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P&O Day Trip Dover to Calais, £3 Foot passengers, Car & up to 9 people £17 & a get a free bottle of wine
Found 2nd Nov 2009Found 2nd Nov 2009
Great way to grab a few goodies for Christmas Foot passengers £3 Sunday to Thursday and £6 Friday and Saturday Departure after 8.45am and return before 7.45pm Car and up to nine… Read more

hey guys how much is it for foot passengers normally? cuz i wanna go by foot but without booking..is it really expensive?


I can only suggest that you have entered some incorrect details, double check the promo code is entered, the ferry times fall within the guidelines, and you are sailing Sunday to Thursday. Have checked both links with various sailings and they all seem to go through fine. Sorry I can't help more


Thats what i did few times but now it is showing this 'Sorry, prices for your selected date are not yet available online. Please phone our call centre for more information' I am just looking for a day trip to france any day in December. Can you please print screen the booking for me? Regards


Good for you. I hope you enjoy your day trip to France then if that is what floats your boat. :thumbsup: And to think that you signed up with another profile to hide behind just to say all that kiwikeen. What a very boring life you must have. LOL


I am a little confused! I thought that Hot Deals was a great website, there to help out people with great deals..... like this one!!! I love a bit of wine and cheese and what's better than taking a trip to France to get some. Nice day out.... nice scenery, bit different, what more can you ask for! What's the deal with Cambourne03 though.... why are you so negative? You have never posted a deal... all you have done is put negative comments on other peoples! GET A LIFE! If you don't like something then just accept it and move on... you really do not need to share your obvious bitterness with us. (maybe though you could share it with your £2 ASDA cheese:w00t: ) I think this deal is great and will definately be taking a day trip:-D

P&O Day Trip plus BOGOF Meal plus 6 Bottles of Gallo Wine
Found 5th Oct 2009Found 5th Oct 2009
NOTE - You need to enter a code of freewineDT to get this deal. UPDATE - If you want to know which days and times are available, try this link http://www.poferries.com/touris… Read more
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This offer was due to expire on the 12/11 however I booked on the 22/11 and went today and got the voucher for 6 bottles of wine at check in. Appears offer is still active!


Where abouts in your email did it say about the wine?


Hi, Although marked as expired, I still managed to book at £24.00 using the link in the first post. Will be interesting to see if I still manage to get the voucher for the wine.




Thanks guys for letting me know, come to think of it I think I had a deal before from P&O & we picked up all the vouchers etc at the check in when we gave them our booking ref. Katie.

Take a day trip from Dover to Calais for just £1 @ P&O Ferries
Found 25th Sep 2009Found 25th Sep 2009
Fares start from just £1 per person for foot passengers from Dover to Calais, or you can take your car and up to nine people from just £15. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/t… Read more

Jungle is no more......Jungle2 will be in Dover...watch out for illegals in your bag! :w00t:


Take a trip to the jungle.


Nice - will definitely be booking. Always thought Calais was just for stocking up on booze, but the town of Place d'Armes looks lovely! Oooh la la!


Thanks for adding the info :thumbsup:


Book this offer from today until 4th October 2009 and travel from tomorrow up to 30th November 2009. Offer excludes travel on October 23rd, 24th, 28th and 29th 2009. Nice offer though !?

2 for 1 on P&O Minicruises with P&O Ferries!!
Found 14th Sep 2009Found 14th Sep 2009
Enjoy a minicruise to Bilbao in Northern Spain, including 3 nights in an en-suite cabin on the Pride of Bilbao for just £72 per person, plus ONE GOES FREE! AND One pays, one goes f… Read more

DON'T DO IT!!!!!! Allow me to guide you through this 'experience'........ I did this last year on a supposed 'comedy cruise'. Upon boarding the car ferry (coz that's exactly what it is), you are guided to your 'suite', a windowless cupboard with just enough room for a pair of bunk beds. The bar is OK, save for being full of the cast of Jeremy Kyle's show from the minute you get on to when you get off again, fairly expensive but not ridiculously so.....however, the catering options are just crazy. Even the school dinner style canteen will knock you about £10 per head. Obviously the concept of a captive audience is not lost on P&O. There was a choice of 3 excursions (at extra cost), and they are compulsory unless you want to stand like a stuffed olive in the port as everyone must leave the boat when it docks (and believe me, you'll be happy to!). The only one worth doing is the Guggenheim Museum, which we were told once we were halfway across the sea was cancelled due to lack of interest. Apparently at least 20 people need to book in order for the excursion to take place, despite many more than that saying they had wanted to book, it wasn't happening. Interestingly though, it was the only excursion that didn't have 100% mark up for P&O..... The 'comedy' element of the trip comprised of a group of old acts that must have literally been dug up. A weekend of mother in law, homophobic, anti semitic, racist old crap last seen in the 70's, told by fat old men wearing frilly shirts that would put Barry Manilow to shame. Never before will you have been more pleased to see Portsmouth........ You would honestly be better standing in B&Q for the weekend - at least their coke machine doesn't require a credit score.


I like these, I live an hour from Hull, I have used these for business. Get on the ferry in the evening, sleep overnight, wake up the next morning and you can do a full days work. It's actually alot less hassle than flying anywhere, for me anyway.


'Cruise'? It's a bl**dy ferry for heaven's sake! Since when did days and nights on the North Sea or North Atlantic/Bay of Biscay, in Autumn, paying for expensive food constitute a 'cruise'?


I went on one at the end of July/beginning of August. Couldn't fault it one bit! Food excellent, entertainment superb, all round great value. I'd recommend buying the £49 meal tickets which entitle you to 2 buffet breakfasts and 2 buffet careveries. I found that the food at night is actually too much and I like to eat! There is a wide range of food you could have as your main course but the main item on the menu is the carvery and they give you loads! It's honestly too nice to waste. I wouldn't go any time after September in my opinion as the weather won't be nice and the sea will choppy as hell. As long as you go into it open minded not expecting anything special in particular, you will be pleasantly surprised! (providing you don't get sea sick like I was!)


Just had another look and it says "There are no sailings available for this minicruise. " voted cold

Dover to Calais for Foot Passengers - £2 return with P&O Ferries
Found 22nd Jul 2009Found 22nd Jul 2009
Just in from TravelZoo.... P&O Ferries has cut the price of day return tickets to France to £2 this summer. The discounts apply to foot passengers departing midweek (Monday-T… Read more

Yes especially if they dent your car, while you mow them over:whistling:


just booked a friday for 2 adults for £12.00. Not bad at all.


via daily mail link Outward Dover - Calais Tue 28 Jul 2009 08:30 £2.00 Return Calais - Dover Tue 28 Jul 2009 20:40 £2.00 Includes 2 adults , 2 children , No vehicle (foot passenger) = £4 Outward Dover - Calais Tue 28 Jul 2009 08:30 £12.00 Return Calais - Dover Tue 28 Jul 2009 20:40 £12.00 Includes 2 adults , 2 children , Car =£24


****I've been fiddling around with different times and dates and have realised that I have to close the P & O page and reclick the daily mail link each time I search or it doesn't give the discount, which is up to £5 Just had a look for 27th July it's offered 9.15 out at £12 and 20.40 ( french time = 19.40 English) back at £12 total £24 for a car and 2 + people 6am out is £10, back at 20.40 is £15, total £25 Outward Dover - Calais Wed 29 Jul 2009 13:45 £10.00 Return Calais - Dover Wed 29 Jul 2009 22:20 £15.00 = £25 Outward Dover - Calais Wed 29 Jul 2009 12:15 £10.00 via daily mail link Return Calais - Dover Wed 29 Jul 2009 22:20 £10.00 =£20 Includes 2 adults , 2 children , Car Outward Dover - Calais Wed 29 Jul 2009 07:45 £12.00 Return Calais - Dover Wed 29 Jul 2009 20:40 £12.00 =£24 via daily mail link Includes 2 adults , 2 children , Car Outward Dover - Calais Wed 12 Aug 2009 05:55 £10.00 Return Calais - Dover Wed 12 Aug 2009 20:40 £15.00 = £25 we saw asylum seekers on the way back to the port, they were walking in a long straggle carrying carrier bags that looked like they'd been given by the red cross with fruit etc in them. No worse than Dover though.


Time to put the bull bars back on the car.

Car + Passengers + EuroDisney £23 with P&O
Found 23rd Jun 2009Found 23rd Jun 2009
Car + Passengers + EuroDisney £23 P&O's currently doing a great deal for Disneybound daytrippers. For £23 (or £33 on Saturdays), you get a return Dover-Calais ticket for a car… Read more
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Whilst it is a little off topic have a look at LD Lines who are running fast ferries from Dover to Boulogne. http://www.ldlines.co.uk/ or Norfolline who also have cheap fares from Dover to Dunquerque https://www.norfolkline-ferries.co.uk/ferry/


I'm after a cheap ferry/car to France in August if anyone manages to spot one!


great deal...heat


If you dont come back using the return half of your ticket,then,P&O will charge your card with a full price one way ticket.........................


Just called them to make a booking, all went smoothly. Even after the 16th July day return fare is only £28 for the car but not on Fridays or Saturdays. Will get a few of these in before end of September as vouchers can be used until March 2010. Much better than the Eurotunnel deal a few weeks ago. Heat added

North Sea Summer Sale @ P&O Ferries ~  £99 for a 5 day crossing for car + 2 Passengers including incl. ensuite cabin!
Found 8th Jun 2009Found 8th Jun 2009
The North Sea Summer Sale has now started @ P&O ferries and ends on Wednesday 10th June. The offer is £99 for a 5day crossing for car + 2 including ensuite cabin for travel b… Read more

5 days to cross the north sea. What is it, a rowing boat :w00t:


£99 each way comes to £198 with the cabin wich still aint bad

Dover - Calais for a car and Passengers from £30 PLUS Extra 15% Off using code with P&O Ferries
Found 1st Jun 2009Found 1st Jun 2009
Cross the channel from Dover - Calais from just £30 each way for a car and Passengers with P&O Ferries! Plus, you can get an extra 15% Off using discount code: CSMA01
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are you sure thats return? or one way? :whistling:


good price for any time return tickets. We pay £19 per car for a day trip.


I went with my family on Saturday 30th May, 8 of us in total and paid £35 Rtn so i dont think this is a great deal, Sorry


I went last bank holiday with p&o for £19. Not a very good deal imho.


I've just got a quote for 5 adults at the end of June for only £23.50 return :thumbsup:

p and o ferries £1.00 to france and £18 for car and 9 passengers
Found 8th May 2009Found 8th May 2009
cheap ferry travel deals
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Shame you didn't notice.....


Yeah some can Im sure yarp!


thats not strictly true, the residents can walk on water as they have webbed feet :p


just noticed 22 to 31 may excluded


has anyone managed to book one of these.... All the dates i've been looking at are £70/£42 each way with a car.

P&O Ferries £2 foot passengers day trip, Dover to Calais.
Found 28th Mar 2009Found 28th Mar 2009
Day trip to France, cheaper than a bus ticket in Scunny! Was posted over 7 months ago but back on again now. Must book before 29th April

seanjames, "not available online"Just tried booking a £2 deal and it works .April 16th, Outward 08.30 return same day 18.55, 2 x adults total cost £4. Tried a later return journey but that upped the price to £46. Seems it isn't available on all journey times, but in kids holidays I can be pretty flexible. This is a bargain and still cheaper than a bus ticket for the day in Scunny.


Walking on water? Surely that's Sir Brian Clough we're talking about.....


Nah! English Channel - foot passengers. And there is all this fussing about pollution - yet the water was so thick then that you could walk on it!


Because he is omnipresent.


Question is: who in their right mind would want to go to Calais for just a day trip? Especially with the euro so strong against the pound at the moment.

P&O Dover to Calais plus 6 Free bottles of wine and BOGOF on a meal for £19
Found 23rd Feb 2009Found 23rd Feb 2009
Book a Dover to Calais day trip before 26th February for travel up to 31st March and receive two great onboard offers worth more than the price of your ticket! Not only will you g… Read more

Is it possible to get this rate going the other way?


i drove the 252 miles to amsterdam when i arrived, via tobbacco alley........:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Went on Thursday, fun day out for the family. Just as well they offer BOGOF on the "Farmhouse breakfast" since it costs £7.50! :shock: Still, we did manage to strech it to feed two adults and three small children LOL Wandered round the Carrefour hypermarket for a couple of hours (the one located in east Calais rather than Cite Europe, less daytrippers ;-)), picked up a few French delicacies, then headed to Calais beach to take a walk on the fine sand and watch the ships coming and going.


So, apart from the poor exchange rate, ****** wine and horrible breakfasts, this is a really good deal? :-D Someone remind me why I booked please? :-D


i used this on wed last week.......... good value...... ****** wine though......£19.00 i forgot the BOGOF breakfasts are horrible...........

P&O Mini Cruise 2 For 1 - From £69
Found 16th Jan 2009Found 16th Jan 2009
Escape the winter blues with a great value minicruise from Hull to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Bruges.

Very good offer. Just need someone to come with me .:friends: Does anyone know whether you need a full UK passport just for a day trip to Spain?


This is great, just booked a last minute trip to Rotterdam, upgraded to a premier class cabin, and it's only cost £89 return for two of us with a car! Voted hot hot hot!


was thinking of going to amsterdam. might book this


This was posted on here a few days ago but vanished for some reason??? Still - seems a good deal - thinking of doing the Bilbao one in a few weeks time :D Voted hot last time so might as well vote hot again.. ;)


great find thanks

P&O Ferries - £19 rtrn dover - calais + free 6 bottles of Kumala red or white!!
Found 7th Jan 2009Found 7th Jan 2009
Dear Mr Addicted As a valued customer we are sending you our great offer before everyone else gets to see it! Space will be limited, so book early to avoid disappointment! Book a … Read more
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just booked a day return for 6th march so not expired


[SIZE="2"] That's odd because I have just messed with dates and times, as I know this site can be temperamental, and I get no errors at all. Maybe I'm just lucky but it really does seem to be working as it should.[/SIZE]


Keeps coming up with an error whenever I try to play around with times and dates :(


[SIZE="2"] [COLOR="Blue"]Have just checked out the site and it works perfectly for me. I just clicked on the hotukdeals "go to deal" button, clicked on the £19 icon on the P&O page that opens, filled in my details and voila!! If you are still having a problem, I suggest that you get to the booking page by any means that you can and enter the code - [COLOR="Red"]q1dt [/COLOR]- in the promotional code box and you should be good to go. The deal has certainly not expired. [/SIZE][/COLOR]


I keep trying for a couple of days now as I'm just about to travel from Calais to Dover and all I managed to get was: "Content item com.poferries.common.cms.content.cache.ContentKey[country=OT,language=en,name=/daytripoffer.html] not found in D:/CMS " Is anyone getting anything else at all? I guess it's some sort of an error or the deal may have expired.. I read on moneyexpert that I could call and ask them for the "free wine - day trip" and it should be ok but there's no mention of any deal on their website. Has anyone got any ideas please? Many thanks..

Found 12th Dec 2008Found 12th Dec 2008
Take your car to Ireland from £69 If youre planning a trip in 2009 check out our great value fares for the new year. The P&O Express is back in service from 13th March, just … Read more
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£24 day return Dover - Calais with P&O Ferries, 6 free bottles of wine and buy one get one free meals
Found 11th Nov 2008Found 11th Nov 2008
Booking Period(i.e. when you can actually book): 11th November (12pm) - 1st December Allowed Travel Dates: 11th November 18th December Book a Dover to Calais day trip before De… Read more
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voted hot


Love comté and useful info repped


in the promotional code box enter q4dt


I'd suggest that thats an entirely different scenario to that proposed earlier in the thread. In your example, the customer is asking to travel other than in accordance with his ticket, and rightly that should fall on the mercy or otherwise of the operator. In the example I mentioned, the customer travels outward in full accord with the first part of his first ticket, and then travels home in full accord with the return part of his second ticket. The penalty applied in that instance is for NOT travelling when you've paid for, and is patently spurious - the operator has obviously not encountered any loss by you NOT travelling! Anyway, we're going round in virtual circles - we obviously just misunderstood each other. I was just pointing out that the poster before me might not find his proposal to be 'plain sailing' (pun intended), and that I thought it was a **** customer retention tool!


I think my use of the word "scammers" has been taken out of context; I was referring to people who used to buy cheap day returns and then spend a week over there and then pitch up in Calais with a fabulous excuse about the delay in returning having been caused by having contracted the mumps and "can we just board as normal?" :?

£20 (for a car and up to 4 passengers) return crossing Dover - Calais (+6% quidco possibly?)
Found 28th Oct 2008Found 28th Oct 2008
Hope this isn't a re-post, couldn't see it posted elsewhere (other than the sun deal which apparently doesn't work). Found this deal - £10 each way Dover - Calais. (I have seen a … Read more
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Take a look at [url]www.norfolkline.com[/url] from as little as £9 each way.


It's for day trips.


I take it this excludes the ski season? Can anybody confirm?


I'm off on monday. You get £1.20 QC straight away and in a few months they 'add' and extra £1.50 on. Hot deal.


Is it any cheaper at the moment? The pound is having the excrement kicked out of it by the Euro currently so it's likely to be the same price isn't it?

3-Night Bilbao Cruise - 2 people for £72
Found 8th Oct 2008Found 8th Oct 2008
Taken from a Travelzoo email.... Portsmouth - Bilbao Travel dates: Until 20 Dec Book a mini cruise to Bilbao with P&O Ferries from £72 and the second person goes FREE -- that… Read more

sounds good :)


Sleeping wasn't a problem actually. We had a 2 berth inside cabin which we prefer (what you can't see can't worry you, as opposed to an outside cabin). The bunks were ok, they even had a mattress topper for extra comfort. The cabins are small, but adequate - shower/toilet ok - similar to basic greek accommodation. Very little hanging space for clothes, have to live out of the suitcase. I've been on a cruise before, and as previously mentioned, this trip is nothing like a proper cruise - it's 3 days away whereby you'll spend alot of money on the boat just to keep you entertained and help time pass away. Saying that, a travel kettle and pot noodles help keep the costs down ;-) I forgot to mention, this was our 2nd time on this trip. We went previously about 3 years ago, but in the summer when we saw whales and dolphins - I think time of the year is key, but you never know - all you need is 3 days of calm weather.......we were less fortuate this time around.


Did you get to sleep alright on board though?


just rang them up. all entertainment is included in the price and if you want breakfast and dinner on board its an extra £72pp for the duration and you get vouchers which you can use at any of the 'eating establishments' on board, as the lady stated. seems pretty cool but I get a little sea nausea.


I went on this trip a year or so ago as a freebie (so cant really complain at the freebie bit) It was ok but to advertise as cruise is a little but above itself. Its more like a boat trip with poor entertainment over priced food smaller than normal beds but on a plus side if your looking for a few night at sea to get hammered it was great for that. I did win another freebie whilst on the ship in a competition but didnt take it.

£70 for 2  -- Bruges & Amsterdam 2-for-1 Mini Cruises
Found 24th Sep 2008Found 24th Sep 2008
P&O has released a sensational 2-for-1 offer on mini cruises to Amsterdam and Bruges, so two people can now travel from just £70 on Sundays to Wednesdays! The price includes an… Read more

Thanks, am going to Brugge so hopefully the same.:thumbsup:


last time i went you could leave luggage in cabin on the amsterdam day trip


Does anyone who has been on this trip before know if you can leave bags in your cabin during the day? or do you have to take all your belongings with you?


Does Quido work on this deal?


Ive done these trips loads of times and if I lived a bit nearer the departure point I would go every week! You get around 6 hours in the city, and the coach drops you right in the centre. Amsterdam isnt that big and if you plan ahead you can see what you want to see. As for the food on board we just book breakfast and get a sandwich or something in Amsterdam to take back with us. In the warmer months we just get a crate of beer out of duty free and sit on the deck. ( Not really recommended in the winter months......) Plenty of entertainment on board, thats part of the trip for us. If you've never been to Amsterdam its worth £35 just to get a taste of the place.

P & O ferries, Dover to Calais return- "shop on board" -1 car with two adults-  only £10 rtn- £7.90 with quidco!
Found 20th Sep 2008Found 20th Sep 2008
not sure if you can get off but the idea is you shop on board the ferry. perfect if you need to stock up on booze for xmas. Topcashback.co.uk give 2% back for online booking quid… Read more
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ALL SHOULD BOYCOTT PO FERRIES. They dint seell tobacco


Has anyone ever got the Quidco "bonus" on these crossings? I've had the 6% (60p) paid today but the £1.50 is nowhere to be seen. Not the first time either?


We usually go up to Adenkerke.......have thought about Luxembourg but it's a four hour drive from Calais so you get into the whole overnight stay thing and extra fuel costs which you have to factor into the "is it worth it?" equation. Prices in Adenkerke last time we were there (4th Sep) were lower than France but the differential is definitely shrinking........I think the cheapest ciggies were £26 per 2000 (Sovereign) and it's about £8 for a litre of vodka.


You had to sign up in a new account to say that? :-(


No ! Thank you MMS! Pembroke Rosslare has a bar on it! Apart from that I think its shop is roughly the equivalent of a Spar shop but more expensive! :-D

p&o daytrips £2 for foot passengers, and from £15 for a car
Found 24th Jul 2008Found 24th Jul 2008
Just seen in our local paper P&O are doing an offer for cheap day trips from Dover to Calais, £2 for foot passengers and from £15 for cars and up to 9 people, their usual price… Read more

Well I wasn't thinking about hopping around. :P


Petrol prices marginal now but diesel still cheaper.


Probably not when you can do a long stay return, car and 5 people for, (from) £38 with Norfolkline Dover to Dunqerque. 10% Quidco too. Still availability in August too.


It does only say "may" charge, worth the risk?


(vi) All bookings of Restricted Duration are only valid where the outward and return journeys are completed within the specified period of time, with the same vehicle and passengers and using the same operator. If you fail to travel on one part of your booking then we may charge you a supplement. That supplement will be the difference between the amount you have paid and the price for the standard single fare appropriate to the sailing used. This payment will be collected using the credit card details provided when paying for the original booking.

Free Disneyland® Resort Paris ticket with P&O Ferries !
Found 20th Jun 2008Found 20th Jun 2008
If you book a Dover-Calais crossing before 30th September, we'll give a FREE one day Hopper ticket* for Disneyland® Resort Paris, where they'll be able to spend the day exploring b… Read more

seem abit rubbish this deal.....c.o.l.d


I booked a Dover Calais crossing this morning and didnt get anything !!!


:-D schhh took them a while to work it out :thumbsup:


well spotted


Not really a free ticket if you still have to buy another one - a buy one get one free voucher really.

Massive five day sale from P&O Ferries
Found 6th Jun 2008Found 6th Jun 2008
P&O Ferries are giving you the chance to head to the Continent for less. From 10am on Friday 6th June to midnight on Tuesday the 10th, you'll be able to buy tickets to Calais,… Read more

[url]www.speedferries.com[/url] Offer a similar priced alternative going from Dover Western Docks to Boulogne in under an hour. But £25 for car+2 each way is as good as it gets!


Seafrance offer a far superior service for similar money. Their boats are much nicer and overtake P&O mid channel.


Get Deal just booked 2 week break for £50 return fare. Cost a little more by phone. Also checked out sailings to Bilbao much cheaper than normal fares


From £29 maybe. Their cheapest prices are for absurb times in the early morning. I 've been looking at prices for a week or so and found the offer on P&O whilst looking about again. £50 return is a pretty good deal and is for all times, I'm booked.


Superbreak.com are cheaper than this - and you go with P&O FERRIES ANYWAY - ON THE MINI CRUISES even cheaper if you go like november time Portsmouth - bilbao 3 days is like £33 each return!! Freezing deal for me. I just booked amsterdam on suprebreak for 2 people in november for £33 for both of us return.

P&O Ferries. Dover to Calais for £10 return selected days + 6 bottles of wine and a 2nd breakfast/dinner for free
Found 1st Feb 2008Found 1st Feb 2008
Book a day trip now for sailings up until March 18th and receive two great free onboard offers worth more than the price of your ticket! Not only will you get 6 free bottles of wi… Read more
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Hi, Used this deal last week. Its really easy, when you check in you get given two vouchers one for the buy one get one free meal and the other for the free wine. You collect the wine from the shop using the voucher (you may have to ask as they only had a couple of boxes out when I got mine but there were four later on so they must have plenty out back). We got the white and are quite impressed with it. We found the breakfast wasn't great value even including the voucher. Other than that it was a great day and certainly a very good deal.


It si now until 19th of march and £20 return http://www.poferries.com/tourist/content/pages/daytripoffer.html


The promotion is not valid next week due to half term, But l have another promotion code for you to try ssdaytrippromo


[QUOTEYou wouldn't catch any self respecting Frenchman in Eastenders or anywhere like that][/QUOTE] It's fantastic that you can give the forum a real insight into the culture of the locals. Thanks.


Beer maybe isn't so cheap, but wine is much cheaper. If you fill your boot with wine, like we do, you'll save a packet. It's a nice day out, too.

Massive Four Day Sale from 10am @ P&O Ferries
Found 25th Jan 2008Found 25th Jan 2008
This is your chance to head to France for less. From 10am on 25th January to midnight on the 28th, you'll be able to buy tickets to cross the Channel on our Dover - Calais route fo… Read more
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£25.00 return on day trip.


http://agents.poferries.com/portal/page?_pageid=1563,354747&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL or try that one ;) if you need a short trip, offer from the sun


30 quid return with 4 passengers bargin.... i am on my way to get some cheap booze & fags... wonder if I can sell it all in the FS forum (only joking)


yes, quidco with P&O ferries. It is on the front page under Savvy tips.


Who is the quidco with ? Not P & O

P and O £19 Return Deal
Found 29th Nov 2007Found 29th Nov 2007
Fancy a trip over the channel before Christmas ?I found this in my local paper return trip with P and O Ferries from Dover to Calais only £19 Car and upto 9 passengers excludes Sat… Read more
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Ahh nope, I wasn't thinking straight lol. Cheers will try again.


Did you set outward and return journey for the same date?


::thumbsup: thank you, your answer was much more informatative then the French P&O telephone op. Guess sister BF cant go, paspsorts cost £77 now :? i swear I only paid like £50 a few years back!!


Using the code I just get errors :x


http://www.poferries.com/tourist/content/pages/kosmedia.html Code: kosq4

P&O Ferry Hull to Zebrugge HALF TERM 24/10..... ONLY £8!!!
Found 21st Sep 2007Found 21st Sep 2007
Need something to do at half term? Need cheap fags or booze? Book a journey to Zebrugge with P&O Ferries on 24th October in a PREMIER ROOM for only £8 ( 2 Adults 1 Child 1 Infa… Read more

At the moment the website will not give me a price for anything I have tried.......must be busy as t keeps telling you to ring for a price, SORRY


cool you got any dates off hand that are cheap? could do with a mini eurotrip!


This is whyI have marked the deal as expired..... I will keep checking for half term but if you are not bothered about going in half term I would imagine you can get both ways cheap..........


nice find.... but cannot seem to find any bargain trips now....


going out seems ok but cannot get back cheap lol

2 for 1 minicruisies - Hull to Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Bruge with  P&O Ferries
Found 17th Sep 2007Found 17th Sep 2007
Various cruises to be had @ 2 for 1 offers sailing from Hull......

Was just about to post this when i dug up this old thread. Deals are still there :thumbsup:


Don't forget QuidCo for a mighty TWOM PERCENT! Well, look after the pennies....! :-)


Haha theres a bingo cruise in october, :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:


they dont allow groups of men to book now , so no stag weekends. and with the size of the new ferry, the pride of Hull, the sea conditions are not as noticable as with the older ferries , this thing is huge :w00t: just booked mine last week its actually a better deal if you have kids as it works out at £78 for 2 adults and 2 under 16s but dont eat on board it costs a fortune get your duty frees and the ferry is paid for :-D


Yes, agreed. We have been on the Hull - Rotterdam route several times. Great ships, the biggest ferries in the UK I believe. Hardly any roll. Great day in Amsterdam. Includes coach transfers to and from Amsterdam, giving about 7 hours there. Free secure parking at Hull port too! prices from £64 for two!

FREE adult 1 day hopper ticket for Disneyland® Resort Paris when you make a Dover to Calais car book
Found 12th Jul 2007Found 12th Jul 2007
Don't forget to go through Quidco to receive 2% cashback and remember that you'll receive a free disneyland 1 day hopper ticket for bookings before 30/9/2007. DETAILS: P&O Fe… Read more
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Show them the direct link and they have to honour it, it's all over there site, maybe you should try and email them and send the direct link from there. :) Hope that helps.


I booked with P&O for their free Disneyland ticket and no one at P&O had a clue about the offer once I got on board :(

Day trip to France for £1 (on foot) £15-£17 for car (Monday to Friday)
Found 17th Jun 2007Found 17th Jun 2007
In the sun - need a voucher Im afraid though. I did do it a while back and they didnt ask for 1 however, its risky. Foot passenger day trip* Travel as a foot passenger from Dover … Read more

Just so people know (for the christmas booze cruise/baccy run), this is STILL going! Follow the link in post #4 for full details and to book :w00t:


[url]www.poferries.com/thesun[/url] Promotion code: sunoffer2


Is this still on?


Good one. I don't read newspapers so rely on you guys for posting these codes:thumbsup: As i'm only off for some baccy, an afternoon trip will suit me fine:-D

P&O Ferries day trip to France with car from £17
Found 17th Apr 2007Found 17th Apr 2007
Website price is £30 for day trip. Use code freewine and get is from as little as £17. I got the code in the middle of March and used it today. Not sure how much longer it will be … Read more

Use the Sun offer code. I've literally got back an hour ago. Just use the code and print your confirmation. Cost me £15 return in the end as I went out on the 12:15. Most it should cost is £19, but you don't get the free bottle of crappy wine.


Code still works, is their a voucher with this that needs to be shown. cheapest that came up was £11 e/w, pretty good, means i can add express check in check out for a couple of quid more than what i would have paid. Thanks, ;-)


July looms, the baccy depletes... Belgium here I come :) Not as cheap as the dailymail code (only manages £22 so far) but better than £30:thumbsup:

2 for 1 Minicruises Hull - Zebrugge/Rotterdam/Bruges/Amsterdam
Found 10th Jan 2007Found 10th Jan 2007
From now until March P&O Ferries are offering 2 for 1 on minicruises. Take the car from £76 On foot from £68 However if you have two infants travelling in your group not onl… Read more

the 2 infants trick - doesnt seem to work anymore... However 2 for 1's are still on until March..... so bargains still to be had....


karenangel - on the page of deals, there are months at top! eg, you want to go from Hull, so click on Hull minicruises, then it gives you the option of when. You need to select the month here before proceeding to the 'book now' page ;-) Hope you can find what you're looking for now :thumbsup:


Can't seem to get beyond Feb when trying to book. Looks great if you've managed it. Voted hot!


I took my husband on one of these to Amsterdam last October for a birthday present - he loved it!:-D You can upgrade your room for just £5 extra (each way, i think!) this means you then get 2 single beds rather than bunks!!! :thumbsup: Also you can usually add an extra night onto your sailing for around an extra £20 if you fancied staying overnight in one of these cities :p


Also some valentines cruises for £39 per person which look great if you've both got time off work.

Day trip to France for £1 (on foot) £15-£17 for car (£27 on a saturday)
Found 1st Jan 2007Found 1st Jan 2007
Dover to Calais on foot: £1 Car afternoon day trip (online only): £15 Car full day trip: £17 use promotional code: dailymail When I tried online it told me the code was invalid … Read more
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Nice one Tim. This code is being sold on Ebay for £3.00. Hope people check hotukdeals first.


Anyway.... Added to your rep matey as I was going to book a trip for monday and the cheapest was posl at £27, so a bargain at £17 :-D


Plenty to do in calais!! Thet have a market Saturday morning Plenty of shops Plenty of good resturants and bars/pubs!! Nice beach for a leisurely stroll


I hope I didn't waste to much of your time, knowing you could have been doing something so much better with it. Happy new year though mate.:) Changed the title so know one else takes the time out to moan about it.


Unless you just want to do a quid non lander for some (not as cheap as they were and nowhere near as cheap as belgium) fags:whistling: Oh by the way, the outward journey tends to take 2 1/2 hours and 30 minutes return:? :-D

Two for one special offer @ P&O minicruise - from £66 per person
Found 16th Sep 2006Found 16th Sep 2006
Two for one special offer This season there's an even better reason to take someone special on a P&OFerries minicruise. Travel with us between 1st October and 21st December 20… Read more
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LOL Quite narrows down the target market though...!!!


The P&O minicruises don't have a great reputation. I was in the market for a cruise recently and checked these out as a possible option. Basically it's Butlins on a Boat. Bad weather can mean you get stuck in your tiny windowless cabin all trip. Nothing is included in the basic travel price and the food is basic and massively overpriced, cinema overpriced and so on. Oh and about 90% of the ship allows smoking. So if you're a smoker and you don't mind carrying all your own food, travel kettle and so on then you'll probably be ok :)


Sounds like that could be fun Joggy... :D Thanks for posting.

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