Pokemon 6 Figure Pack - (Usually £6) - 2 for £8 @ Asda (Instore)

Pokemon 6 Figure Pack - (Usually £6) - 2 for £8 @ Asda (Instore)

Found 3rd Apr 2011
Description These mini Pokemon figures are a great way to start any Pokemon collection. Each set contains six x 5cm characters, one of which is hidden.

Pokemon toys tend to be quite popular and often carries a premium. Appears to be out of stock online but had plenty instore!
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A quick look seems to show the the cheapest online is roughly about £8 per pack (including delivery)! If anyone finds it cheaper please post a comment or link! Thanks.
A good reduction, though they are often half-price in ToysRUs. I don't think this will get much heat because they are so massively overpriced to begin with. £2 is about right.
Do you get the pokemon in the picture or is it any 6 of the Sinnoh pokemon? Because the ones in the picture are terrible and not popular at all.
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