Pogoplug Cloud Storage Device - £49.99 @ PC World

Pogoplug Cloud Storage Device - £49.99 @ PC World

Found 4th Oct 2010
This is a bargain for what is a really cool little device.

Pogoplug gives you cloud storage at home. Just add an external hard drive and you can access your files from anywhere in the world, or share them with friends and family.


Is this just a NAS drive??

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Is this just a NAS drive??

Not exactly, though it let's you connect up to 4 USB hard drives and access them from anywhere.

I've got an app on my iPhone so that I can access my music on it from anywhere. Beats paying £10 a month for Spotify.

What exactly does this do??
I have no idea what cloud storage is.
The link does not work.

Nice. Can easily be extended and used as a Linux server (install whatever linux software you want) as well as it's normal functions.


I got one of these about a month ago and installed Plugbox Linux on it. For my needs it's much better than the default software. I wouldn't recommend doing that if you're not competent with Linux though, as you have to do everything via the command line.

Nice device (although you can also install LAMP on the Linksys NSLU2, a.k.a The Slug)

Can this be used to hook up some external HDD's and treat them as Nas or servers?

Interesting device, what's the name if the iPhone app that can use it?

I wonder if you can install squeezesrver on this

3 potential problems:

1.Most of the stuff you will want to share is your music and films, would you not get flagged by your isp for this under the new file sharing laws?
2. You upload speed is only going to be a fraction of your download speed not ideal for video for example.
3. Upload limits with your ISP?

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I wonder if you can install squeezesrver on this


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