Pointless Board Game £9.99 at Amazon RRP £19.99

Pointless Board Game £9.99 at Amazon RRP £19.99

Found 8th Jan 2013
Pointless the Board Game for £9.99.

Cheapest I've seen it over the last few months - Argos and Tesco still showing as £19.99
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I've got to be honest, I've always wanted to go on that show.
Heat!! Best quiz show in TV.
Is this game any good?
Great find! My friend's got this game and we've had a few plays over Xmas, it's well worth a tenner, the actual board itself is smaller than expected but there's a good variety of questions and it's fun!
Ordered - thanks OP!

There is also the Travel Version for £7.99 (not discounted but might be more suitable for Summer Holiday ahead)
my opinion's in the title... GE3DDIT? HAAAAAAA!
Most pointless thing I have seen
Price is back to £14.98 now but still considerably cheaper than elsewhere.
It is back down to £9.99 now, certainly not pointless at that price, played on the travel one, which was a good laugh. Will deffo get the full version now!! Thanks for the post, fab spot
Received the game and am very impressed, well worth £10
I'm not sure why this is showing as expired? The game is still available for £9.99
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