Pogoplug Pro £49.99 @ Firebox.com - Half Price!
Pogoplug Pro £49.99 @ Firebox.com - Half Price!

Pogoplug Pro £49.99 @ Firebox.com - Half Price!

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Pogoplug gives you cloud Storage at home. Just add an external hard drive and you can access your files from anywhere in the world, or share them with friends and family


The PC in me wants cheap remote file access and network file sharing.

The mac in me grumbles about the wires and mess from a setup like this, and wants an all-in-one unit.

Regardless, great price. Heat.

All this thing does is make an attached hard drive accessible across the internet. If you have gigabytes of stuff, that you can't access from the source on the web (documents wot U wrote) or that you can't upload to free photo sharing sites or that won't fit on a free cloud-storage service or that you can't just carry around on a thumb drive, or that you can't just upload to a free web-hosting service, then one of these might suit your needs. But for most of us there are better, cheaper, more reliable ways of accessing our stuff from remote locations - and that give us a backup as a handy side-effect.
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Great price and great product...I've had one of these for about 6 months -really good and great customer service.

can I stream videos from it?

Dooh I need to learn to read ! Yes it does it all


can I stream videos from it?

Well I have read and read and this look very very promisin and at this price a very good deal and just ordered one

"Pogoplug video" model has a built in coprocessor to handle video properly i believe, the basic pogoplug pink or pro is pretty poor at video streaming .. its really better for photos/files


The other think some people might want to be careful with is that its (pro) not "hackable" like the pogoplug pink base model as it has a different chipset (note if you want wifi you used to be able to get a wifi dongle for the pogo pink)

The other problem with the pogoplug pink was (and might be still) the poor local networking on the device (suing it as a NAS) .. not sure how the pro is in this respect. (the dockstar had much better local networking when it was used out of the box as a pogo cloud device)

I bought a dockstar (like pogoplug pink) and hacked it to a debian dlna/squeezebox server and (although a bit memory constrained) its great for this application .. i use free drop box for cloud storage, and if dropbox did an ARM client (for the dockstar and pogo pink) then that would be the icing on the cake and although it will only upload <200mb file size files thats more than enough for me

I think if youre thinking of using one of these devices for video streaming you might want to think of its impact on your (for most of us) very constrained send connection speed (compared to receive) - if someone is downloading/streaming big files from your pogo it might very well either kill your connnection speed or be dreadfully slow to download or stream

Are you saying it wouldn't be possible to put squeezebox server onto this?

The other think some people might want to be careful with is that its … The other think some people might want to be careful with is that its (pro) not "hackable" like the pogoplug pink base model as it has a different chipset

Thanks for that info - I too have a Dockstar running Debian so was thinking about that

hackable but no simple way (ie slightly idiot-proof (_;) ) way to install Debian link
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Now possible to hack by the looks of things pheeww, I was going to cancel my order though

if this has a different cpu/chipset then youre gonna presumably have to compile your own debian kernel (i had to do that (and swap out the wifi card) to get a super little iomega iconnect device up and running debian with its bits and pieces - not that its a big issue but i'm a linux newbie so it was a lot of pain for me)

remember the pro has only 128MB (like the dockstar) and the pogo pink has 256MB like the iomega iconnect and it makes a huge difference if youre running squeezebox server (especially 7.5 as its full mysql and many of the plugins dont work on 7.6 which has a resource lighter sql engine)

I was originally running on the dockstar - sbs/squeezeslave/mplayer/playwma and it was much of the time in the swap (thats why i hacked an iconnect i got cheap as well and the extra mem made a huge diff) .. in the end i bit the bullet and got a hardware sbs player (dixons duet deal) and as well as the huge improvement in sound quality getting rid of the software player and associated bits meant it ran much better in the 128MB .. in fact i'm very very happily using it now all the time as a sbs server/dlna server (minidlna) and its great. I'm gonna eventually move to the iconnect when i get time to do a new setup on it and use the dockstar as a 24/7 vpn box for my smartphone

I find if i use a fast dual channel mem stick (i got cheap in yet another deal on here) for all the boot/sbs/dlna bits and pieces and a 500GB HD slapped in the top for the media and make sure i have HD Idle and the server power off sbs plugin i NEVER have corruption issues on pulling the plug every night, otherwise invariably sbs gets corrupted on reboot (debian always seems to reboot fine and the FAT32 formatted HD always seems fine especially as HDIdle has almost always powered it down as its not used for o/s/apps)

minidlna is amazingly impressive streaming to windows 7 media centre especially as its on this little box with a resource hogg sbs as well and i have a large music collection

The only thing i have left to have a bash at is seeing if truecrypt (it will run on the debian docky) will run on this limited horsepower box to put some encryption around the media files on the HD

Still n offer, should be unexpired
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