Pokemon 2017 Annual £2.99 at B&M

Pokemon 2017 Annual £2.99 at B&M

Found 13th Oct 2016Made hot 13th Oct 2016
I know Pokemon isn't everyone's thing but my 7 year old is mad on it so and with a lot of stuff hard to get hold of this was a find. Most places are out of stock the only other place I have seen it is on Amazon for £7.99. There were plenty in stock at the Lincoln B&M may be national


Also 2.99 in home bargains

hot! my son and I love this! I got him thunderbirds annual last easter from argos for a quid. wanted to get lego one but was oos. didn't see a pokemon one on sale at argos. but presumed there should be one!

Omg. hope they got this at my local store

Anyone seen the theory about Sun and Moon being the last Pokemon games before a reboot? Goes as far as using Alchemy and Thelema religion to link to the Pokemon game series and storyline together.

They had lots in Cribbs Causeway and Filton, Bristol.

Wrexham has them aswell in home bargains. Bargain at £2.99 picked one up for my Pokemon mad son yesterday also seen on Amazon for £7.99

Thank you my children will love these
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