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30GB of cloud storage - Free for life
Found 16th Jul 2015Found 16th Jul 2015
30GB of cloud storage - Free for life
CNET and pogoplug are offering 30GB of cloud storage which they say is free for life. I didn't need to join CNET, just used the link. They offer one-click backup for every device. … Read more
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How long does it take to download 2TB onto your PC?




And by the time that happens, the price of storing terabytes of data physically will also have come down. At which point you'll say you're waiting for petabytes of free cloud storage.


Until the day that they start giving TB's away instead of GB's, I'll stick to buying portable devices with micro SDHC slots and backing up to external drives. I then feel that I maintain slight control over my data for the time being.


Great! Just wonder.... will my account be banned - if I was too upload .mp3 and "share" ?

FREE 20GB Cloud Storage - Provided by PogoPlug
Found 30th Apr 2013Found 30th Apr 2013
FREE 20GB Cloud Storage - Provided by PogoPlug
Hi All, Came across this deal today. Basically you get free 20GB of cloud storage for life. - With this, you are signing up to get the CNET newsletter (which you will be able to u… Read more
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Why has this been marked as expired?


May give this a try, thanks OP. :-)




All working Thanks.


I don't see why its cold either... Last time this deal was posted it went to 375. They provide hardware to combine with their cloud storage, and noticed news how Toshiba partnered with them on one of their new portable hard drives, so can't be all bad. Plus, its a free 20GB...! Dropbox gives you less and makes you work to gain more.

20GB of FREE Storage
Found 19th Apr 2013Found 19th Apr 2013
20GB of FREE Storage
Great free 20GB storage for your iPhone or android phone. You can get all your files, photos, music in cloud. Good for people with storage limits

Fantastic. Thanks.


Joined. Thanks


This looks useful - any idea if there is a restriction on individual file size? Be handy to have somewhere to park big files


They own CNET.


Here's a nice little add on from CNET If you have bits of cloud storage everywhere. Allows you to move and sync between them all.http://downloads.cnet.co.uk/view/productivity-software/rainbow-sync-data-between-cloud-services-box-dropbox-google-drive-pogoplug-skydrive-sugarsync-40475004/[image missing]

Unlimited Pogoplug Cloud Storage for $29 for the year
Found 25th Jan 2013Found 25th Jan 2013
Unlimited Pogoplug Cloud Storage for $29 for the year
No other cloud storage comes close to this price or even the full retail price of $49.99 per year. Friends & Family Exclusive: Unlimited Cloud Storage, $29/year Store everythi… Read more
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I think the storage is on Amazon Servers


Thanks ;)


If you're just after free storage check out Mediafire They giive you 50gb for zero cash.


Thanks all ;) Sorry kingOfFools, I dont think I was clear, I wasn't slating this deal in any way, by "these" I meant all cloud providers ;) I keep all the proper backups, including DVD's in cases off site in the in-laws fire proof safe LOL (these are mainly pictures of our little boys whole life so I'm mega paranoid about losing them!). Happylarry, I looked into the Skydrive option earlier, I wondered if I would be able to create a few accounts to get more storage?!?!


frakison - Microsoft skydrive gives you 7gb free and charges £16.00/year for an additional 50GB Also less likely to suddenly hike the prices.