPUPF for my sailing tomorrow 8) and got 20% off!, Excellent!!!


Well if mostly all of them are 20% then I have not missed out much.....feel better now!


J5ZQCHPUPF - gives you 20% off, I got this one twice. Has anybody managed to get anything higher?


got the email but you do not know what discount your code will give you until you enter it on the payment page, which is a bit of pain


Cheers, I was about to book with DFDS just yesterday and decided I was too lazy to take my bank card out. looks like laziness pays off!

£1 P&O Day Trip to Calais / £17 with Car & 4 people - Plus Free Bottle Wine
Found 15th Apr 2013Found 15th Apr 2013
Offer is back on again this year with the Daily Mirror. £1 fare is for a foot passenger (valid Sun-Tue). Outward travel must be after 08.25 with return before 21.45 Car + up to… Read more

Superb! Just in the nick of time for my planned booze cruise this Friday, glad I held out for a last minute ticket now :D


Was trying to get a deal last night for the following days journey but all the codes and deals were disabled!!!!. Tried again in the morning and all the deals are back on again!!!.


Just booked £3 for 3 adults fab, so last time we went we messed up and got the bus from the ferry to some small place and felt stuck. So any suggestions on where we can go from there and still do it in a day?




Me too, usually do it in Sept when going to Monza for the F1!

Day trip to Calais - P&O ferries - includes 6 bottles of wine £23 for car and upto 9 passengers
Found 22nd Mar 2013Found 22nd Mar 2013
Seems like a good deal for a day trip to France.... Excellent for popping into Belgium for cheap tobacco.

This sort of business is a joke... As I could not see why I should not be allowed to book two separate day trips. I mean its like holding someone ransom - say they went for said day trip, accidently turned up 30 minutes late, missed the ferry and had the expense of getting back another way (or another ferry) - how can they then be allowed to charge you four times as much for the original journey? I would imagine you could fight that as an unauthorised c/card transaction. not sure as all you agreed to pay was £23 - its not like a mobile phone contract?


why are these deals never including foot passengers !


I wouldn't try using this for one way only. Failure to use both ways means they can bill your card for the full amount. Know people who have been burnt by eurotunnel doing this.


Here's a random journey I did. Thursday 4th April (Available at time of posting)


When you trying to book a day trip, cannot find any fares for £23 or £28 (for Saturday). Anyone managed to find a fare for this price?

P&O Calais Ferry £23 return day trip to France before 27th March  [£28 for Sats]
Found 28th Feb 2013Found 28th Feb 2013
Includes a car and up to 9 people. Plus BOGOF breakfast or fish and chips. Take a day trip to France before 27th March and receive two great onboard offers. Book now using the … Read more

Invalid promotion code, please check and try again


If it was it would be £1k a ticket


HTH http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/touring_tips/france-monaco.pdf


Does anyone know what needs to be done to a UK car before it can be taken over to France? I know my insurance company needs to be informed and perhaps paid off. I have heard stuff like headlights need to be modified and spare bulbs being carried. Is this true? Anything else I need to consider. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Humble Pie time, yep it was Lille. Been watching too much of Monty Don traipsing around France!

Dover-Calais Day Trip including 6 Bottles of Wine £23 @ P&O Ferries
Found 23rd Jan 2013Found 23rd Jan 2013
Book by 27 February. If you're planning a day trip to France in the next couple of weeks we've got a fantastic promotion for you! You'll not only get a discounted day out in Franc… Read more

me and my mates are going to use this offer on sunday to go to the HEAVEN ON WHEELS show in brussells. well worth it even without FREE wine, but that just sweetens the deal! HOT HOT HOT


already posted .. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dover-calais-return-day-trip-for-car-upto-9-passengers-includes-6-free-bottles-wine-1442150


Too much driving to make it worthwhile for me but surely a hot deal.

Mini Cruise Winter Getaway  -  BOGOF on P&O continental mini-cruises! (Hull to Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Bruges)
Found 20th Jan 2013Found 20th Jan 2013
This offers Still on from January To March 2013 P&O Minicruise, You can spend two nights on board and a day in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Bruges from as little as £75 for two peo… Read more
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just wondering whether the offer will still be available to book in March?


You dont have to call them up to book for March or February. On the same line as the January tab, you have to click on Feb Or March to access those months and book your preferred dates. Its not hidden.


You wouldn't it's very seperate and well illuminated as u enter what you are entering xxx


IJmuiden is indeed right on the doorstep but this being P and O, they will go to their europoort terminal. Its gotta be over 60 miles from europoort to the centre of amsterdam.


i have used this service many times,food is expensive think it was £18 a head for buffet.i had meal in a pub about 2 miles past the port ,buy one get one free pubgrub ,and eat in brugge,or whereever u go on return,take snaks for onboard.

Dover to Calais Return Day Trip for car and upto 9 passengers, Includes 6 free bottles of wine  - P&O Ferries - £23
Found 11th Jan 2013Found 11th Jan 2013
Dover to Calais Day Trip PLUS 6 Free Bottles of Wine for only £23 (£28 on a Saturday) Travel between 11th January and 28th February Wine is Piat D'Or - Either Red, White or Rose … Read more
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They have to travel with you both ways, otherwise the deal won't be valid. This is a better deal: Get them to pay you via paypal and then tell them to sit tight over the wheels of any plane coming to england. Actually send them to maldives, they'll have a better time, thank you for it and you'll keep the zealots over here on the quiet too.


Great deal, come back with 8 illegals, at £500 each where do I put the wine though, only got a fiesta


2 adults, 1 child and a car.


don't worry.. finally found a couple of dates .. phew :)


what did you put for kids/adults/car ??

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