Point Break (Blu-ray) £4 in store @ Fopp
Point Break (Blu-ray) £4 in store @ Fopp

Point Break (Blu-ray) £4 in store @ Fopp

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Brand new and sealed, decent price for this.

A superb action thriller directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), Point Break sees Keanu Reeves play an FBI agent sent undercover to infiltrate a gang of expert bank robbers calling themselves the 'Ex-Presidents', the only clue to their identity being the fact that they are all master surfers. Bigelow explores macho male relationships, loyalty and betrayal whilst delivering a series of adrenaline-fuelled action sequences. An exhilarating, steadicam rollercoaster ride of a film.


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fantastic film

Nice, gonna go to the fopp tomo and get a copy !

damn. none near me


Whoah Heat added because it's a cool movie, and the wire reference to fuzzy
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Brilliant movie; one of my favorite with Patrick. Sad loss to the film indistry.

Belta of a film

"I am an F.B.I agent !" ...

"I know man, ain't it wild !"

Did anybody bother to call me???

Hot film, Hot Fuzz, Hot Price.....

"Listen you snot-nose little ****, I was takin' shrapnel in Khe Sanh when you were crappin' in your hands and rubbin' it on your face."

"You know nothing. In fact, you know less than nothing. If you knew that you knew nothing, then that would be something, but you don't."

"Young, dumb and full of come"

so many great quotes and you can guess, probably my favourite film.

Johnny Utah... Punk. Quarterback Punk.

where is the best deal online please? I don't have any shops near me

Great price, I already have the goofy steelbook version though haha. One of my guilty pleasures, along with Face/Off.

Love this film.
Heat is another brilliant bank robbery film from the same era

Yep heat is a stunning film!

The bank heist ... the finale with use of the Moby track .... another of my favourites.
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